Sea Giants on the Horizon: MSC Cruises Proposes Groundbreaking New Ships

MSC Cruises, the renowned European cruise line, is setting the stage for a monumental expansion, potentially adding record-breaking new ships to its fleet.

According to reports from Shipping Italy, the cruise line is currently in advanced discussions with Meyer Turku, part of the Meyer Werft shipyard group, to embark on building projects that could exceed 200,000 gross tons each.

This marks a significant shift as MSC typically collaborates with Fincantieri and Chantiers de l’Atlantique for their ship constructions.

MSC World Europa
MSC World Europa

The discussions with Meyer Turku suggest a strategic move to accommodate the burgeoning demand in the cruising industry, which has surged past pre-pandemic levels.

The need for larger shipyards like Meyer Turku arises as existing partners Fincantieri and Chantiers de l’Atlantique are already committed to other major cruise lines, constructing vessels for the likes of Virgin Voyages, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, and Celebrity Cruises.

These giant new vessels for MSC Cruises, however, would not be ready to sail any time soon. The design, scheduling, labor, and financing arrangements for such large-scale constructions could take several years to a decade to finalize.

Speculation around the size of these new ships suggests they could rival or even surpass the current largest in the world, such as Royal Caribbean International’s Icon class ships.

The Icon of the Seas, which debuted in January 2024, and its sister ship, the Star of the Seas, set for August 2025, currently hold the title with a gross tonnage of 248,663 and a maximum capacity of 7,600 passengers.

MSC World Europa

MSC Cruises is not new to operating large ships. The cruise line boasts several vessels among the world’s largest by gross tonnage, with MSC World Europa currently the largest in their fleet at 215,863 gross tons.

The introduction of even larger ships would further enhance MSC’s ability to offer innovative and distinctive features, from exhilarating amusement rides to cutting-edge technological advancements.

As the cruising world watches, the potential addition of these colossal ships could redefine luxury cruising and significantly boost MSC Cruises’ standing in the global cruise market.

However, details remain speculative until more concrete plans are confirmed. With the cruise industry’s landscape continually evolving, these new giants on the seas could set new benchmarks for what passengers can expect from a luxury cruise experience.

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