Cabins To Avoid On Borealis (Check BEFORE Booking…)

Embarking on a cruise aboard Fred Olsen’s Borealis promises an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking views, luxury amenities, and countless memories.

The right cabin can make all the difference in making your holiday comfortable and enjoyable.

And although there aren’t any bad cabins on Borealis, there are definitely some that are better than others.

Some cabins may have obstructed views, limited space, or less-than-ideal proximity to common areas, which could impact your overall experience.

We’ll help you figure out which cabins to avoid and which to book ASAP for an amazing trip…

Borealis Cabins

Borealis Cruise Ship at Sea

The Borealis cruise ship has multiple accommodation options, designed to cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

Within its welcoming confines, you’ll find inside cabins, ocean view cabins, balcony junior suites, and premier suites, each offering a unique experience.

The inside cabins present a great, budget-friendly choice. These cabins, typically designed for two, span around 183 square feet, providing a cozy retreat for those who prioritize value.

They lack external views but are perfect for guests who spend most of their time enjoying the ship’s facilities.

The next step up are the ocean view cabins. These cabins, spread across decks 1, 2, and 3, offer a picturesque view of the sea. The ocean view cabins are categorized into different types such as the Superior Ocean View and Ocean View with restricted view.

These cabins are an excellent choice for those who value natural light and sea views.

For a more elevated experience, the Balcony Junior Suites on deck 6 and 7 serve as a serene haven. These suites, with their private balconies, provide an intimate space to enjoy the ocean’s expanse.

The inclusion of these suites adds a touch of luxury, allowing guests to enjoy the sea breeze in privacy.

The pinnacle of luxury aboard the Borealis is found in its premier suites. These spacious accommodations, which include the Owner’s Suite at a substantial 940 square feet, are designed for those seeking the utmost in comfort and elegance.

The Olsen Suite is the largest suite on the Borealis and is located on Deck 7. It offers a private balcony and sitting area, making it one of the most luxurious suites around.

Borealis Cabins To Avoid

Lower Deck Cabins

When choosing a cabin on Borealis, it’s important to be cautious about selecting lower deck options, particularly those towards the rear of the ship.

These cabins are often more susceptible to engine noise and vibrations, especially if they’re located closer to the ship’s machinery.

Additionally, the lower decks might be adjacent to service areas or other potential sources of noise, such as crew quarters, elevators, or laundry facilities.

For instance, on Borealis, cabins on the lower decks like Deck 1 could be near the engine, medical center, and lift areas.

These areas may not be as quiet as other spots onboard.

Borealis Cruise Ship - Deck 1 Cabins To Avoid

If tranquility is a top priority for you, you may want to avoid cabins in the red-marked sections on Borealis’s deck plans, or perhaps even certain decks entirely.

However, it’s also important to note that lower decks are often favored by those who are prone to seasickness.

The lower deck cabins, being closer to the waterline, typically experience less motion than those on higher decks, which can be a significant advantage for those prone to seasickness.

For a more peaceful stay, it’s recommended to consider the proximity of your cabin to elevators, staircases, and other high-traffic areas.

Cabins near elevator banks, in particular, might be subject to frequent noise and activity.

Opting for a cabin away from these busy areas can contribute to a more serene and restful cruise experience.

Unfavorable Locations On Borealis

It’s also encouraged to avoid the rear third of the ship if you book a lower deck. This area is more prone to experiencing noise and vibrations, especially for cabins situated further towards the stern.

While the Borealis, as a contemporary ship, may not have these issues as acutely as some of Fred. Olsen’s older vessels, it’s still recommended to choose a stateroom towards the middle or front of the ship for a more comfortable experience.

Particular attention should be paid to lower decks like Marina Deck 1 and Coral Deck 2.

These decks, being closer to the waterline, might be more susceptible to engine noise and could give a more pronounced sense of the ship’s movement.

Borealis Cruise Ship - Deck 2 Cabins To Avoid

The location of inside cabins relative to other rooms or public areas is also crucial. An inside cabin near bustling areas such as restaurants, lounges, or entertainment zones may be more likely to experience noise, which could impact your relaxation and sleep.

These preferences can vary greatly among individuals. If you are especially sensitive to noise and vibrations, avoiding the areas highlighted is highly recommended.

However, if you place less emphasis on noise and more on factors like larger cabin space or reducing the risk of seasickness, then the lower decks near the center of the ship could be an excellent choice.

Remember, the lower decks generally experience less motion, which can be a significant benefit for those prone to nausea and motion sickness.

Staying Away From Cabins Below Public Areas

If you sleep in (or go to bed early) you may want to avoid cabins directly below busy areas.

For instance, cabins located on Deck 7, which is just below the ship’s sundeck, pools, and bars, may not be ideal for light sleepers. Activities such as arranging sun loungers early in the morning can result in noise that may be heard in the cabins below.

Similarly, cabins under the ship’s active areas, like dining venues or entertainment lounges, might not be suitable for those who prefer to go to bed early.

These spots tend to be lively throughout the day and well into the night, possibly leading to noise disturbances.

Specifically, cabins on Deck 3 should be chosen with care. This deck is directly beneath several social spaces, including the Neptune Lounge and dining areas.

Borealis Cruise Ship - Deck 3 Cabins To Avoid

The area around cabin numbers 3326 to 3371, for example, is situated below The Auditorium and near the Laundry Room, making it potentially less peaceful.

While the Borealis is equipped with quality sound insulation, the vibrations from loud music or activities in the evening might still be noticeable in nearby cabins.

On top of this, cabins located near stairways, elevators, or service areas can experience more foot traffic, leading to extra noise from both passengers and crew.

Avoiding Cabins Near Crew Areas

You’ll also want to avoid cabins near crew areas. These sections of the ship are hubs of activity, busy both during the day and night, which might lead to increased noise levels and disturbances for guests.

Crew areas are often not marked explicitly on deck plans, so a practical approach is to select cabins that are primarily surrounded by other guest cabins.

This strategy reduces the likelihood of being close to the more bustling zones of the ship.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the location of operational areas like the laundry room, which can be a source of noise throughout the day due to the machinery used.

Best Cabins On Borealis

Borealis Leaving Norway
Source: @bergenships

Mid-Ship Cabins

When picking a cabin on Borealis, opting for those located mid-ship is the best choice. The central positioning of these cabins on the ship typically results in less motion and noise, contributing to a more comfortable and smooth sailing experience.

Mid-ship cabins also usually offer convenient access to the ship’s elevators and stairways. This strategic location allows for easier and quicker movement to various facilities and activities throughout the ship, enhancing your overall cruise experience.

A particularly favorable deck on Borealis is Deck 2. Even though it’s a lower deck, it’s advantageously positioned between two decks that consist solely of cabins.

This layout significantly reduces the likelihood of noise disturbances during the night or early mornings.

Highland Deck 6 is another highly recommended option. With a deck exclusively for cabins above it, the chances of overhead noise are minimized.

However, it’s important to note that Deck 5 is directly below, which is a hub for social activity, housing several bars including the Piano Bar and the Morning Light Pub.

As such, there might be some noise and vibrations in the late evenings from the activities happening below.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Cabin on Borealis

Like any cruise ship, Borealis has cabins that excel in quality and experience, even within similar price categories.

Factors like the view, noise level, and proximity to the ship’s amenities are important considerations that can greatly enhance your cruise experience.

Many previous passengers of similar ships have shown a preference for certain types of ocean-view cabins.

Ocean-view cabins located on a mid-level deck often strike a great balance between offering pleasing ocean views and providing stability, reducing the risk of seasickness.

However, it’s worth noting that experiences can vary. Some passengers report disturbances from entertainment areas close to their cabins or other concerns related to the cabin’s condition.

It’s important to thoroughly research the location and characteristics of your chosen cabin, keeping in mind any potential issues if you are a light sleeper.

All in all, Borealis doesn’t have bad cabins, but depending on your personal preferences, you may strong prefer one over another.

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