Cabins To Avoid On Carnival Mardi Gras (CHECK BEFORE YOU BOOK!)

One nice benefit of cruising with Carnival Cruise line is being able to choose your stateroom at no additional cost.

And if you decided to book Mardi Gras for your next vacation, there may be some rooms that are better than others.

Of course, there aren’t necessarily ‘bad’ rooms on the Carnival Mardi Gras, but depending on your personal preference, some will definitely be better than others.

Especially if you’re a light sleeper or are prone to seasickness…

Understanding Cabin Options On Carnival Mardi Gras

Carnival Mardi Gras offers a couple of different cabins to choose from.

The four primary cabin classifications are he Haven Suite, Sea Terrace, Ocean Suite, and Interior Cabins.

These various accommodation options cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

Depending on your budget and how much space you need, some may be better than others for you and your family.

Haven Suite

The Haven Suite category on the Carnival Mardi Gras provides an exclusive, luxurious experience for guests.

When you book a Haven Suite, you can enjoy spacious rooms with high-quality furnishings, large balcony areas, and premium amenities to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Some popular features of the Haven Suite include:

  • King-sized beds
  • Spacious living and dining areas
  • Walk-in closets
  • Hot tubs on private balconies

Sea Terrace

Sea Terrace cabins on Carnival Mardi Gras are more than just a room with a view; they offer guests an exceptional stay with amenities specifically designed for relaxation.

When you choose a Sea Terrace cabin, you can expect the following features:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Private balcony
  • Comfortable seating in the cabin
  • Access to the ship’s wide range of onboard activities

Ocean Suite

If you are seeking a slightly larger space during your Carnival Mardi Gras cruise, consider booking an Ocean Suite.

In an Ocean Suite, you will enjoy a separate living room area and sleeping quarters, complete with a mini-bar and cozy furnishings. These suites also provide additional perks, including:

  • Priority embarkation and disembarkation
  • Private balcony
  • Extra storage space
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities

Interior Cabins

For budget-conscious cruisers or those not concerned with views, Interior Cabins on the Carnival Mardi Gras offer a comfortable and cost-effective option.

Although these cabins do not have windows, they are well-designed to maximize space and ensure a pleasant stay. Key features of Interior Cabins include:

  • Comfortable beds
  • Convenient storage options
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Access to all ship amenities and activities

As you make your decision, keep in mind your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs to make sure you book the perfect cabin for your cruise.

Carnival Mardi Gras Cabins To Avoid

Cruise cabin with ocean view

Lower Deck Cabins

Lower-deck cabins might not be the best choice for you if you’re looking for great views and a quieter environment.

As you’re closer to the waterline, you may experience more noise and vibration from the ship’s engines or waves hitting the hull.

Additionally, lower decks typically have smaller porthole windows, which may limit the amount of natural light in your cabin.

But more than that, if you are on Deck 4, towards the front of the ship, you’ll likely hear when the anchor raises and lowers. Cabin rooms 4202 through 4209 are the closest ones to the anchor.

Deck 4, Rooms at front near the anchor

Cabins Near The Family Harbor Lounge

The Family Harbor Lounge is located on Deck 4 and it serves breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

As the name implies, it’s an area for families with games and activities. Kids can get very loud here and we aren’t too sure how soundproof the walls are.

The cabins directly next to the Family Harbor Lounge are indoor cabins 4325 to 4365.

Deck 4, Rooms Behind Family Harbour Lounge

Family Harbor Cabins

Family Harbor Cabins are great, and there is nothing particularly wrong with them.

However, they are (as the name suggests) geared towards families. So if it’s just you and your husband having a romantic getaway, you may want cabins that aren’t surrounded by children.

The noise between rooms might be muffled and not likely to carry, but why risk it?

Family Harbor Cabins are on the port side of the ship, Deck 4. Cabin numbers 4314 to 4458, on the port side of the ship, are Family Harbor Cabins.

Likewise, if you are traveling with your family, these rooms are a great choice!

Family Harbor Rooms

Cabins Below High-Traffic Areas

To avoid noise disturbances during your cruise, try to steer clear of cabins located directly below high-traffic areas like the Lido Deck or pool areas.

Cabins 15318 to 1595 are directly below the Lido deck.

People walking, running, or even rearranging deck chairs can create noise that filters through the floors and into your cabin.

Some people say the crew starts arranging the lounge chairs in the early mornings, causing a lot of noise as they drag across the Lido Deck.

Cabins 15456 to 5493 are directly below the pool area as well.

Deck 5, in particular, is directly below The French Quarter, the Comedy Club, the Theatre, and numerous restaurants.

The sound will likely be muted, if any, but if you want to guarantee a quiet area, perhaps avoid that deck.

But to give specifics and not banish an entire deck, these are the cabins you should definitely avoid:

Cabins 5202 to 5232 are directly under the main theatre. The show doesn’t go on all night, but you’ll likely hear the loud music and dancing through the walls.

Rooms 5201 to 5261 are directly underneath the Comedy Club. The comedy club tends to run shows until 1 am, so it doesn’t go all night either.

But if you do like to get to bed relatively early and not hear the laughter above you, these cabins are best avoided.

Cabins 5277 through 5337 are directly under the Grand Atrium, which is a nighttime entertainment venue. Depending on the entertainment, just like the main theatre and the Comedy Club, the noise may be heard in the rooms below.

Deck 5, below entertainment venues

Cabins Above Venues

Going the other direction, if you book a cabin above a venue, there is a high chance the noise may travel as well.

Choosing a cabin directly above a nightclub or other late-night venue could impact your sleep quality.

The noise and vibrations from music and dancing can seep through the floors and walls, potentially causing a disturbance in your room.

On Deck 8, cabins 8248 to 8269 are directly above the main theatre.

Deck 8, above main theatre

Similarly, on Deck 9, cabins 9319 to 9329 are directly above the Havana Bar. The Havana Bar becomes a nightclub late at night, with lots of music and dancing.

There is a high chance the noise can transfer to your room if you like to go to bed early.

Cabins 9341 to 9375 are directly above the Grand Atrium. On nights that there is entertainment (which is most nights), you’ll likely hear noise from below you.

Deck 9 on Carnival Cruise Ship Mardi Gras Rooms To Avoid

Cabins Near Elevators and Staircases

Though being near elevators and staircases can be convenient, it can also mean more foot traffic and noise around your cabin.

A lot of people tend to congregate around the staircase and elevators, and they aren’t necessarily quiet.

If you’re the type that can sleep though anything, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But to ensure a more peaceful environment, look for cabins that are a reasonable distance away from these busy areas.

Cabins Near Bars and Events

All the cabins from 8286 to 8305 are next to the Havana Bar and Chibang, making them likely to get noisy late at night.

If you are a night owl, however, that won’t be an issue.

Deck 8 on Carnival Cruise Ship Mardi Gras, rooms near Havana Bar and Chibang

But if you plan on getting a couple of relatively early nights in while on vacation, these rooms will likely not be as quiet as the ones further in.

If you still want to be on Deck 8 because it has easy access to so many restaurants, perhaps choose higher room numbers, like 8201 to 8268.

Rooms That Might Make Seasickness Worse

If you’re prone to seasickness, it may be best to avoid cabins located at the very front or back of the ship.

The motion of the ship is typically felt more in these areas, and you may be more susceptible to the rocking sensation.

Midship cabins, closer to the waterline, are usually more stable and can help minimize motion-induced discomfort.

Rooms Near the Anchor

Cabins near the anchor can be noisy, especially when the ship is docking or setting sail. The sound of the anchor being lowered or raised may disrupt your sleep.

If noise is a concern, consider a cabin further away from this area.

The anchor tends to lower very early in the morning on port days, and if you like to sleep in, the noise can wake you.

If you don’t want to risk hearing the anchor rise and fall, avoid cabin rooms 4202 through 4209.

Forward-Facing Balcony Rooms

Although forward-facing balcony rooms may offer stunning views, they can also be windier and experience more movement.

If you’re looking for a calmer experience, consider side-facing balconies or aft-facing ones, which tend to be more sheltered.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Cabin For You And Your Family

Consider Your Travel Style

When selecting the perfect cabin on the Carnival Mardi Gras, it’s essential to consider your travel style.

Are you someone who loves spending time on your balcony enjoying the view? Check out balcony cabins, as they are the most sought-after category.

But if you don’t plan on spending much time in your room, you can save some money and get in interior cabin.

If you prefer to be closer to the excitement, pick a cabin near the main entertainment areas.

On the other hand, if peace and quiet are more your speed, look for a cabin far from the bustling onboard activities.

Review Ship Maps and Layouts

Before making your decision, take the time to review the Carnival Mardi Gras ship maps and layouts.

This can help you locate the perfect cabin for your needs. Pay attention to what is located above and below the cabin you’re considering.

If you’re a light sleeper, avoid cabins below the pool deck, restaurants, or high-traffic areas to minimize noise disturbances.

Consider proximity to elevators, laundry rooms, and dining areas to help you choose a cabin that matches your desired level of convenience.

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