The Best Deck on a Cruise Ship For Every Type of Cruiser

Choosing the perfect deck on a cruise ship can make or break your vacation. The perfect deck is highly personal, however.

If you’re someone who treasures expansive ocean vistas, you might find the upper decks more appealing with their lofty perspectives. However, if you’re sensitive to the sea’s movements, the stability found closer to the waterline on lower decks could be your preferred choice.

More than just the view and motion, there are many other factors to consider like the proximity to the ship’s amenities and noise levels.

Let’s find the best deck for you…

Best Deck On A Cruise Ship

Best Decks for every cruiser
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If You’re Prone To Seasickness, Pick A Low Deck

If you are (or think you might be) prone to seasickness, the lower decks would be your best bet.

Essentially, the closer you are to the waterline, the less movement you’ll experience as the ship navigates through the waves.

A cabin with a balcony can also be a major advantage if you get seasick. It gives you the opportunity to gaze at the steady horizon, which often has a comforting and stabilizing effect.

However, cabins on the lower decks typically do not offer balconies due to their proximity to the sea. These usually become available a few decks higher.

If a balcony stateroom exceeds your budget, a room with a window will be your best alternative. Even on the lower decks, such rooms provide you the chance to keep your eyes on the horizon.

This simple visual connection can assist your mind in adjusting to the vessel’s motion, diminishing feelings of nausea especially when the ocean doesn’t play nice.

If Cost and A Quiet Room Are Priority, Pick A Low Deck

Choosing a cabin on the lower decks of a cruise ship offers a serene retreat from the lively atmosphere of the ship’s main entertainment and activity areas.

These decks tend to be more tranquil, as they are distanced from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife and crowded public spaces.

Not only do these locations promise a quieter stay, but they are also more cost-effective, appealing to those who prefer to spend wisely without sacrificing comfort.

While they provide a peaceful ambiance, it’s important to note that these cabins are located further from the ship’s recreational amenities, such as pools and sun decks, requiring a bit more of a journey to reach the heart of the ship’s activities.

Nonetheless, for travelers prioritizing a restful environment and affordability, the lower decks present an ideal choice.

If You Love Convenience, Pick The Mid Deck

Elevators get crowded on cruise ships! Maybe you just dislike the idea of constantly waiting for tight, busy elevators. Or you’d just rather get your steps in while on vacation. Whatever your reason, picking a mid deck would be your best bet.

Staying on a middle deck minimizes the need to navigate numerous flights and ensures that all the ship’s amenities are just a comfortable walk away, making it easier to move around while providing a moderate amount of exercise.

What makes these decks most appealing is not just the avoidance of elevators, but also the ease that a centrally located cabin affords, allowing for a more spontaneous and liberated exploration of the ship’s offerings.

If You Love Scenic Views, Pick A High Deck

For those with a love of scenic views, opting for accommodations on a higher deck with a balcony is a decision you won’t regret.

The elevated position provides an unparalleled panoramic vista, enhancing your cruise experience by bringing the vast beauty of the ocean and coastline directly to you.

Even if you choose a room without a balcony, simply being on the upper decks grants you access to some of the most spectacular natural displays. From these vantage points, you’re treated to expansive scenes of the ocean’s infinite waters or the dramatic landscapes of your destinations.

Whether it’s the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean or the imposing glaciers of Alaska, the higher decks offer a unique perspective that encompasses both the majestic tranquility of the sea and the dynamic contours of the shorelines.

The allure of the lower decks lies in their proximity to the ocean’s surface, offering a more tactile connection with the sea.

However, the vantage point provided by the higher decks offers a comprehensive view that captures the grandeur of your voyage’s scenic passages in a single, sweeping gaze.

This elevated perspective not only enriches your visual experience but also deepens your appreciation for the natural wonders encountered throughout your journey, making every moment a vivid memory to cherish.

If You Want A Unique View, Pick A Forward-Facing Room

Cabins located on the aft and forward decks of a cruise ship are coveted for their distinctive perspectives and experiences.

Forward-facing cabins boast unparalleled views of the ocean and upcoming ports, offering guests a first glimpse of new destinations as they approach.

In contrast, aft cabins provide a serene vista of the ship’s wake, a mesmerizing sight that combines the calm of the sea with the gentle motion of the ship.

However, it’s worth noting that these positions may experience more movement than those situated mid-ship, a consideration for those sensitive to seasickness.

Despite this, the unique visual and sensory experiences afforded by both aft and forward deck accommodations make them highly desirable for travelers seeking a different angle on their voyage.

Cruise Ship Decks To Avoid At All Costs

Norwegian Dawn, central deck
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Deck Where Passengers Disembark

Having a cabin on the deck where passengers disembark might seem convenient, particularly for those eager to start their day at port right away.

Yet, if your cabin is situated near the exit, the noise from bustling fellow passengers can become a disturbance as they congregate and commence disembarking, potentially as early as dawn.

This is less of an issue if you’re an early riser, but can be quite inconvenient otherwise. Moreover, during overnight port stops, there could be a stream of people returning to the ship through the night.

The Deck Below The Lido Deck

It’s important to take into account the potential disruptions that could arise from being located directly underneath the Lido (pool) deck.

This specific deck is often bustling with activity, which might include spirited deck parties accompanied by music extending into the late hours, or the early morning setting up of deck chairs as new daybreak activities begin.

To ensure a restful sleep, it might be wise to select a cabin a couple of floors further down, away from the hubbub.

Before deciding on one of the higher-tier cabins, it’s advisable to scrutinize the cruise ship’s layout to understand what will be right above you.

The Lowest Deck

When it comes to accommodations on the base passenger deck, one can typically find more budget-friendly options.

However, this level is in closer proximity to machinery such as engines and anchor chains, which can contribute to an audible presence, especially when the ship is navigating through ports.

The chance of experiencing vibrations that could cause in-cabin disturbances like rattling clothes hangers also increases.

While not a universal issue, it’s worth noting that during specific periods, such as in turbulent weather or port maneuvers, you’re more likely to hear these noises compared to higher decks.

Cabin Near Nightlife Venues

Selecting a cabin near nightlife venues like clubs, bars, or lounges might seem appealing for those looking to immerse themselves in the ship’s social scene.

However, these locations can become a source of disturbance due to noise that extends well into the night.

Light sleepers, families with young children, or anyone who values a quiet environment for rest might find these areas less than ideal.

The sound of music, chatter, and the general buzz of activity can easily seep into nearby cabins, challenging the quest for a peaceful night’s sleep.

It’s crucial for potential cruisers to consider their personal rest needs and the ship’s layout when choosing their accommodations.

The Promenade Deck

While the thought of a leisurely stroll along the promenade deck may be appealing, having your cabin on this deck might not offer the private retreat you’re seeking.

Passengers walking by might have a direct line of sight into your room, compromising your privacy. For instance, on certain ships you may find your ocean view obstructed by communal hot tubs installed on the promenade deck.

Some ships address this by fitting special windows in promenade deck cabins to deter prying eyes, but determined onlookers pressing their faces against the glass could still peer into your space.

Cabins Near Theatres Or Show Lounges

Having a cabin directly above or below the ship’s theaters or show lounges offers convenient access to entertainment, but it can come with the unintended consequence of sound bleed.

During rehearsals and live performances, the vibrant sounds of music, dialogue, and audience applause can penetrate these cabins, potentially disrupting your tranquility.

This might not be a daily occurrence, but on show nights or rehearsal days, the noise level could be significant enough to affect your in-cabin experience.

For guests sensitive to noise or those who prefer early nights, considering the proximity of entertainment venues when booking could greatly enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your cruise.

Should You Get A Guaranteed Cabin?

When you’re planning a cruise, you’ll have the option of booking a ‘guarantee’ cabin for cheaper than selecting your own.

A ‘Guaranteed Cabin’ gives you the assurance of being allocated at least the category of cabin you paid for, if not one of superior quality.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that guarantee cabins are typically the remaining ones after travelers have made their selections.

Due to this, these rooms might not be centrally located. But should the position of your cabin be of lesser concern — perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t mind traversing the length of the ship or scaling a few decks — the savings garnered from a guarantee cabin could be notably advantageous.

If you’re very particular about your cabin locations, then getting a gauranteed cabin is not for you.

However, the savings can be significant and if you’re the type of traveler who’s never in their cabin anyways, it may be worth exploring.

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