Banned at Sea: The Surprising Item You Can’t Bring on Carnival Cruises

In a recent announcement, Carnival Cruise Line has made it clear that despite misleading advertisements, certain travel items, including mini travel irons, are not allowed onboard their ships.

This clarification comes directly from John Heald, the brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line, addressing the confusion among guests regarding the permissibility of a specific “mini” cordless travel iron.

The product in question, the Riddia Press iron by Magis Industries, Inc., is marketed as being “TSA approved” and “cruise ship approved,” featuring in its advertisements a picturesque beach scene with a cruise ship in the background.

Carnival Cruise Line Bans This One Item

Despite its compact size, quick heating capability, and auto shut-off feature, Carnival Cruise Line has officially stated that this item, along with all types of irons, is prohibited onboard.

John Heald responded to the inquiries by emphasizing that the advertisement’s claim of the iron being “cruise ship approved” does not equate to approval by Carnival Cruise Line or likely any other cruise lines.

He confirmed that such items would be confiscated if brought onboard, aiming to prevent any potential safety hazards associated with heating elements.

Carnival Cruise Line’s prohibited items list explicitly includes electrical and household appliances with heating elements, such as irons and clothes steamers.

However, passengers need not worry about wrinkled clothing, as Carnival ships are equipped with laundry areas featuring irons and ironing boards, along with valet services available for pressing clothes for a nominal fee.

Riddia Irons

The ban extends to other items with heating elements, including immersion heaters and electric blankets, with exceptions made for hair styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, which are also provided onboard.

To avoid the disappointment of having to surrender their travel irons, Carnival Cruise Line suggests passengers opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics, pack strategically to minimize creasing, or use the ship’s laundry services.

Additionally, the cruise line provides helpful alternatives like wrinkle-release spray and retractable clotheslines in every bathroom to assist guests in keeping their attire pristine throughout their journey.

As travelers prepare for their cruise vacations, being informed about the prohibited items list and exploring onboard amenities can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without the hassle of dealing with confiscated belongings.

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