Can Staff Go Into Your Room If You Have A ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign? FIND OUT!

A recent incident involving a Carnival Cruise Line passenger has brought to light the cruise line’s policy regarding the entry of staterooms, even when a “Do Not Disturb” sign is displayed.

The issue surfaced when a guest, expressing his displeasure on social media, revealed that a cabin cleaner entered his room despite the presence of the sign.

Do Not Disturb Sign

The complaint was directed to John Heald, a well-known brand ambassador for Carnival with a significant following on Facebook. The passenger’s frustration was evident in his message: “How would you like it if the cabin cleaner walked in on you, ignoring the do not disturb sign we had out?”

Responding to the complaint, Heald clarified the cruise line’s stance. He explained that the “Snoozin and Cruisin” door hangers used by Carnival are not absolute barriers to entry.

According to Carnival’s policy, if a “Do Not Disturb” sign remains on a door for more than 24 hours, crew members are instructed to check on the guests’ well-being. In this particular case, the housekeeping staff knocked and, receiving no response, entered the stateroom with a supervisor to ensure everything was alright.

This policy, Heald notes, is rooted in a concern for passenger safety—a priority for the cruise line. The incident sparked a discussion among over 1,600 commenters online, with many expressing understanding and appreciation for the policy after learning about the reasons behind it.

For guests concerned about their privacy, Carnival suggests a simple solution: if you do not wish for attendants to enter your room, you should acknowledge their knock or briefly inform them of your well-being in the hallway.

This proactive communication can help ensure privacy while allowing crew members to fulfill their safety checks.

Carnival Cruise Line’s approach reflects a broader industry standard where guest safety is paramount, sometimes necessitating room entries to ensure no issues are present, even when a “Do Not Disturb” sign is used.

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