Dine on Your Time: Royal Caribbean Adds Third Time Slot For My-Time Diners

In a move aimed at enhancing the dining experience for its passengers, Royal Caribbean has announced the introduction of a third dinner seating in the Main Dining Room across its fleet.

This new addition is designed to offer guests more flexibility and choice in their dining times, addressing feedback that the traditional early and late dinner seatings were not always accommodating to everyone’s preferences.

Historically, Royal Caribbean’s dining options included two set times, generally at 5pm and 8pm. While these times have been well-received, some guests found them to be either too early or too late for their liking.

Royal Caribbean Adds Third Time Slot For My-Time Diners

In response to this, Royal Caribbean has decided to implement a third seating option, to be slotted between the existing two, based on the results of early testing and guest feedback.

The decision to add a third dining time was made after considering extensive feedback from passengers who expressed a desire for more control over their dining schedules.

Many guests appreciate the consistency of having the same wait staff and table assignment each night, a feature that is a hallmark of Royal Caribbean’s dining experience.

The cruise line believes that the introduction of a middle dining time, potentially starting between 6:45pm and 7:30pm depending on the ship and itinerary, will provide the perfect balance of flexibility and consistency.

Royal Caribbean has already trialed this new dining time on select ships, including the Wonder of the Seas and Icon of the Seas, with positive feedback from guests.

The new option is set to be rolled out gradually across the entire fleet, with the aim of having it available on all ships by the end of the year.

Linken D’Souza, Royal Caribbean’s Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage, emphasized that this change is all about enhancing the guest experience. “We’re just trying to create more convenience, variety, and options for our guests,” D’Souza stated.

He further noted that early indicators suggest guest satisfaction has increased for those opting for the new dining time, with ratings higher than those for traditional seatings and My Time Dining.

This update does not involve any changes to the menu or the overall structure of the dining experience; it’s purely an operational improvement aimed at making dinner more enjoyable and convenient for guests.

Royal Caribbean has been focused on evolving its dining offerings, with a recent overhaul of its dining room menus and efforts to streamline dinner duration for a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Guests have the option to choose between the traditional dining times and the flexible My Time Dining when booking their cruise, but now with an additional choice, they have even greater control over their dining experience.

The inclusion of a third dining time underscores Royal Caribbean’s commitment to responding to guest feedback and continually improving the quality of the cruise experience.

This initiative reflects Royal Caribbean’s broader commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring that dining onboard their ships remains a highlight of the cruise experience.

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