Symphony of the Seas Cabins To Avoid (Don’t Book THESE Rooms!)

When you’re embarking on a journey aboard the Symphony of the Seas, you’re greeted with well over 2,700 cabins to choose from. Overwhelming, right?

But, here’s the thing, not all cabins aboard the Symphony of the Seas are created equal.

Royal Caribbean provides you with a choice: either handpick your room by paying a little extra or let them allocate one in your chosen category.

To ensure you get the perfect view and prime location, sometimes it’s worth splurging a little.

However, as each cruise ship has its own unique layout and quirks, you might be wondering, which are the top-notch and not-so-great cabins on Symphony of the Seas?

Cabin Categories on Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas At Sea

Inside Cabins

Standard Interior: Imagine a cozy nook, your private retreat at sea. Without windows, this cabin is your snug space to relax after a fun day, providing all the essentials without distractions. A budget-savvy traveler’s dream.

Promenade View Interior: It’s like having a window to the heart of the ship! From your room, gaze at the bustling Royal Promenade. Watch folks stroll by, all while nestled comfortably in your own private space.

Virtual Balcony Interior: An innovative touch for the tech-savvy sailor. Though inside, a high-res screen showcases real-time ocean views, making you feel connected to the waves without leaving your room.

Ocean View Cabins

Standard Ocean View: Wake up, draw the curtains, and let the sea greet you. This cabin offers a window to the endless blue, inviting the horizon into your personal space every day.

Ultra Spacious Ocean View: Room to stretch and breathe. This cabin, boasting a larger footprint, is ideal for those who love the ocean view and cherish a bit of extra space to move around.

Balcony Cabins

Standard Balcony: Your private outdoor oasis at sea. Step out, breathe in the salty breeze, and sip your morning coffee with the ocean as your backdrop.

Central Park View Balcony: Overlooking the ship’s green heart, this balcony room lets you relish the tranquility of Central Park. Enjoy the gentle rustling of leaves, perhaps with a book in hand.

Boardwalk View Balcony: Immerse in the playful energy of the Boardwalk. From your balcony, you can observe the colorful carousel, lively cafes, and vibrant ship life below.

Ocean View Balcony: An uninterrupted panorama of the vast ocean. This room elevates the balcony experience by ensuring the majestic sea remains the star of your personal view.


Junior Suite: A dash of luxury for those who desire a little more. Spacious, stylish, and featuring additional amenities, it’s a taste of the high life on the high seas.

Grand Suite: Elegance encapsulated. This suite offers you grander spaces, coupled with lavish features like a plush bathtub, to indulge in.

Owner’s Suite: It’s like having your own sea-facing apartment. A harmonious blend of space and luxury, it feels less like a cabin and more like a floating residence.

Royal Suite: The epitome of opulence on the ocean. Multiple rooms, refined amenities, and exclusive services ensure you sail like royalty.

Loft Suites: Modernity meets the sea. These two-level suites with expansive windows invite daylight to dance across chic interiors, creating an ethereal ambiance.

AquaTheater Suites: Theater buffs, rejoice! These suites overlook the mesmerizing AquaTheater, allowing you to witness spectacular performances from the comfort of your balcony.

Star Class Suites: The pinnacle of luxury sailing. With top-tier amenities and the exclusive Royal Genie service, it’s a world where every whim is catered to.

Family and Group Accommodation

Family Ocean View: Families unite in this thoughtfully designed space. Extra bedding options ensure everyone sleeps snug, and the ocean view keeps young and old enthralled alike.

Family Connected Junior Suite: Perfect for larger clans or groups. Interconnected rooms provide both community vibes and personal space, ensuring everyone’s comfort.

Accessible Cabins

Accessible Cabins: Navigating the seas should be for everyone. These cabins, designed with care, feature wider doors, roll-in showers, and amenities to ensure every traveler sails smoothly and comfortably.

Cabins To Avoid On Symphony Of The Seas

Deck 3

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 3

On most Royal Caribbean ships, Deck 3 isn’t our first choice.

The reason for this is it’s below Deck 4, which has the Casino Royale, Ice Rink, and Royal Theatre (among many other entertainment venues.)

Although the sound isn’t too likely to transfer and will be rather muffled if it does, there is still a chance it will carry.

Also, as the ship’s bottommost deck, it often receives less natural light because of its petite windows or portholes. If a bright, roomy cabin matters to you, you might want to think about options on higher decks.

Finally, think about the vista from your cabin. Lower decks might sometimes give you a restricted or partial glimpse of the sea. Those awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets or a fleeting glance of a dolphin might elude you.

On the flip side, if seasickness is a concern for you, Deck 3 could be a great choice. The stability is better on lower decks, making the sea’s sway less noticeable.

However, if you do decide to book Deck 3, there are some areas in particular we recommend avoiding.

These are the ones near the elevator and restrooms, as they are prone to a lot of foot traffic and chatter. These cabins include 3178-3180, 3578-3580, 3254-3256, and 3654-3656.

Deck 6

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 6

On Deck 6 of the Symphony of the Seas, action is in no short supply. If proximity to the Vitality Spa, Boardwalk, and Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade piques your interest, then this might be the perfect deck for your vacation.

However, if tranquility is what you’re after, there are specific spots on Deck 6 you might think twice about. We’ve pinpointed a few zones around the lifts that tend to be bustling. These spaces are popular gathering spots, and the hum of activity could disrupt a peaceful afternoon nap.

Cabins you might reconsider due to their closeness to the elevators are 6160-6170, 6560-6570, 6260-6280, and 6660-6680.

We’ve also marked some cabins close to the Aquatheattre. Though evening shows and attractions usually wrap up before it gets too late, the ambient noise could be bothersome for those who turn in early.

Early sleepers might want to rethink booking cabins 6322-6328 and 6722-6728.

Being close to the Fitness Center means you might hear the faint echoes of early-morning fitness enthusiasts. While the disturbance isn’t substantial, some light sleepers on cruising forums led us to mention it. If this concerns you, look at other options than cabins 6130-6138 and 6530-6538.

Deck 7

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 7

Deck 7 ranks high on our list of favorites. The only spots we’d point out are those close to the elevators.

The cabins in proximity to the elevators include 7160-7170, 7560-7570, 7260-7270, and 7660-7670.

Also, there are certain interior cabins you might want to sidestep, as they’re situated right beneath the Music Hall.

While the sounds from the Music Hall may be faint, a few guests have mentioned feeling vibrations and occasional disturbances during the night. Specifically, these cabins are 7271-7277 and 7671-7677.

There are also some cabins in the front with obstructed views. If you’re paying for an Ocean View, I’ll go out on a ledge and bet you probably want to enjoy that Ocean View.

The cabins with obstructed views to avoid are 7116-7128, 7108-7510, and 7516-7528.

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Deck 8

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 8

On Deck 8, as with other levels, there are specific cabins close to the elevator that you might consider bypassing.

Specifically, cabins in proximity to the elevators are 8254-8270, 8654-8670, 8160-8170, and 8560-8570.

Additionally, for those seeking quietude, you might want to rethink rooms adjacent to buzzing hotspots. Deck 8 is home to a selection of bars, dining places, and the renowned Central Park.

While many accommodations on this deck won’t pose any noise issues, we’ve pointed out a few located close to Dazzles, a multi-level music and dance venue. Given that this spot can resonate with sounds well into the evening, it’s worth noting.

The cabins to be cautious about due to their vicinity to Dazzles are 8270-8290, 8670-8690, 8293-8299, and 8695-8699.

For those eyeing Ocean View cabins towards the ship’s fore, be aware that some of them (indicated in yellow) might not offer the pristine views you’re expecting.

If a clear ocean view and abundant natural light are on your wishlist, you might want to cross-check these cabins: 8100-8108, 8120-8128, 8500-8510, and 8520-8528.

Deck 9

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 9

Deck 9 bears striking similarities to Deck 8 when it comes to cabins you might want to reconsider. As with Deck 8, there are accommodations close to the elevator that may not be ideal for all.

Specific cabins situated near the elevators on this deck are 9160-9170, 9560-9570, 9260-9270, and 9560-9570.

Echoing the concerns from Deck 8, Dazzles on Deck 9 can sometimes become a source of noise, especially during the evenings.

For those sensitive to sound or preferring early nights, you might want to sidestep the following cabins: 9270-9290, 9670-9690, 9293-9299, and 9693-9699.

Also, a handful of ocean-view cabins towards the ship’s front might not deliver the uninterrupted vistas you’d anticipate.

Be cautious when considering these cabins: 9100-9108, 9122-9130, 9500-9510, and 9522-9530.

Deck 10, 11, 12

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 10

Decks 10, 11, and 12 share similar layouts. They primarily house cabins, and the main zones you might think about sidestepping are those close to the elevators and the oceanview cabins at the front that offer limited vistas.

For Deck 10, cabins in proximity to the elevators include 10160-10170, 10560-10570, 10260-10270, and 10660-10670.

The front-oriented cabins on Deck 10 that might come with a restricted view are 10100-10108, 10128-10130, 10500-10510, and 10526-10530.

The remainder of the accommodations on Deck 10 are generally excellent picks. Given that there aren’t any music hubs close by, you can anticipate a peaceful ambiance, irrespective of the time.

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 11

On Deck 11, specific cabins adjacent to the elevators you might reconsider are 11158-11172, 11558-11572, 11260-11270, and 11660-11670.

The accommodations on Deck 11 that might offer limited ocean views are 11100-11106, 11128-11134, 11500-11506, 11528-11534.

Deck 11 also plays host to the Wonderland restaurant. Given that it’s a dining spot and not an entertainment hub, it’s unlikely the neighboring cabins would experience any disturbance from evening patrons.

Still, if you’re an early sleeper and wish to avoid potential noise from the restaurant crowd, cabins to think twice about are 11271-11277 and 11671-11677.

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 12

Deck 12 closely mirrors Deck 11, with the key difference being the absence of front-facing ocean-view rooms that come with limited vistas.

You might reconsider opting for cabins around the elevators, specifically 12160-12170, 12560-12570, 12260-12270, and 12660-12670.

Additionally, cabins situated close to Wonderland are 12271-12277 and 12671-12677.

Deck 14

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 14

Deck 14 is one of the higher decks and directly below the pool, bars, and sports court. Thise comes with some mixed reviews as it’s nice to be near all the action, but they can also be noisy.

Since it’s a higher deck, the views are likely much nicer than most, especially if you book balcony rooms.

However, higher decks tend to sway more and can be an issue if you get seasick.

However, if none of that is a concern for you, then there are only a couple of cabins to consider avoiding: Elevators, a universal consideration across decks, remain a factor. Additionally, proximity to Adventure Ocean presents another caveat.

Adventure Ocean caters to youngsters ranging from 6 months up to 12 years. While the mirth of children is delightful, the accompanying din might not align with late-morning slumbers.

Cabins within earshot of Adventure Ocean span from 14138-14160 to 14538-14560.

Lastly, cabins neighboring the elevators on Deck 14 include 14160-14170, 14560-14570, 14260-14270, and 14660-14670

Deck 17

Symphony Of The Seas Deck 17

Deck 17 has some incredible two-story suites, like their luxurious Royal Loft Suite.

If you’re booking a Royal Loft Suite, it’s highly unlikely you’ll regret your choice.

There are only a small handful of rooms we recommend avoiding, but these suites are still amazing regardless.

Suites 1702-1706 and 1760-1764 are close to the elevator and/or have an obstructed view.

Tips For Booking Your Perfect Cabin

Cabins Near Elevators

Are we a broken record? Sorry but they keep coming up as a complaint among travelers so we want to make 100% sure you’re aware of the inconveniences that can come from book a rcabin near the elevator.

Cabins near elevators may be convenient for accessing different parts of the ship, but they might not be the best choice for those seeking peace and quiet.

Noise from elevator lobbies and people coming and going can be disruptive, especially during peak times, like dock days.

If you value a calm atmosphere during your vacation, it’s best to book a cabin away from elevators and stairs.

Cabins Below Public Areas

Staterooms located below public areas such as pools, restaurants, and lounges might be subject to noise from above.

Footsteps, music, and general activities happening in these spaces can reverberate into the cabins underneath.

To ensure a restful cruise experience, try to avoid selecting a cabin directly beneath busy public areas.

Obstructed View Cabins

While oceanview or balcony staterooms usually provide stunning vistas, obstructed view cabins can leave you feeling disappointed.

These cabins are often located behind lifeboats or structural elements, limiting the view from your window or balcony.

If the sea view is an important aspect of your cruise experience, be sure to avoid obstructed view cabins when making your reservation.

Best Cabins for Families

One of the most sought-after options for families are the Ocean View Balcony cabins. Ocean View Balcony cabins have a pleasant, airy atmosphere, with lots of natural light and a private balcony offering stunning ocean views.

These cabins are spacious enough to accommodate a family of four and provide an excellent balance between comfort and affordability.

Family Ocean View Staterooms are another great option, designed specifically to cater to larger families.

They can comfortably sleep up to six guests and feature additional storage space, ensuring that everyone has enough space for their belongings.

This cabin type is perfect for families looking for a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

For families looking for more luxurious accommodations, the Grand Suites and Family Suites are popular choices. These suites are perfect for families who require extra space and comfort during their vacation.

The Family Suites offer separate sleeping and living areas, more storage, and luxurious amenities, such as Nespresso coffee service and complimentary minibar.

Additionally, these suites come with exclusive access to various dining and special events, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Moreover, families can opt for the Ultimate Family Suite for the ultimate cruise vacation experience.

This two-story suite comes with a private slide, a jungle gym, and a floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall for kids. The suite can accommodate up to 8 guests and has a separate room for kids adorned with exciting, vibrant decor.

The Ultimate Family Suite offers both excitement and relaxation, making it ideal for families with children of all ages.

Symphony of the Seas offers various cabin options to suit every family’s preferences and budget. By selecting the right cabin, families can guarantee a fun, enjoyable, and memorable cruise experience.

As long as you select your cabin locations carefully, there is no reason to not have. anincredible time onboard (regardless of what cabin category you pick.)

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