Carnival Cruise Card Colors Guide (Tiers and Perks EXPLAINED!)

Wondering about the color-coded Sail & Sign cards and perks of the VIFP Club on your Carnival Cruise? From Blue to Diamond, each tier represents a new level of benefits and rewards.

Explore the meaning behind each color, the point ranges, and how to activate your membership to make the most of your vacation.

Carnival Cruise Card Color Basics

Carnival Cruise Line Cards from Blue to Diamond

Purpose of the Cruise Card

When you embark on a Carnival Cruise, you’ll be given a Sail & Sign card in a specific color. This card serves multiple purposes during your vacation.

Designed with both convenience and recognition in mind, the cruise card acts as your room key, payment method for onboard purchases, and identification for getting on and off the ship.

On top of that, the color of your card indicates your status in Carnival’s VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club.

Understanding Different Colors

As you cruise with Carnival and accumulate vacation days, you’ll advance through their VIFP Club and earn corresponding card colors.

Each color represents a different tier in the program, offering various benefits and perks for your loyalty.

To make sense of these colors, here’s a brief rundown:

  • Blue: This is the color you’ll receive on your first-ever Carnival cruise. It signifies that you are a cruise rookie and have yet to accumulate any VIFP Points.
  • Red: Once you have 2-24 VIFP Points under your belt, you’ll be upgraded to the Red tier card. This color reflects your second Carnival cruise and beyond, up until you reach 25 VIFP Points.
  • Gold: When you earn 25-74 VIFP Points, your Sail & Sign card will turn Gold in color, highlighting your growing Carnival experience and earned recognition.
  • Platinum: By accumulating 75 or more VIFP Points, you’ll receive a Platinum card, an indication of your significant time spent cruising with Carnival.
  • Diamond: This is the ultimate achievement for Carnival cruisers. To reach the prestigious Diamond tier, you need to have cruised with Carnival for an impressive amount of time, achieving the required VIFP Points as specified by Carnival’s program.

Keep in mind that every day you spend on a Carnival cruise earns you one VIFP Point, helping you rise through the ranks of the club and earn increasingly exclusive benefits.

As you progress, you’ll reap the rewards of your loyalty, enjoying a variety of perks, such as priority boarding, reserved seating, and even complimentary laundry services.

Card Color Tiers

Carnival Cruise At Sea

Blue Tier – First-Time Cruisers

As a first-time Carnival cruiser, you will receive a blue Sail & Sign card, automatically registering you in the VIFP Club program.

However, the Blue tier of the program provides minimal benefits, with only two available: access to exclusive cruise offers for members and receipt of a members-only electronic newsletter.

This card is unique because you only get the blue card once. After your initial cruise, you’ll move up to the next tier – the Red Tier.

Red Tier – Second Cruise and Beyond

After your first cruise, you’ll enter the Red Tier of the VIFP Club program. This tier applies to your second cruise and up to 24 points.

Your Sail & Sign card will change to red, indicating your new status.

The Red tier, on the other hand, offers the same two benefits as the Blue tier, along with an additional one: a free, one-liter bottle of water that will be delivered to your cabin during sailings. However, it’s best not to consume it all at once.

As you continue to sail with Carnival, you’ll accumulate more points and advance through the tiers.

Gold Tier – 25 to 74 Days At Sea

Once you reach 25 points, you’ll enter the Gold Tier and your Sail & Sign card will be in gold color.

This tier covers 25 to 74 points or days at sea with Carnival.

With the Gold tier, you get a complimentary drink that can only be ordered on the final night of a cruise, but this perk is only available for cruises lasting five nights or more.

We believe that Carnival’s decision to limit the free drink to the last night of the cruise is an excessive measure to deter customers from availing it.

Additionally, Gold level members receive a Gold VIFP pin on each sailing.

Platinum Tier – 75 to 199 Days At Sea

Upon reaching 75 points, you’ll move up to the Platinum Tier. Your Sail & Sign card will now be platinum colored, representing 75 to 199 points or days at sea.

This tier provides even more exclusive benefits, making your cruise experience even more enjoyable.

To sum it up, reaching the Platinum level grants you priority status from the moment you step onto the ship until the moment you disembark.

This is a significant advantage. Priority boarding enables you to board the ship faster than other passengers, allowing you to enjoy its amenities for a longer period on your first day.

Moreover, priority access to restaurant reservations ensures that you secure the best table times.

Diamond Tier – 200 Days or More At Sea

Finally, when you’ve spent 200 or more days at sea with Carnival, you’ll reach the highest tier – Diamond.

Your Sail & Sign card will now be diamond colored, and you’ll enjoy the best benefits and privileges available to VIFP Club members.

As a Diamond Tier member, your dedication and loyalty to Carnival are truly rewarded.

You get a complimentary cabin upgrade or the offer of free sailing for third and fourth passengers that come with achieving Diamond status. However, disappointingly this benefit is only available once.

Another noteworthy but one-time-only perk of Diamond status is a free meal for two at a specialty restaurant of your choosing.

Carnival Cruise Card Privileges

two carnival cruises at port

Exclusive Offers and Perks

As a member of Carnival’s VIFP Club, you’ll enjoy exclusive offers and perks that enhance your cruising experience.

As you move up through the different card colors, you’ll unlock even more benefits. The higher your tier, the more you’ll gain access to exceptional services and opportunities.

Keep an eye out for members-only promotions and join the VIFP Club today to start enjoying these advantages.

Discounts and Priority Services

Your Sail & Sign card makes your cruise smoother and more convenient. With it, you can enjoy various discounts and priority services on board. Carnival Cruise Line offers different card colors to help identify your level in their VIFP Club.

This means the more you cruise with Carnival, the more benefits you’ll be eligible for. For instance, higher-tiered members receive attractive discounts on spa treatments, internet packages, and shore excursions.

Plus, you’ll love the priority boarding, check-in, and embarkation processes that make your cruise experience even more seamless.

Onboard Benefits and Amenities

In addition to discounts and priority services, your card color signifies the onboard benefits and amenities that come with being a loyal Carnival cruiser.

Starting at the Blue tier, you’ll receive a complimentary welcome drink on your first day aboard.

As you progress to Red level, you’ll get a complimentary one-liter bottle of water in your cabin. The higher your tier gets, the more impressive your perks will become.

Each status level introduces new and exciting benefits to make your Carnival Cruise vacation truly memorable.

Remember to take the time to activate your VIFP Club membership at least eight weeks before your next sailing.

By doing so, you’ll ensure you receive the appropriate card color, reflecting your membership level and unlocking all the fabulous privileges that come with it.

Do I Earn Points For Booked Cruises?

Carnival cruise at dock

Yes, you do earn points for booked cruises! As a member of Carnival’s VIFP Club, you’ll receive one VIFP Point for every day you’re at sea (aka cruise day).

This means that if you take a seven-night cruise, you’ll earn seven points.

You don’t have to worry about different earning levels for different cabin categories or types of bookings. It’s a simple one-to-one ratio – 1 VIFP Point equals 1 Cruise Day.

However, please note that certain charter sailings and nonrevenue fares may not earn you any points.

As you accumulate points, you’ll advance through the various levels of the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club:

  • Blue: Cruise Rookies
  • Red: 2-24 VIFP Points
  • Gold: 25-74 VIFP Points
  • Platinum: 75-199 VIFP Points
  • Diamond: 200+ VIFP Points

Your VIFP status will advance on your next cruise after reaching the required number of points.

The higher you go, the more benefits you’ll enjoy, such as priority boarding, complimentary laundry service, and more.

How To Find Your Carnival VIFP Number

To find your Carnival VIFP number, head to the Carnival Cruise Line website and log in to your account. You have to use the email address associated with your cruises to ensure you see the correct information.

If you haven’t created an account yet, you’ll need to do so by providing your past booking details and setting up a username and password.

Once you’ve logged in, look for your name in the top right corner and click on it. This will take you to your VIFP profile page, where you can manage your account and cruise information. You’re one step away from finding your VIFP number now.

Here comes the fun part. Click on the “My Cruises” section of your profile. This is where you’ll see a list of your previous and upcoming cruises, as well as any associated points.

Take a moment to review your cruise history and, more importantly, locate your VIFP number. It should be displayed prominently on this page, near your name and current status.

If, for some reason, you’re unable to find your VIFP number on the website, there’s still an option to retrieve it.

You can call Carnival’s customer service and provide your booking history details. They’ll assist you in locating your VIFP number, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of those fantastic benefits.

Remember, your VIFP number is your ticket to unlocking a world of rewards and recognition within the Carnival family.

Do I Get Special Fares For Being A Member?

While there are no specific discounts or reduced fares tied directly to the VIFP Club membership, you can still reap various benefits that can enhance your overall cruise experience based on the club’s different tier levels.

First off, remember that joining the VIFP Club is free and membership never expires. As soon as you join, you start earning points for every Carnival cruise you take.

Over time, these points will help you climb the club’s tiers – starting at Blue, followed by Red, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels.

Each tier comes with its own set of perks, some of which can indeed help you save money.

For example, after you complete your first sailing, you’ll be able to take advantage of members-only promotions that offer better deals on select cruises.

One way to earn additional rewards and save on your future cruises is by using the Carnival World Mastercard.

This card allows you to earn FunPoints when making purchases. These points can be redeemed for statement credits towards your next cruise or towards any onboard expenses such as shore excursions.

In fact, using the card for a Carnival shore excursion earns you a 10% statement credit, saving you a bit on your travel activities.

While there might not be direct, across-the-board fare discounts for being a member, the rewards, offers, and benefits you can access through the VIFP Club and Carnival World Mastercard will undoubtedly help make your Carnival cruise experience more rewarding and budget-friendly.

What Kind Of Cruise Deals Will I Receive With The VIFP Program?

With the Carnival VIFP Club, you’ll experience a loyalty program that rewards you for your continued vacation adventures.

As you accumulate points, you’ll progress through various status levels, each with their own perks and benefits to enhance your cruising experience.

Upon joining the VIFP Club, you’ll automatically be placed at the Blue level, which kicks in the moment you step on board your first Carnival cruise.

As a Blue member, you’ll have access to member-only fares and promotions, making it easier for you to start planning your next ocean getaway.

Even as a newbie, it’s nice to know that you’re recognized from your very first sailing.

As you continue sailing with Carnival, you’ll earn more VIFP points and progress through the Red (second sailing to 24 points), Gold (25 to 74 points), Platinum (75 to 199 points), and finally, the Diamond level (200 or more points).

The higher your status, the better the vacation deals you’ll receive, such as discounts on future cruises, priority boarding, room upgrades, and more.

Keep in mind that the number of VIFP points you accumulate is determined by the number of days you sail. This means that each day you’re on a Carnival cruise counts toward your point total.

Therefore, longer cruises or frequent shorter getaways will both contribute to your VIFP status and bring you closer to unlocking more amazing deals and perks.

The more you sail, the better the deals get, enabling you to make the most of your time on board and enjoy your cruising experience to the fullest.

And don’t forget that these benefits apply to everyone in your family or party who cruises with Carnival, making it a fantastic way for all to share in the excitement of your well-deserved ocean adventures!

What If I Have A Past Cruise Without Points?

Sometimes, you might have cruised with Carnival before the VIFP Club was introduced or in the early days when the recognition program had not yet started tracking points.

In these cases, you may be wondering if you can still earn points for those past cruises to improve your membership tier and get better perks during your future voyages.

First, let’s clarify the rules about earning points. You earn VIFP Points for all qualifying Carnival cruises from March 9, 1972, onwards. Non-qualifying cruises include charter cruises and non-revenue cruises.

If you’ve found that a past cruise with Carnival is not reflected in your VIFP Club account, don’t worry.

You can still receive points for past cruises by providing proof of your cruise history with Carnival.

To do this, start gathering any documentation you may have from that specific sailing, such as boarding passes, reservation confirmations, or even photographs from the cruise.

If you have sailed with sister cruise lines, such as Princess, your travel agent may have secured past passenger rates that Carnival does not account for since they occurred before 1990.

After collecting the necessary proof, contact Carnival’s customer service team and request to add the missing points to your account.

Be prepared to share your documentation and be patient, as it might take some time for the team to update your account and allocate the appropriate points.

Once your past cruise points have been added to your VIFP Club account, your membership tier may be updated accordingly – Blue for your first sailing, Red for 2-24 points, Gold for 25-74 points, Platinum for 75-199 points, and Diamond for 200 or more points.

With every tier upgrade, you unlock new perks and benefits that will make your future cruise even more enjoyable.

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