What Drinks Are Free On Royal Caribbean (FULL LIST!)

When you’re booking a Royal Caribbean cruise, it’s important to know what your fare includes and what it doesn’t.

More specifically, what drinks are free on Royal Caribbean and which cost extra. If you plan on having a couple of drinks while on vacation, the drink package may be the most cost-effective option.

But if you aren’t a big drinker, or don’t think the package is worth it, then you’ll be curious to know which drinks are free…

What Drinks Are Free On Royal Caribbean

There are several free drinks available on your Royal Caribbean ship. Your cruise fare includes tap water, hot teas, coffee, iced tea, lemonade, hot chocolate, and fruit juices.

Here’s a full breakdown of the free drinks onboard and where to find them…


On Royal Caribbean cruises, you can enjoy tap water for free. You can find it in several places on the ship, including restaurants and bars. You can ask for a jug of iced water in any restaurant or get iced water by the glass for free at any bar.

The tap water on the ship is filtered well and doesn’t have to travel through as many pipes as it does in your home. You can also get water in the Windjammer buffet area and from various drink dispensers located throughout the ship.

However, if bottled water is your preference, it’s important to note that it’s not available for free on the ship. You have the option to bring your own bottled water onboard.

Flavored Water

Besides regular tap water, Royal Caribbean cruises also offer complimentary flavored water. This selection of flavored waters can be found at no extra cost in the Windjammer buffet restaurant.

The flavored water on Royal Caribbean ships is really nice and there are always at least two flavors to choose from.

Standard Coffee

Standard coffee

You have access to complimentary coffee in the main dining room, Windjammer buffet, Park Cafe, and via room service.

You can have regular or decaf, and you choice of milk (regular, soy, almond, etc.) at no extra cost.

However, specialty coffees such as Cappuccino and Espresso are not complimentary and carry an additional charge. Additionally, some ships feature Starbucks, where the coffee is also not included for free.


Royal Caribbean cruises offer a variety of complimentary hot teas. These are available in the main dining rooms and the Windjammer buffet.

Additionally, unsweetened iced tea is available at no cost in both the main dining room and the buffet. For those who prefer sweet tea, a handy tip is to enhance it with a bit of lemonade.


Windjammer Marketplace - Complimentary lemonade and mango water
Source: @mrmorganobrien

Royal Caribbean offers complimentary lemonade in the Windjammer Marketplace buffet.

Some (not all) Royal Caribbean ships also offer complimentary Mango water (pictured), which is as delicious as it sounds.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

On Royal Caribbean ships, packets of hot chocolate mix are available in the Windjammer buffet.

You can always order hot chocolate in the dining rooms as well, at no extra cost.

The hot chocolate provided is quite rich in chocolate flavor, so you might consider adding a bit of milk to it for balance.

Chocolate Milk

In the Windjammer buffet on Royal Caribbean ships, guests can find single-serve cartons of chocolate milk.

You can request chocolate milk in the dining rooms as well as through room service, at no extra cost.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are also complimentary. These can be found in the main dining rooms and buffet, with a selection typically including apple juice, orange juice, and occasionally other varieties like grapefruit juice or tropical breakfast juice.

Unlike many other cruise lines that only provide free fruit juice during breakfast, Royal Caribbean allows guests to access free fruit juice in the buffet at any time of the day.

If you prefer freshly-squeezed juice, you can request this for an extra charge.


Windjammer Marketplace - Complimentary Milk

At the Windjammer buffet on Royal Caribbean ships, self-service milk options are available. Next to the coffee and cereal areas, you’ll find half and half and skimmed milk. For those who prefer almond or soy milk, you can request these as well.

If your room is equipped with a kettle, small pots of milk are provided. For guests requiring dairy-free milk for their morning tea or coffee, or whole milk for a baby or toddler, room service can deliver it upon request. This can then be stored in your room’s fridge for later use.

Free Alcoholic Drinks For Diamond Members

If you are a Diamond member on Royal Caribbeans Crown and Anchor Loyalty program, you also have access to four complimentary drinks per day (valued up to $14 each.)

These can be fountain drinks (coca-cola, sprite, etc.) or alcoholic beverages.

This is a great little perk for loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers!

How Is the Water Quality Maintained On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships?

tap water

The tap water on Royal Caribbean cruise ships is subjected to rigorous filtration and purification processes to ensure its safety and quality.

The water is typically sourced from the ocean and then desalinated, which involves removing the salt and other minerals, making it potable.

Following desalination, the water undergoes further purification, including filtration and disinfection, to meet international health and safety standards. This process often involves the use of UV light and reverse osmosis, ensuring the elimination of any potential contaminants.

The water quality is regularly monitored and tested by the ship’s environmental officers to comply with both the ship’s internal standards and international health regulations.

This ensures that the water available from taps in the staterooms, restaurants, and other areas on the ship is safe for drinking, cooking, and all other uses.

Passengers can confidently consume and use the tap water on board, as it is as clean and safe as what one would expect from municipal water supplies on land.

However, for those who prefer bottled water, it’s available for purchase, or guests can bring a limited amount onboard as per the cruise line’s policy.

Are Free Drinks Included In Room Service?

Room service

Yes, certain free drinks are included in room service on Royal Caribbean cruises. These typically include basic beverages such as tap water, regular coffee, tea, and sometimes iced tea or lemonade.

However, it’s important to note that while the drinks themselves may be complimentary, there may be a service charge for room service delivery, depending on the time of day or the specific room service policy of the ship.

Specialty beverages or alcoholic drinks ordered through room service will incur additional charges.

Are There Non-Dairy Milk Options Available For Free In All Dining Areas, Or Only In Select Locations?

Non-dairy milk options like almond or soy milk are available for free, especially for use in coffee and teas.

These alternatives are commonly accessible in the Windjammer buffet and main dining rooms. While they are generally provided at no extra cost in these areas, their availability might be more limited in smaller cafes or specialty restaurants.

Guests can always inquire with the dining staff at each venue for specific non-dairy milk needs, as they are often able to accommodate such requests.

Do Suite Guests Get Free Drinks On Royal Caribbean?

Suite guests on Royal Caribbean do not automatically receive free drinks as part of their booking.

However, those staying in Grand Suites and above have access to the Concierge Lounge, where complimentary evening drinks are often available during set hours.

Are Drinks Free While I Am Playing At The Casino?

Drinks are not generally free in Royal Caribbean’s casinos for all players.

Complimentary drinks are typically offered to players who have reached a certain level of play or loyalty status within the casino’s rewards program. For regular players, drinks must be purchased.

Do Diamond Members Get Free Drinks On Royal Caribbean?

Diamond members of Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society are entitled to a maximum of four complimentary drinks per day.

The four-drink limit encompasses both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available during this time, providing a variety of choices for members to enjoy as part of their loyalty benefits.

Diamond Members also have access to the Diamond Lounge, where there is a daily Happy Hour. However, drinks during the Happy Hour do count towards the daily four drinks allotted.

Is Soda Free On Royal Caribbean Cruises?

No, soda is not free on Royal Caribbean cruises. Guests need to purchase sodas either individually or through a soda package, which offers unlimited access to soft drinks throughout the duration of the cruise.

This package is an additional cost beyond the standard cruise fare.

Can I Bring Soda or Water On Board My Cruise Ship?

Guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise are permitted to bring up to 12 cans, bottles, or cartons of non-alcoholic beverages, each no larger than 17 ounces, per stateroom. This allowance includes items such as soda and water.

It’s important to pack these in your carry-on luggage, as they are not allowed in checked bags. This policy is designed to let guests enjoy their preferred drinks throughout their cruise.

In conclusion, Royal Caribbean offers a variety of complimentary drinks throughout the day, including tap water, milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, iced tea, flavored waters, and juices.

These free drinks are readily available in the Windjammer Marketplace Cafe and the main dining rooms, and you can always take them away with you. While most bars and lounges may only offer tap water as a free drink, you can always head to the Windjammer for a wider selection.

To save even more, take advantage of the Royal Caribbean soda policy and bring 12 cans or bottles with you. Alternatively, bring your own bottled water if you prefer.

Although the tap water on board is clean and refreshing, it may not be easily accessible from your cabin, and it’s not recommended to drink the warm tap water in your stateroom bathroom.

By making use of these tips, you can enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks on your Royal Caribbean cruise without breaking the bank.

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