Nude Cruises – Best Cruises & Everything You Need To Know

Most people think ‘family-fun’ when they think of cruises, but have you heard of nude cruises? That’s right, some cruise lines offer clothing optional cruises where you can… let is all hang out…

If you’re looking for your next naked vacation or simply just curious, I’ve got you covered!

What Is A Nude Cruise?

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A Nude Cruise is a unique type of cruise where passengers are free to be completely nude – unlike normal cruises, where casual clothing is standard.

On these cruises, beaches and other facilities on private islands usually permit nudity. Pool and dance parties happen without clothing restrictions – making the experience liberating and fun.

There are nude cruises available all around the world and growing in popularity!

Not all activities on nude cruises are without clothing though. There can be formal evenings with suits and dresses, or themed costume nights. These cruises cater to those who seek this unique experience but also value comfort, relaxation, and entertainment.

The vibe on these cruises varies from laid-back to high-energy social atmospheres. There’s no judgment based on age, body shape, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. It’s an open-minded space, with respect for people’s desire for privacy.

Nude cruises are also not about sex, that is a common misconception.

They are simply for people who are comfortable in their own skin and don’t mind being without the restrictions of clothes.

Anyone being inappropriate or overly sexual will be removed from the ship at the next port. There is no tolerance for uncomfortable interactions on these ships and security takes complaints very seriously.

Who Offers Nude Cruises?

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There are many cruise lines that offer unique nude cruising experiences.

Although there are a lot of options, but we recommend these more popular ones:

  • The Bare Necessities Tour and Travel Company: This agency organizes clothing-optional cruises around the world. It’s a Texas-based business operating for over 30 years and enjoys a good reputation among nudists.
  • Bliss Cruise: Bliss Cruise offers luxury entertainment, lifestyle events, and adult activities such as BDSM tutorials, sex-positive culture seminars, musical performances, etc. You get accommodation, meals, drinks, and port taxes included in their package. This is a couples-only cruise line.
  • Desire Cruises: Intima Magazine named their ports as the “Best Sexiest And Most Romantic Possible Places!”. They offer private and themed parties, intimate workshops like Tantra and kink (BDSM), plus performances by burlesque artists or DJs.

Besides these, there are many charters and theme rides offered through different vacation providers.

It’s important to do your research and find the right cruise based on your budget and preferences.

Check cabin amenities, dining protocols, medical facilities, and swimming pool regulations, and make sure to follow each company’s guidelines about nudity etiquette.

Types of Nude Cruises

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There are various nude cruises available for those who are daring and independent.

From relaxed Caribbean holidays to romantic European boat trips, you can discover different types of nude cruises to fit your taste.

There are two main types of ‘nude cruises’ you can sign up for.

Lifestyle Cruise

These are made for couples who like to swing or do other consensual non-monogamy activities. Lifestyle cruises provide erotic activities and parties, as well as regular cruise amenities.

Naturist Cruise

Created for those who follow the naturism philosophy, these cruises permit passengers to enjoy nudity as a form of self-expression and freedom. Of course, some people hook up on these cruises, these are non-sexual cruise lines.

Onboard activities may include yoga classes, sunbathing, and spa treatments.

Without a doubt, there are many kinds of people who go on nudist cruises and there is something for everyone if naked cruising appeals to you…

Who Goes On Nude Cruises?

Nude cruises are for anyone who fancies a clothing-optional vacation!

Whether you’re young or old, a couple or single, a nude enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, there’s something for everyone.

You don’t have to fit into any specific demographic to go on a nude cruise, as people from all backgrounds enjoy this type of vacation. It could be for romance, adventure, or simply the freedom to be yourself.

However, it takes a certain level of comfort with nudity and self-confidence to make the most of this experience. But those who do choose this path often find it liberating and empowering.

Who Enjoys Nude Cruising?

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People from all walks of life enjoy nudist cruising. Age, gender, and nationality don’t matter on a nudist cruise.

For some, the appeal lies in the freedom it offers. Liberated and empowered, they shed their clothes and embrace their natural state. Others find that being naked creates a sense of community and encourages socializing.

Retirees looking for adventure, young couples celebrating their honeymoon, or groups such as naturist organizations or clubs – all these people take nude cruises.

No one demographic enjoys nude cruising more than another. People of any age, gender, or nationality can find pleasure in this unique experience.

As long as you’re comfortable and respectful of others’ boundaries, nude cruising could be for you.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Take A Naked Cruise?

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There are a couple of factors to consider before booking your first nude cruise.

The weather is a major factor. Many nude cruises are in warm, sunny places. Avoid hurricane season (June-November). If you’re going to a cooler place, summer’s best.

People who enjoy this lifestyle, love nude beaches and being in the hot sun. You’ll definitely want to pick warm, Summer months for this cruise.

Crowd size is another contributing factor. Some people want a low-key experience, so book off-peak times. If you’re looking for more socializing, go during peak times instead!

If you have a particular interest, you may want to check online for upcoming events. Some cruises have swingers’ cruises, gay/lesbian, cosplay, and even naked yoga.

If you fancy any special occasion or dates, these cruises may be the best option for you.

There really isn’t a ‘best’ time as everyone has different interests and not all naked cruises are built the same.

However, we do strongly recommend warm Summer months, especially if sunbathing is a high priority for you.

Do People Go To Dinner Nude?

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It really depends. Casual buffets have a ‘clothing-optional’ rule, but the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants do enforce a casual dress code. Normally, it’s very casual, so basic T-shirts and shorts are acceptable.

Most people who take these cruises are comfortable with being in the nude. But everyone must cover their seats with a towel or something to keep it clean and hygienic.

Some cruises have themed dining nights. For example, there might be a “pirate night” where passengers dress as pirates with body paint.

Clothing is also required at the captain cocktail party

Is The Crew Clothed On A Nude Cruise?

Yes, the crew on a nude cruise is clothed. The staff has professional standards to uphold while passengers can opt for a clothing-optional experience.

The crew must follow dress codes set by the cruise line. So, expect to see them fully clothed on duty. Even off-duty or during their personal time, the crew may choose to wear clothing.

Are Shore Excursions Ever Tailored To Nude Cruisers?

It depends on the cruise line and the destination. Some nude cruises provide clothing-optional beach trips or nature hikes in secluded areas.

Research before booking to know what’s available. Some places may have laws or cultural norms that need clothing in certain spots, so excursions could be limited.

Traditional shore excursions can still be done on nudist-friendly cruises. But attire is needed, like swimwear for snorkeling or hiking shoes for a mountain excursion. These make up a small part of the cruise though.

Some cruises dock in the Caribbean on private-islands, where nude recreation and beaches could be an option but this isn’t available on all cruise lines. It’s best to double-check before booking if visiting a nude beach is on your list.

Are There Certain Times When Passengers Are Required To Wear Clothes?

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Yes, there are occasions when attire is mandatory, like the Captain’s cocktail dinner.

For safety, clothing may be obligatory during certain activities, like the gym.

Some ports may have religious customs that necessitate modest dressing and you can’t assume nudist cruise ships only dock at nude beaches.

On the ship, there also could be areas where clothing is required. These can include the main dining area and specific bars or lounges.

It’s important to note that consent and respectful conduct are expected on all nude cruise lines. Passengers should still follow rules like asking before taking pics and respecting others’ personal space.

Clothing optional cruises are just like any other cruise and respect for other passengers is mandatory.

Although nudism may be normal on a nude cruise, there are situations where clothing is necessary – for safety or cultural reasons. These requirements do not detract from the enjoyment of a clothing-optional environment with like-minded people.

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