Cabins To Avoid On Spirit Of Adventure ( Read THIS Before Booking!)

If you’re looking for a luxury, adult cruise ship experience, it’s very likely Saga’s Spirit of Adventure has come across your radar.

Smaller than other cruise lines, Spirit of Adventure can hold 999 guests in a variety of staterooms and suites. All of these cabins are well-appointed and quite spacious, but… that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cabins that are better than others.

To figure out which cabins to book and which to avoid on Spirit of Adventure, we’ve got you covered…

Choosing The Right Cruise Ship Cabins

Spirit of Adventure Cruise Ship Cabins

Benefits of a Well-Selected Cabin

A well-selected cabin on the Spirit of Adventure can make your cruise experience truly enjoyable. By choosing the right cabin, you’ll get to relish in luxury, comfort, and stylish designs.

All cabins on this ship average at 215 square feet, making them some of the most spacious and generously-sized cabins on the ocean wave.

One awesome benefit of Spirit of Adventure is every cabin has a balcony. A balcony room is the absolute bare minimum aboard, meaning you’ll have access to beautiful views and fresh air during your trip no matter what cabin you do end up booking.

Factors to Consider

When selecting your cabin on the Spirit of Adventure, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Cabin size: Cabins on this ship range from 215 to 245 sq. ft. Consider how much space you and your travel companions will need, and select a cabin that accommodates your preferences.
  • Accessibility: There are 10 accessible rooms onboard the Spirit of Adventure for guests with mobility limitations. If you require an accessible cabin, make sure to book one early.
  • Cabin location: Some cruisers prefer cabins located mid-ship or away from noisy areas, like elevators or entertainment zones. Study the ship’s deck plan to get a better sense of where each cabin is located and choose one that meets your noise preference.
  • Cabin amenities: The cabins on the Spirit of Adventure come with private bathrooms and wc with showers, seating areas, tea and coffee-making facilities, toiletries, turndown service, twin or king-sized beds, and walk-in wardrobes. Some cabins have been adapted for guests in wheelchairs. Keep your needs and preferences in mind and choose a cabin with amenities that will enhance your cruise experience.

Worst Cabins on Spirit of Adventure

Cabins Near (or Above) Entertainment Venues

Though the Spirit of Adventure is known for its stellar onboard entertainment, you may want to avoid booking a cabin too close to these venues.

These cabins can be subjected to noise from nearby bars, theaters, and lounges. If you plan on having a couple of early nights in, it may be best to steer clear of these rooms.

Primarily, if noise is a concern, we recommend avoiding the E Deck (Deck 7) as a whole.

This deck is located right above the promenade deck, which has The Playhouse (a theatre) and numerous bars.

The Playhouse can hold over 400 guests and offers live music, guest entertainers, and cinema shows. So although the noise may be muffled, there’s still a chance you will be able to hear the music or vibrations if you are in a cabin directly above.

Cabins to avoid on Deck 7, Spirit of Adventure

On Deck 7, we have highlighted cabins E007 – E025 and E507 – E525 as cabins to avoid as they are directly above The Playhouse.

We also recommend avoiding E026 – E030 and E526 – E530 on this deck as they are near the lifts (elevators.) Rooms near lifts can be noisy and have a lot of foot traffic.

Cabins Below Pool and Sun Decks

The pool and sun decks are popular gathering spots on all cruise ships, but cabins located directly below these areas might pose some issues.

Music, pool splashes, and deck chair shuffling can all lead to unwanted noise in your room. Additionally, early morning joggers and late-night stargazers may unintentionally disrupt your peace and quiet.

If you like to hit the snooze button and sleep in (you are on vacation anyways!), these are cabins you definitely want to avoid.

The A Deck (Deck 11) is located directly below the Lido deck.

Since the Lido deck is directly above the A Deck and it offers so much, from the pool and lunging areas to dining and lounge options, it is best to avoid this deck if noise is a concern.

of course, the noise will very likely be minimal and muffled, but if you’re a light sleeper, it’s best not to take the risk.

Cabins Near Lifts

We always recommend avoiding cabins near lifts as well.

While having easy access to elevators and staircases can be useful, it can also result in increased noise and foot traffic around your cabin.

Many individuals tend to gather near these areas, which can be quite loud.

If you are someone who can sleep through anything, this may not be an issue for you.

However, if you prefer a more tranquil atmosphere, it is advisable to search for cabins that are located at a reasonable distance from these bustling spots.

On Spirit of Adventure, cabins ending between 023-029, 523-529, 041-048, and 541-548 are near the lifts.

Cabins near lifts on Spirit of Adventure cruise ship

As seen above, these cabins (on all deck floors) will be near the lifts and you’ll likely hear a lot of people coming and going at all hours.

Selecting a Higher Category

One way to avoid unwanted cabins on the Spirit of Adventure is by choosing a higher cabin category.

This usually means you’ll be located in more desirable areas of the ship, away from the noise and potential disturbances.

For example, upgrading from a standard balcony cabin to a deluxe balcony cabin will not only provide you with more space, but it will also likely place you in a quieter and more conveniently-located area.

Remember, you don’t need to spend excessively to enjoy a good cabin location; sometimes, a small upgrade can make a significant difference in your cruise experience.

Should You Get A Guaranteed Cabin?

Another alternative many passengers choose is opting for a “guaranteed cabin” when booking their cruise. This means that you don’t select a specific cabin at the time of booking.

Instead, you choose a cabin category (such as a standard balcony, deluxe balcony, or balcony), and the cruise line assigns you a cabin within that category shortly before your departure.

This option can sometimes land you in a better location or even a higher category without any additional cost.

However, we do not recommend this option if you are particular about your location.

It is the luck of the draw.

You may have an amazing location, or you can end up with the worst possible cabin in your category.

By choosing a guaranteed cabin, you’re trusting the cruise line to make the choice for you based on what rooms they have left.

So although you can be pleasantly surprised if you’re cruise is fully booked, you may end up with the rooms no one picked (and possibly for good reason.)

Summary: Best And Worst Cabins On Spirit Of Adventure

Your cabin location on a cruise ship may be one of the best ways to guarantee a great vacation.

Aim for a midship cabin on a lower deck, as this area experiences less motion, ensuring a more stable and relaxing trip.

Be at least a couple of rooms away from the elevator or staircase so you get less noise and foot traffic, especially if you’re a light sleeper.

The Spirit of Adventure cruise ship is a great vacation ship since no matter what, you’ll get a standard balcony cabin.

And if you follow our tips, and avoid certain areas of the boat, you are guaranteed an amazing vacation.

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