Sir Richard Branson Surprises London with a Mega Cruise Giveaway!

In an exciting spectacle on the streets of London, Sir Richard Branson, the media and cruise tycoon, delighted the public by distributing 200 free tickets for Virgin Voyages cruises to mark the commencement of the 2024 Mediterranean summer cruise season.

Riding on a bus themed as the cruise ship Scarlet Lady, Branson’s journey took him through iconic London locations including Oxford Street, Embankment, Piccadilly, and Trafalgar Square, culminating near the London Eye on Westminster Bridge.

Among the lucky recipients were Yutta and Allen Merilanen, a couple celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary, who received their free cruise ticket directly from Branson himself. The giveaway was part of a larger promotional event that coincided with the launch of Branson’s new audiobook, “Losing and Finding My Virginity.”

Sir Richard Branson meets members of the public as he gives away 200 free Virgin Voyages cruises in London
(Photo: Virgin Voyages)

Branson expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “It’s been wonderful to go aboard ‘Scarlet Lady’ this morning, sailing around and surprising lucky Londoners with free voyages! Summer is a time for exploration, relaxation, and creating unforgettable memories, and sailing the Med in style is the vitamin-sea everybody needs.”

This grand gesture follows a recent partnership between Virgin Voyages and Delta Air Lines where they provided an entire flight of passengers traveling from Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with free cruises.

Resilient Lady Cruise Ship - Virgin Voyages

This promotional move celebrated the redeployment of the Resilient Lady to San Juan as her new homeport, following its season in Australia and New Zealand.

The shift is part of Virgin Voyages’ strategy to introduce nine new cruise itineraries from the U.S. Caribbean island amid the ongoing conflicts affecting the Red Sea region.

The event highlights Virgin Voyages’ commitment to enhancing travel experiences and expanding their cruise operations, promising a season filled with adventure, luxury, and memorable moments across the Mediterranean.

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