Icon of the Seas Cabins To Avoid (Check BEFORE Booking…)

Stepping aboard the majestic Icon of the Seas, voyagers are welcomed with an expansive array of over 2,800 staterooms to consider. Overwhelming, right?

It’s a given that Icon of the Seas presents a BUNCH of cabin options, and though the categories might seem similar, not all rooms are of the same caliber.

Within Royal Caribbean’s vast lineup, you can meticulously select your perfect quarters by stretching your budget a bit, or you can trust their expertise to allocate a room based on your selected category.

And if you’re shelling out that additional cash, wouldn’t you want a view that takes your breath away or has a great location on the ship?

Of course you do… So let’s find the best and worst cabins on Icon of the Seas, deck by deck

Icon of the Seas Cabin Types

Icon of the Seas Top View
Source: Royal Caribbean

Interior Staterooms

The Interior Staterooms on Icon of the Seas offer a cozy refuge from the bustling energy of ship life and your adventurous itinerary.

These rooms are perfectly designed to be a peaceful haven where you can recharge after a day brimming with activities, excursions, and socializing.

Offering all the essential comforts and conveniences, these staterooms are an ideal choice for guests looking for a serene, inviting space to relax and rejuvenate as they prepare for another day of exploration and fun.

Ocean View Staterooms

In the Ocean View Staterooms of Icon of the Seas, each sunrise brings a new vista right to your window.

As the ship navigates through some of the most scenic spots on the planet, these rooms ensure that you never miss a moment of the breathtaking scenery.

Your comfortable and well-furnished stateroom becomes a private observatory where the ocean’s majesty is just a glance away, enriching your travel experience after a day full of adventure and exploration.

Balcony Staterooms

Greet each day with awe-inspiring views from your very own balcony stateroom aboard Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas.

These rooms provide the ideal sanctuary to observe the ever-changing landscapes that unfold as you voyage to new destinations.

Imagine the delight of opening your balcony door each morning to the sights and sounds of a different part of the globe, all from the comfort and privacy of your stateroom.

A Balcony stateroom is your personal gateway to the world, offering an intimate connection with the sea and its many wonders.

Suite Staterooms

Step into a realm of elegance and luxury with Royal Caribbean’s Suite Staterooms on the Icon of the Seas. These suites amplify your cruising experience with their expansive space and supreme comfort.

Enjoy the finer things like priority check-in and check-out, access to exclusive entertainment seating, and the attentive service of a concierge.

For those seeking heightened opulence, the Royal Suite Class offers unparalleled experiences and sumptuous amenities, set within the largest and most luxurious suites on the ocean.

Whichever suite you select, embrace the hallmark of Royal Caribbean’s renowned personalized attention, generous living areas, and thoughtful details that enhance every moment of your journey.

Cabins To Avoid On Icon Of The Seas

Deck 3

Icon Of The Seas Deck 3 Cabins to avoid

Setting foot on Deck 3 of the Icon of the Seas may not be everyone’s first choice, to state it outright.

The unease primarily arises from Deck 3’s positioning directly under Deck 4. This upper deck is home to major highlights such as Casino Royale, the Music Hall, and the Royal Theatre, to name a few.

While these locales may not inherently produce significant noise, there’s the occasional risk of some auditory bleed-through.

Further, given its location on one of the ship’s lower levels, Deck 3 cabins often come with smaller windows or portholes, which might result in subdued natural light.

If you value a spacious and well-lit accommodation, scouting staterooms on the upper levels might be wise.

It’s also worth noting the potential sightlines from Deck 3 quarters. The possibility of a limited or even obstructed ocean view can mean missing out on mesmerizing dawn or dusk horizons.

On a brighter note, for those who are sensitive to motion, Deck 3 does offer an advantage. Its location provides enhanced stability, diminishing the feel of the ocean’s movement.

But for those set on Deck 3, cabin selection requires a keen eye.

Specifically, cabins in close proximity to elevators and restrooms can be bustling and louder due to passerby activity. Cabins to be wary of include 3270-3278, 3670-3678, and 3160-3180.

Deck 3 also has a Music hall and cabins 3180-3200 are directly across from it. If you fancy an early night in or are a light sleeper, these cabins may be best avoided.

Deck 4

Icon Of The Seas Deck 4 Cabins to avoid

Deck 4 is completely bustling with energy and things to do!

For this reason, we haven’t highlighted any specific cabins to avoid. This entire deck is a personal choice.

If you want to be close to the action and are not concerned about late-night noise from the Casino Royale, Music Hall, or Royal Theatre, then this could be the perfect deck for you.

However, if you don’t care about proximity to these locations and want to guarantee a quiet cabin at all hours of the day, Deck 4 may not be the deck for you.

Deck 7

Icon Of The Seas Deck 7 Cabins to avoid

Deck 7 on the Icon of the Seas is a great little deck. Close to a lot of great things, but has some cabins far enough for some peace and quiet.

But like all decks, this one has some areas to be cautious of, like the elevators.

Cabins located in close vicinity to these elevator intersections include 7160-7170, 7560-7570, 7270-7280, and 7670-7680.

Additionally, a few staterooms towards the back of the ship are very close in proximity to Surfside, which is a a great spot for families.

Surfside is made for children so it can be noisy at times. However we don’t think these cabins will be particularly noisy late at night or in the early morning, but we still thought they’d be worth mentioning.

Staterooms that are near Surfside are all from 7280-7346 and 7680-7746.

However, we only highlighted the Ocean View with Large Balcony cabns on this floor since you’ll likely not have the gentle sound of the ocean on your balcony iif you book these. You will likely hear noise from the Splashaway Bay while on your balcony, enjoying your cup of coffee or a good book.

The Ocean View Cabins to avoid here are 7338-7346 and 7738-7746.

Deck 8

Icon Of The Seas Deck 8 Cabins to avoid

Deck 8 on the Icon of the Seas, much like its neighboring decks, boasts an array of entertainment and dining options. However, as with all decks, there are distinct rooms near elevator hubs that might be less than ideal.

Like all other decks, rooms close to the elevator areas include 8160-8180, 8560-8580, 8260-8290, and 8660-8690.

For travelers who put a premium on peace and quiet, certain staterooms near the deck’s bustling centers might require reconsideration. Deck 8 is rich with dining spots, bars, and the famous Central Park.

Cabins near Central Park and all it’s bustling spots are the ones between the elevators, 8180-8260 and 8290-8690.

These cabins have a great location if you want to be near everything, but if you want a higher guarantee of a quiet cabin, prioritize rooms near the front and back of the ship (not the center.)

Deck 9, 10, 11, and 12

Icon Of The Seas Deck 9 Cabins to avoid

Decks 9, 10, 11, and 12 are all very similar in design.

These decks only have staterooms making them the best choice for anyone who wants a quiet cabin and doesn’t mind being a little farther away from restaurants and entertainment venues.

The only concerns on these decks are the areas near the elevators, like on all other decks.

For deck 9, cabins near the elevators are 9150-9180, 9550-9580, 9270-9280, and 9670-9680.

The majority of lodgings on Deck 9 typically exceed expectations. As there are no immediate neighboring entertainment hubs, a serene atmosphere is largely expected, regardless of the hour.

Icon Of The Seas Deck 10 Cabins to avoid

Deck 10 is another great options as it’s nestled between two decks that are exclusively cabins. Meaning there is no risk of booking a cabin directly below the nightclub or Casino Royale.

Just like Deck 9, the only areas to be concerned with on Deck 10 are the ones near the elevators. These cabins are 10160-10180, 10560-10580, 10270-10280, and 10670-10680.

Icon Of The Seas Deck 11 Cabins to avoid

Deck 11, like 10, stands out as an excellent choice since it’s sandwiched between two decks solely comprising of staterooms.

The primary zones on Deck 11 that might warrant caution are those close to the elevators. The cabins in question include 11160-11180, 11560-11580, 11270-11280, and 11670-11680.

Icon Of The Seas Deck 12 Cabins to avoid

Deck 12 is the last deck that’s exclusively cruise ship cabins.

The key areas on Deck 12 that can be noisy and prone to a lot of foot-traffic are, unshockingly, near the elevators. The specific cabins to note are 12160-12180, 12560-12580, 12270-12280, and 12670-12680.

Deck 14

Icon Of The Seas Deck 14 Cabins to avoid

Deck 14 is a solid choice, just like decks 9 through 12. The only hesitation is it is directly below the bustling pool deck.

On some cruise ships, guests have complained about being able to hear the muffled noise of music above them. Some even report being waken up by the staff dragging the lounge chairs in the early morning.

If none of that is a concern for you, the this deck is a solid choice.

We have, just like on all other decks, highlighted certain areas near the elevators more prone to noise. Cabins near the elevator are 14160-14180, 14560-14580, 14270-14280, and 14670-14680.

Deck 16

Icon Of The Seas Deck 16 Cabins to avoid

Deck 16 has some of Royal Caribbean’s best suites, located in prime location.

The only concerns is, of course, the suites near the elevators and restrooms. Guests using the pool will likely go to these public restrooms or use the elevators near the suites to access the deck.

It can have a lot of foot traffic and chatter. The suites affected are The Grand Suites, 16016-16022 and 16038-16044.

Deck 17

Icon Of The Seas Deck 17 Cabins to avoid

Deck 17, just like Deck 16, boasts some of the finest suites in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, situated in a highly desirable area of the ship.

The primary issue is the same, suites that are close to the elevators and restrooms. Plus the Coastal Kitchen is on this Deck, in between the suits.

These areas are frequently used by guests heading to or from the pool, resulting in increased footfall and noise near these suites.

This can lead to a noticeable amount of passageway traffic and conversation. The suites most impacted by this are The Icon Loft Suites and the Royal Loft Suite, numbered 17016-17022 and 17038-17044,; however, these are two-level suites, and the likelihood of any noise transmitting to your bedroom is highly unlikely.

Icon Of The Seas Deck 18 Cabins to avoid

Deck 18, pictured above, houses the second floor of the Icon Lift Suites and Royal Loft Suites. Although they are near the elevators, and we highlighted them, that shouldn’t be a deterrent when booking these luxurious suites.

Check out all the unique perks you get when you book a Suite here!

Picking Your Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin

Proximity to Elevators

Yes, we might sound repetitive, but it’s a point worth reiterating due to frequent remarks from numerous guests. The proximity to elevators, while convenient for navigating the ship, often comes with a compromise on tranquility.

Elevator areas can transform into bustling spots, particularly on hectic days like embarkation and debarkation, leading to potential noise disturbances.

For those yearning for a tranquil setting, selecting a stateroom further from these busy corridors is recommended.

Underneath Busy Areas

Rooms situated directly below the ship’s communal spaces such as restaurants, pools, or entertainment hubs are prone to receiving noise from above.

The sound of footsteps, background music, and active gatherings may drift down into your cabin.

To ensure peace, consider avoiding rooms right beneath these high-traffic zones.

View Obstructions

While most oceanview and balcony rooms provide stunning vistas, some may offer restricted views due to the ship’s structural components like lifeboats or other equipment.

To fully embrace the ocean’s beauty, be mindful of rooms labeled as having “limited views” when booking.

Beneath Activity-Heavy Decks

Cabins located directly under bustling decks, particularly those with pools or sports facilities, might encounter noise intrusions from the lively activities above.

Echoes of footsteps, pool activities, and even the early morning rearrangement of deck chairs could potentially disrupt your stay.

A stateroom away from these vibrant areas can secure a quieter environment.

Privacy Concerns for Balcony Rooms

Balcony rooms are sought after, but it’s important to ensure your selected cabin isn’t overly exposed to the gazes of other passengers.

Rooms close to public spots like the Boardwalk or the Aqua Theatre may face privacy challenges.

Reviewing the ship’s layout beforehand can help identify a spot with the perfect blend of view and privacy.

Interconnecting Room Considerations

For those seeking a peaceful sanctuary, staterooms with connecting doors might not be the best choice. They’re ideal for groups or families but can sometimes let in noise from neighboring cabins.

Selecting a non-connecting room could be a smarter move for peace and quiet.

Cabins with Overhead Bunks

Cabins featuring overhead berths, although practical for family travel, can impact the sense of space and comfort during daytime.

For guests who value roominess and a relaxed ambiance, avoiding these and looking for more spacious alternatives might be advisable.

Overlooking the Promenade

Cabins with a view of the promenade offer a unique perspective but come with their drawbacks. Noise from activities and reduced privacy, plus potential light disturbances, can affect the overall comfort of your stay.

For a more serene and private experience on Icon of the Seas, you might prefer opting for an ocean-view or balcony stateroom away from the interior buzz.

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