Royal Caribbean’s Chops Grille (Full Guide, Menu, & MORE)

Chops Grille can be found on all Royal Caribbean cruises and it has become a quick fan-favorite for many travelers.

Known for its American steakhouse vibe, this restaurant presents a refined atmosphere where you can indulge in hand-cut, quality meats.

The ambience mirrors the traditional steakhouse allure, combining dark wood furnishings and rich colors, which set the stage for an intimate dinner away from the bustling activity on deck.

You’ll want to make reservations, especially since Chops Grille is a popular spot for dinner on Royal Caribbean ships, and it’s also open for lunch on sea days.

While the experience does come with an additional charge, it’s distinct from your usual dining on the ship, promising a touch of sophistication to your sea journey.

History of Chops Grille

Chops Grille began as an ambitious idea to offer passengers a distinct steakhouse experience at sea. Its roots are firmly planted in the tradition of classic American steakhouses, emphasizing premium cuts and high-quality ingredients.

From the beginning, Its goal has been to create an atmosphere where you can indulge in hand-selected steaks cooked to perfection.

As Royal Caribbean’s fleet expanded, so did Chops Grille, both in presence and in the diversity of its offerings.

You’ve seen it evolve from a single dining venue to a signature restaurant across multiple ships, becoming a staple in the Royal Caribbean dining scene.

The menu has grown too, incorporating innovative dishes and sides to complement the core steak offerings that you’ve come to love, always aspiring to exceed your culinary expectations.

Dining Experience

As soon as you enter Chops Grille, the warm, elegant ambiance invites you in. Polished woods and soft lighting set the stage for an intimate dining affair, providing you with the quintessential backdrop for your high-quality meal.

Picture-perfect table settings with crisp linens and sparkling glassware add to the refined feel, ensuring every detail aligns with the sophisticated dining experience you’re about to enjoy.

Reservations and Dress Code

Securing a spot at this popular venue is a must, as walk-in availability can be limited.

Reserve your table ahead of time, either before your cruise or once onboard, to guarantee your preferred dining time.

Dress neatly for the occasion; smart casual attire is recommended — think dress shirts, blouses, or dresses and slacks.

Royal Caribbean Chops Grille Menu

Chops Grille Menu Page 1
Choops Grille Menu Page 2

Signature Dishes

Chops Grille prides itself on a selection of quality, hand-cut meats that are the cornerstone of its offerings.

Among the standout dishes, Filet Mignon and New York Strip Steak are crowd favorites, renowned for their tenderness and flavor.

As part of the quintessential Chops Grille experience, you might also indulge in the Rack of Lamb or the Maine Lobster.

Seasonal Offerings

Your dining experience is complemented by seasonal selections that feature the freshest ingredients.

Depending on the time of year, you might encounter specialties such as Tuna Tartare or Roasted Chicken, which are infused with seasonal herbs and accompaniments to enhance the natural flavors of these top-quality ingredients.

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarians also have options at Chops Grille!

Delight in choices such as Grilled Portobello Mushrooms or Cheese Tater Tots, crafted to be as savory and satisfying as any meat-based dish.

Plus, the array of side dishes, including Jumbo Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes, ensures you’ll never feel limited in options.

Chops Grille Surf and Turf
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Beverage Selection

Wine Pairings

Chops Grille offers a global wine list including selections from world-renowned regions. If you have purchased a drink package, this is the perfect place to use it as well.

Red wine enthusiasts might lean towards a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, while if your meal takes a lighter turn with fish or chicken, a crisp Chardonnay could be your ideal match.

Cocktail Offerings

If you’re in the mood for something more spirited, the cocktail offerings are sure to dazzle you. Go classic with an Old Fashioned or perhaps a Manhattan, meticulously mixed by skilled bartenders.

For something on the trendier side, sip on a craft cocktail featuring unique combinations of premium liquors and fresh, exotic ingredients.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Your dining experience isn’t limited to alcoholic beverages. Chops Grille provides a variety of non-alcoholic options that are both refreshing and sophisticated.

Opt for a sparkling soda with a twist of citrus, or treat yourself to a craft mocktail made with the same attention to detail as its spirited counterparts.

Dining Packages

Ultimate Dining Package

With the Ultimate Dining Package, you have the opportunity to enjoy meals at various specialty restaurants throughout your cruise, including Chops Grille. By purchasing this package, you pay one price upfront for dining throughout your vacation.

The cost starts at around $260 per guest for a 7-night cruise.

Chops Plus One

If you’re looking for tailored dining options, the Chops Plus One package caters to a more selective dining schedule.

This package entitles you to a dinner at Chops Grille and a second meal at another specialty restaurant of your choice.

It’s an ideal pick for those wishing to sample Chops Grille’s hand-cut meats and pair it with another culinary experience onboard.

Booking is available on select cruises, and you can secure your spot via the Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner site.

The array of dining venues apart from Chops Grille ensures your second meal will complement the exceptional steakhouse experience.

Click here to learn all about Royal Caribbean Dining Packages.

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