Carnival Cruisers Warned: Mexico Wildlife Adventures Could Be Risky!

Carnival Cruise Line has taken an unconventional step by advising guests on the Carnival Radiance to avoid certain wildlife encounters in Ensenada, Mexico.

This advisory was highlighted through letters distributed to each stateroom as the ship prepares to dock in Ensenada, cautioning passengers against engaging with tiger cubs and other exotic animals at local attractions not affiliated with the ship’s shore excursions program.

The advisory issued by Captain Eduardo Ferrone outlines concerns for public health, safety, and environmental issues related to these interactions.

The letter specifically warns against the interaction with tiger cubs, noting the potential risks involved.

“As you get ready for our visit to Ensenada, we have an important advisory. You may encounter restaurants/attractions (not associated with the ship’s shore excursions program) in the port of Ensenada that allow you to touch or otherwise interact with tiger cubs,” the letter states.

“For public health, safety, and environmental reasons, Carnival recommends that you do not partake in such attractions, including, but not limited to, the tiger cub attractions.”

Tigers, which are not native to Mexico, may be involved in activities that lack transparency regarding their origin, training, vaccinations, and overall treatment, raising ethical and safety concerns.

Despite their popularity, these attractions pose a significant safety risk, as even young tigers can weigh between 75 to 150 pounds and potentially cause severe injuries if provoked.

Furthermore, the legality of such attractions in Mexico does not necessarily align with U.S. standards, although some may have ties to regional conservation efforts.

Carnival Radiance, a Sunshine-class cruise ship with a gross tonnage of 101,509, operates year-round from Long Beach, California, and offers a variety of itineraries to the Mexican Riviera and Baja Mexico, along with extended cruises to Hawaii.

For guests interested in wildlife experiences, Carnival recommends safer, more ethical alternatives.

These include a treetop aviary in Costa Maya, Ardastra Gardens in Nassau for flamingo interactions, and the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm for sea turtle conservation.

Other suggested activities include whale-watching in Alaska and nature hikes across various destinations, allowing passengers to enjoy wildlife encounters without compromising safety or ethical standards.

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