Wonder of the Seas Central Park: A Unique Blend of Nature and Luxury

If you’ve ever cruised Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships, you are probably quite familiar with Central Park.

Central Park, an oasis neighborhood with real plants, restaurants, shops, and even live music is one of or favorite things about Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas.

And if you’ve never experienced Central Park, you are in for a real treat. The beautiful space has so much to offer. But what exactly can you expect at Central Park?

What Is Wonder of the Seas Central Park?

Central Park is a neighborhood on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships, including the Wonder of the Seas.

It is an amazing area filled with real plants, restaurants, and shops. There is even live music playing sometimes, creating a tranquil ambiance.

All of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships feature a Central Park, which has become a staple in this class. Central Park will also be found on all upcoming Icon-class ships, like Icon of the Seas.

There is no entry fee and the park is open to all guests, however there are a lot of specialty restaurants and bars that do charge extra. The Park cafe is free, however!

There are also a lot of high-end stores for some window shopping, but our favorite thing to do is stroll around the park and just people-watch.

What To Expect In Wonder of the Seas Central Park?

Whether you want to take a stroll in a park (at sea,) have a romantic dinner, or grab a drink; there’s something for everyone at Central Park.

There’s live music at time which creates the most amazing ambiance.

It’s absolutely one of our favorite features on Wonder of the Seas, and if it’s your first time cruising, get excited. These are just some of the things you can expect on Wonder of the Seas Central Park..

Park Cafe

he Park Cafe offers amazing deli sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, all included in your cruise fare. That’s right, it’s FREE.

Our favorite thing to do is grab a couple of fresh-pressed paninis and head over to the pool deck.

If you’re feeling extra romantic though, you can have a little picnic in the lush greenery.

Giovanni’s Wine Bar

Giovanni's Royal Caribbean
Source: @_meruhhh

Choose from a curated selection of white, red, sparkling wines, and Champagnes at Giovanni’s Wine Bar. You can stop by the wine bar for a quick glass without a reservation, making this a great spot for a pre-dinner drink.

Whether you sit indoors or outdoors, the knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pairing.

Chops Grille

Right at the entrance of Central Park, Chops Grille serves up mouth-watering steak and seafood dishes.

Although a steakhouse, they have a couple of unique twists on traditional dishes.

The chefs meticulously hand-cut, season, and grill each steak according to your preferences. If undecided, feel free to seek the chef’s recommendation. it won’t disappoint.

We recommend you choose a window table for a fantastic view of the park, especially when it’s illuminated at night.

150 Central Park

At the sophisticated 150 Central Park, you can enjoy an extensive menu crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Many dishes at 150 Central Park are made right at your table – simply look for the ‘TS’ icon on the menu to identify these tableside-prepared options.

Opt for a window-side table to soak in the park view and watch the dishes being prepared right beside you.

Trellis Bar

Trellis Bar, situated near several of the ship’s premier specialty restaurants, is an ideal location for a pre-dinner or post-dinner visit.

You’ll normally be near live music, making this the perfect spot with a great ambiance.

Giovanni’s Table

Craving Italian?! Treat yourself to authentic Italian cuisine at Giovanni’s Table.

Relish your favorite pasta, meat, or seafood dishes in a magical setting with limited outdoor seating available in the park.

Pro-Tip: On the menu, the favorite items are marked with hearts next to them. Be sure to look out for these must-try dishes.

Rising Tide Bar

Royal Caribbean's Rising Tide Bar
Source: @carolynatpmv

For a unique drink spot, visit the Rising Tide Bar, which ascends between the Royal Promenade and Central Park.

At the Rising Tide Bar, drinks are available on an a la carte basis, but you can also utilize your Deluxe Beverage Package for your drinks if you have one.

Seats are limited, but it’s worth a try to experience the moving bar.


For some luxury shopping, browse Regalia’s collection of high-end jewelry, including necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets, and exquisite diamond accessories.

Regalia brands include Tag Heuer, Roberto Coin, Pianegonda, Olivia and more.

This is a great place to window shop, or perhaps even make a purchase for a spontaneous engagement… You wouldn’t be the first!

Coach Store

Coach?! That’s right, Coach is at Central Park.

Discover a variety of leather goods at the Coach Store, from designer handbags to sunglasses and scarves.

Music Hall

Towards the back of Central Park, you’ll find the amazing Music Hall.

The Music Hall has live music performances every night, and it offers a lot of variety. You’ll find everything from Jazz ensembles, tribute bands, to Royal Caribbean’s own house band.

We definitely recommend popping into Trellis Bar for a cocktail or two and then heading to the Music Hall for an amazing evening.

What Deck is Central Park on Wonder of the Seas?

Located on Deck 8, Central Park spans a considerable portion of Wonder of the Seas. This magnificent open-air park adds a touch of nature to your cruise experience.

Stroll through this impressive area while enjoying the live greenery, including plants and flowers.

Apart from Central Park, Deck 8 also accommodates staterooms in the forward section and houses the Music Hall towards the aft.

Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas
Source: @wftv9

Central Park View Balcony vs. Ocean View Balcony on Wonder of the Seas?

A Central Park View Balcony Stateroom offers you a unique interior balcony experience on the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship. These staterooms face the Central Park area, providing an opportunity for you to observe and enjoy the lively atmosphere inside the ship.

The advantages of these balconies include more engaging views, such as people-watching and observing the hustle and bustle within Central Park, rather than just staring at the horizon.

On the other hand, these staterooms can also be slightly noisier due to their location. Privacy may also be a concern, as passengers on opposite balcony staterooms can see you, just as you can see them.

An Ocean View Balcony Stateroom on the Wonder of the Seas however offers a tranquil and scenic experience for passengers.

The key highlight of these rooms is the unobstructed view of the ocean, providing a serene and ever-changing seascape right from your balcony.

This connection to the ocean and nature is particularly appealing for those who find peace and beauty in maritime environments.

In contrast to the livelier Central Park View Balconies, the Ocean View Balconies offer a more tranquil and private setting.

The absence of opposite-facing balconies ensures greater privacy, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more secluded retreat.

This setup is especially beneficial for moments of relaxation, whether it’s enjoying a quiet morning coffee or watching the sunset over the horizon.

Personally, we’d pick an ocean view but this comes down to a matter of preference as there isn’t a bad cabin on Wonder of the Seas.

What’s Different About Wonder of the Seas Central Park?

One thing that is different about Wonder of the Seas Central Park is it’s undergone a bit if a change.

A large LED screen has been added behind and above the park, which is usually a tranquil space with live music, restaurants, and shops surrounded by real plants. The screen was added to show movies and sporting events for the pool decks located at the top of the ship.

While the addition of the screen is understandable, it has affected the ambiance of Central Park. The screen emits light at night, which takes away from the tranquility of the area.

Additionally, when a movie or sporting event is playing with audio, it becomes quite loud in Central Park.

However, it is not all bad news. The addition of the screen does not ruin Central Park, and it is still a beautiful space to visit.

Royal Caribbean may need to adapt and make changes on future sailings to ensure that the ambiance of Central Park is not affected. For example, turning off the TV in Central Park at night could be a simple solution.

Although this addition isn’t our favorite, it doesn’t ruin the ambiance of Central Park and many passengers don’t mind, and even enjoy the screen. However, we thought it was worth noting.

While you’re on your Wonder of the Seas cruise, Central Park serves as a tranquil oasis to unwind during the day with light meals from Park Café.

In the evenings, the area transforms with lively bars, specialty restaurants, and musicians, creating a soothing atmosphere.

If you want a break from the noisy pool deck or a sophisticated evening, Central Park is where it’s at!

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