Cabins To Avoid On Balmoral (Check BEFORE You Book!)

On such a great cruise ship like the Balmoral, all of the passenger cabins look like they have been created equal.

To the untrained eye, or if you haven’t been on a cruise ship before, it can be hard to see the difference between two identical cabins.

However, there can be huge discrepancies among cabins even if they are in the same category.

There are certain cabins to avoid on all ships, and Balmoral is no exception.

So before you book, make sure you aren’t booking any of these rooms…

Balmoral’s Cabins To Avoid

Balmoral Cruise Ship in the nEtherlands

The Balmoral has a wide range of cabin choices, catering to various budgets and preferences.

From affordable inside cabins to luxurious superior suites, there are 15 different categories for you to choose from.

For one of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines smaller ships, it really goes above and beyond regarding cabin options.

You’ll want to pay attention to the cabin’s location, as it can significantly impact your overall experience.

Some people may be sensitive to noise or motion, so pick a cabin away from the ship’s main facilities, such as the pool decks, entertainment venues, dining areas, lounges, and bars.

These areas can generate noise or vibrations that could affect your comfort and sleep quality.

Balmoral has cabins across different decks, so check the deck plans to determine the best cabin location for your needs.

For instance, cabins on higher decks might receive more sunlight, while those on lower decks could be more stable during rough seas.

When it comes to balcony cabins, Balmoral’s Superior Balcony Rooms measure around 190 square feet and are primarily located on Deck 9.

Know that some balconies are shaded due to the covering from decks above, which might hinder your sunbathing opportunities.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more private and cozy outdoor space, these shaded balconies might just be the perfect spot for you.

Lower Deck Cabins

When choosing a cabin on Balmoral, you might want to be wary of selecting one on the lower decks, especially near the back of the ship.

These cabins may have issues with engine noise and vibrations, especially if they are closer to the ship’s engines.

Additionally, they might be located near service areas or near potential sources of noise, such as crew quarters, elevators, or laundry rooms.

The bottom deck, Marina Deck 3, has a lot of cabins near the engine, laundry room, and lifts, as you can see:

Balmoral Marina Deck 3

If you want to ensure peace and quiet, it may be best to avoid the red sections of this deck (or the deck entirely.)

However, keep in mind that the lower decks tend to be the best if you are prone to seasickness.

While being on a higher deck might offer better views, if you’re sensitive to motion, opting for a lower deck with more stability might be more comfortable for you.

If you want to avoid any potential noise-related issues, take extra care to ensure you’re not situated too close to elevators, stairwells, or other high-traffic areas.

Be mindful of cabins near elevator banks, as they might be frequently busy and noisy.

Unfavorable Locations On Balmoral

In general, you’ll want to watch out for the rear third of the ship. Cabins in this section have been know to be affected by noise and vibrations, especially those situated further back on the vessel.

Balmoral, along with other Fred. Olsen Cruise Line ships, are known to have this issue due to being older ships. Opting for a stateroom in the middle or front of the ship is a small change that can make a big difference.

As mentioned before, be cautious when considering cabins on lower decks, like Deck 3. These decks are closer to the waterline, meaning more engine noise and the possibility of feeling the ship’s movement.

Some passengers have found cabins in the F-grade outside cabins on deck 3 less than ideal, so exploring other cabin grades may lead to a better experience.

When it comes to inside cabins, pay close attention to which other rooms or public spaces are nearby.

An inside cabin situated close to high-traffic areas like restaurants, lounges, or entertainment venues might experience more noise that could impact your rest and relaxation time.

This all varies person-to-person. If you’re more sensitive to noise and vibration, take extra care to avoid the areas mentioned above.

However, if you’re less concerned about noise levels and prioritize cabin size or minimizing the risk of seasickness, the lower decks near the center of the ship are your go-to.

Avoiding Cabins Near Engine Room

If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll always want to avoid rooms near the engine room. Engine room noise can often be heard through the walls and can be annoying, even while you’re asleep.

For some people, it becomes white noise, but others can’t sleep through it.

Before selecting your cabin, take a look at Balmoral’s deck plans and locate the engine room. Be mindful of the cabins immediately above or below this area, as noise may travel vertically through the ship.

Additionally, avoid cabins towards the ship’s aft, where engine vibration and noise is likely to be more noticeable.

Coral Deck 4 on the Balmoral Cruise Ship

All the cabins towards the back of the Coral Deck 4 will likely be above the engine room and can be prone to vibrations and noise.

Likewise, as previously shown, most of the cabins on Deck 3 towards the back may also be close to the engine room and prone to noise.

While you may not always have full control over your cabin location due to availability or budget constraints, it’s a good idea to request a room further away from the engine room if possible.

Staying Away From Cabins Below Public Areas

One important consideration is avoiding cabins situated below busy public areas. This can help decrease the likelihood of noise during your trip.

If you like to sleep in, you may want to avoid the Highland Deck 10. It is directly underneath the sundeck, swimming pool, and bar.

In the early morning, the sun lounge chairs are brought out and the shuffling noise may be heard through the ceiling.

Balmoral Deck 10

If you go to bed early, you may also want to avoid cabins under entertainment venues, such as dining areas or show lounges.

These spaces often host events throughout the day or late into the night, which might cause high levels of noise that could interrupt your sleep or relaxation time.

Deck 6 is directly underneath all the pubs, lounges, and bars. If you go to bed early, these may be cabins you’d want to void.

Main Deck 6 Balmoral

Although the noise could be muffled, the noise may transfer and it’s still possible to notice the vibrations of loud music late at night.

Additionally, cabins near stairways, elevators, or service areas are prone to more foot traffic and noise from both passengers and crew. Staying in a quieter location on the ship will allow you to fully savor those peaceful moments during your cruise.

Avoiding Cabins Near Crew Areas

When looking for a cabin on the Balmoral, it’s essential to avoid those near the crew areas. Crew areas are bustling with activity throughout the day and night, which can lead to increased noise and disturbances.

Although crew areas aren’t clearly marked on deck plans, picking cabins surrounded by other cabins will ensure you aren’t near any.

Also, certain areas like the laundry room may have high traffic and a lot of noise throughout the day while machines are in use.

You may want to avoid those areas as well.

Steering Clear from Cabins Close to Theatres and Lounges

Cabins situated near theatres and lounges should also be avoided. These locations often hold events and performances that continue late into the night, and the sound CAN carry into nearby cabins.

Considering the layout of Balmoral, it’s a good idea to double-check the ship’s deck plans and pinpoint exactly where the entertainment venues are located.

Deck 10 on Balmoral near Spey Restaurant

By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to select a cabin that’s not in close proximity to these high-traffic and potentially noisy areas.

Being surrounded by other cabins on all sides – above, below, left, right, and front – can also help in minimizing noise from elevators or guest traffic.

Try to avoid connecting rooms, as they typically have thinner walls that allow sound to pass through more easily.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Cabin on Balmoral

When selecting the right cabin for you on the Balmoral, keep in mind that some cabins may be more suitable for your needs than others. All cruise ships have cabins that are significantly better that others, even if the price and category is the same.

Take into account the views, noise levels, and proximity to amenities that matter most for your cruising experience.

Many past passengers have reported liking the F-grade ocean view cabins on deck 3, as they are primarily standard outside cabins offering decent ocean views. Plus, if you are prone to seasickness, lower decks will help significantly.

However, some passengers have reported issues with cabin conditions on the Balmoral, such as problems with the outside cabins or noise disturbances from nearby entertainment venues.

Make sure you research your chosen cabin’s location carefully and consider any potential concerns before making your booking.

While choosing a cabin, be sure to account for the ship’s recent refurbishment in your decision-making. Balmoral now boasts 710 cabins, ranging from singles to luxurious Premier Suites. A

As you browse your options, feel free to ask for assistance or recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, the perfect cabin for your Balmoral cruise is out there – you just need to take your time and carefully select your cabin to ensure the perfect stay.

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