Cabins To Avoid On Bolette (Check BEFORE You Book!)

On the majestic cruise ship Bolette, each cabin appears to be a haven of comfort and style at first glance.

To newcomers or those unfamiliar with the nuances of cruise travel, every room might seem equally enchanting, a mirror image of its neighbor.

Yet, beneath this surface uniformity, lies a complex world of variance. Even cabins within the same class can vastly differ in experience and comfort.

Just as with cruise ship, Bolette has its share of rooms that seasoned travelers might prefer to steer clear of.

So, before you confirm your booking, take a moment to ensure you’re not selecting one of these less-than-ideal cabins…

Bolette Cabins

Bolette Cruise Ship

Bolette features 135 inside cabins which, being the most affordable option, cater to a variety of budgets.

These cabins provide ample space, at around 183 sq. feet, and usually accommodate up to two people. In some cases, they can even accommodate up to four guests.

However, as the name suggests, inside cabins don’t have windows or natural light, so you might want to avoid these cabins if you prefer a view or are prone to claustrophobia.

For those who seek natural light and picturesque views, Bolette offers Ocean View cabins in various categories, including wheelchair-accessible options.

Among these, Superior Ocean View cabins can be found on decks 3 to 6, whereas Ocean View cabins are located on deck 1. With a more spacious setting, these cabins grant you the pleasure of waking up to stunning ocean vistas.

Luxurious suite options are available for passengers desiring extravagance during their cruise. The Premier Suite on deck 7 and Balcony Junior Suite on deck 6 are perfect choices for this.

These suites boast added perks and amenities to make your trip truly special.

Bolette Cabins To Avoid

Bolette boasts a diverse selection of cabins, designed to cater to a range of tastes and budgets.

From cozy inside cabins to the opulence of deluxe suites, Bolette offers over a dozen distinct cabin categories to suit your preferences.

As one of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ more modern ships, Bolette excels in providing a wide array of cabin choices.

The location of your cabin on Bolette is important, as it can greatly influence your cruising experience.

For those sensitive to noise or movement, it’s wise to choose a cabin situated away from the ship’s bustling centers such as the pools, entertainment areas, dining venues, lounges, and bars. These spots can be sources of noise or vibrations that might disrupt your peace and sleep.

Bolette’s cabins are spread across its decks, so examining the deck plans is important to finding the ideal cabin location for your needs.

Cabins on higher decks may bask in more sunlight, offering stunning views, while those on lower decks tend to feel more stable in rougher sea conditions.

Regarding balcony cabins, Bolette’s Terrace Balcony Rooms, typically around 200 square feet, are predominantly found on Deck 8.

Be aware that some balconies might be partially covered by the deck above, which can limit direct sunlight for sunbathing enthusiasts.

However, if you prefer a secluded, shaded outdoor area, these covered balconies could provide the perfect retreat for relaxation and privacy.

Lower Deck Cabins

When selecting your cabin on Bolette, exercise caution if considering options on the lower decks, particularly towards the ship’s stern.

These cabins might be subject to engine noise and vibrations, more so if they’re positioned closer to the ship’s mechanical heart.

In addition, they may be situated near service zones or potential noise sources, like crew quarters, elevators, or laundry facilities.

On Bolette, the lower decks such as Marina Deck 1, have numerous cabins in proximity to the engine, medical centre, and lifts. It’s clear when you look at the deck plan that these areas might not be the most tranquil for your stay.

Marina Deck 1 - Bolette Cabins To Avoid

If peace and quiet is a priority for you, it’s advisable to steer clear of the red-marked sections on Bolette’s deck plans, or perhaps avoid certain decks altogether.

However, it’s important to remember that lower decks are often preferable for those susceptible to seasickness.

While the allure of higher decks with their expansive views is undeniable, if you are sensitive to the ship’s motion, a cabin on a lower deck, where movement is less pronounced, might offer greater comfort.

To avoid potential disturbances from noise, pay special attention to your cabin’s proximity to elevators, staircases, and other areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Cabins located near elevator banks, in particular, can experience frequent bustle and associated noise, so choosing a cabin away from these areas can be a wise decision for a peaceful stay.

Unfavorable Locations On Bolette

In general, when booking a cabin on Bolette, you should be cautious about the rear third of the ship.

Cabins in this area are more likely to experience noise and vibrations, particularly those located further towards the back.

Unlike Fred. Olsen’s older vessels, Bolette, being a more contemporary ship, may not have this issue as pronounced, but it’s still advisable to opt for a stateroom towards the middle or front of the ship for a marked improvement in comfort.

As previously mentioned, be mindful of cabins on lower decks, such as Marina Deck 1 and Coral Deck 2. These are closer to the waterline, which can mean more engine noise and a greater likelihood of sensing the ship’s motion.

For inside cabins, the vicinity to other rooms or public areas is important. An inside cabin near busy spots like restaurants, lounges, or entertainment areas might be prone to more noise, potentially affecting your peace and rest.

This varies from person to person. If you are particularly sensitive to noise and vibrations, it’s important to steer clear of the areas mentioned.

However, if noise is a lesser concern for you and your priorities include larger cabin space or a reduced risk of seasickness, the lower decks near the center of the ship could be ideal.

Staying Away From Cabins Below Public Areas

An important factor in choosing your cabin on Bolette is avoiding those located beneath busy public areas, which can significantly reduce noise disturbances during your voyage.

For those who enjoy sleeping in, it might be wise to steer clear of cabins on Lido Deck 8. This deck sits just below the ship’s sundeck, pools, and bars.

In the early mornings, the noise of sun loungers being arranged can often be heard through the ceiling, potentially disturbing your rest.

Promenade Deck 3 - Bolette Cabins to Avoid

For early sleepers, cabins situated under entertainment hotspots, like dining venues or show lounges, should also be approached with caution.

These areas are hubs of activity throughout the day and well into the evening, potentially leading to elevated noise levels that could interrupt your sleep or relaxation.

We’ve highlighted cabins on Promenade Deck 3 to avoid, specifically 3326 to 3365 as they are below The Auditorium and near the Laundry Room.

Deck 3, in particular, is directly below many of the ship’s social spaces, including the Neptune Lounge, the Bloomsbury Restaurant and the Colours and Tastes Restaurant. If you prefer retiring early, this might be a deck to avoid.

While the sound insulation on Bolette is of a high standard, the vibrations from loud music or bustling activities late at night might still be perceptible.

Furthermore, cabins near stairways, elevators, or service zones are often subject to more foot traffic, leading to additional noise from both passengers and crew.

Opting for a more secluded spot on the ship can enhance those serene, quiet moments that make a cruise so enjoyable.

Avoiding Cabins Near Crew Areas

When selecting a cabin on Bolette, it’s crucial to steer clear of those near crew areas. These parts of the ship are centers of activity all day and night, potentially resulting in heightened noise levels and disturbances.

While crew areas are not always explicitly indicated on deck plans, choosing cabins that are surrounded by other guest cabins is a good strategy to avoid being close to these busy zones.

Plus, areas such as the laundry room can experience high traffic and noise throughout the day due to the operation of machinery.

Best Cabins On Bolette

Mid-Ship Cabins

When selecting a cabin on Bolette, consider choosing the mid-ship cabins. Due to their central location on the boat, these cabins tend to experience less motion and noise, making for a smoother cruise experience.

Additionally, mid-ship cabins often have easy access to elevators and stairways, allowing you to quickly reach various amenities and activities on the ship.

Coral Deck 2 is one of out favorite decks. Even though it’s a lower deck, it’s sandwiched between two decks that are exclusively comprised of cabins. This means less chance of noice at night oor the early mornings.

Another deck we really like and recommend is the Highland Deck 6. It has a cabin-only deck above, minimizing the chance noise. However, please note it does have the bustling Deck 5 below which has loads of bars, particularly the Piano Bar and the Morning Light Pub. There may be a chance of noise and vibrations in the late evenings

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Cabin on Bolette

Bolette Cruise Ship at Port from the side

When selecting the ideal cabin for your journey on Bolette, it’s important to remember that certain cabins may be more suited to your specific needs than others.

Like all cruise ships, Bolette features cabins that stand out in terms of quality and experience, even within the same price range and category.

Consider the views, noise levels, and how close you are to the amenities that will enhance your cruise experience.

Many past passengers have favored the E-grade ocean view cabins on Deck 5, as they offer a nice balance of good ocean views and stability, especially beneficial for those prone to seasickness.

However, it’s also been noted that some passengers have experienced issues in certain cabins on Bolette, such as disturbances from nearby entertainment areas or the condition of the cabins themselves.

Thorough research into your chosen cabin’s location is crucial, along with considering any potential drawbacks before confirming your booking.

Also, factor in Bolette’s recent updates and refurbishments. The ship now features 690 cabins, ranging from single rooms to opulent Premier Suites.

As you explore your options, don’t hesitate to seek advice or recommendations tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Remember, the perfect cabin for your voyage on Bolette is out there. With careful consideration and a bit of research, you’re sure to find a space that will make your cruise truly memorable.

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