Cruise Passengers Arrested for Smuggling 159 Pounds Of Marijuana

On January 11, two passengers aboard the Norwegian Joy, Michael Quesenberry and Savannah Minami, were arrested for attempting to smuggle a significant amount of marijuana.

The duo was caught with 56 bags each, totaling nearly 160 pounds of cannabis, during the ship’s embarkation from Miami to Southampton, England.

The discovery was made by a sniffer dog, which detected vacuum-sealed bags containing a substance identified as cannabis in Quesenberry’s luggage.

Norwegian Joy At Sea

Department of Homeland Security special agent Joseph Angarone reported in an affidavit that Quesenberry claimed the marijuana was for medical purposes, mentioning he had a medical marijuana card in California.

Minami, initially released after claiming to have just met Quesenberry at the ship’s bar, was later found to be carrying an identical amount of marijuana in her luggage. This led to her subsequent arrest alongside Quesenberry.

Polic dog

Most cruise lines completely ban cannabis and Delta 8 products, even in small amounts.

Given the substantial quantity of drugs involved, authorities believe the two were engaged in drug trafficking and distribution.

According to a statement from News Channel 8 citing Angarone’s affidavit, there’s a growing trend of traffickers exporting marijuana from the United States to England, where it commands a higher price.

Both Quesenberry and Minami now face charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, as well as possession with intent to distribute.

Despite the legalization of marijuana in some U.S. states, it remains strictly prohibited on cruise ships, regardless of whether it’s for medical use.

In response to the incident, Norwegian Cruise Line emphasized their commitment to guest safety and security, stating their policy to confiscate prohibited items and notify authorities when necessary.

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