Jewel of the Seas Cabins To Avoid (Check BEFORE Booking!)

Setting sail on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas is akin to embarking on a journey of discovery, where over a thousand cabins await to whisk your imagination away to sea (yes, pun intended).

At first glance, these cabins might appear strikingly similar, but it’s the subtle nuances that truly set them apart. It’s these small but significant details that can transform a good vacation into an unforgettable one.

Royal Caribbean offers the flexibility to select your perfect cabin for an additional fee, giving you control over your exact location on the ship. For those who enjoy a touch of spontaneity, you can also opt to have the cruise line assign you a cabin within your chosen category.

However, if you’re investing a little extra to secure your ideal spot, it’s crucial to choose wisely.

While there are no outright undesirable cabins on the Jewel of the Seas, some are certainly more enviable than others.

Cabin Categories on Jewel of the Seas

Interior Cabins

These inside cabins are 170 square feet and can accommodate up to 4 guests. They also offer single-occupancy studios at 108 square feet, which include a twin bed, vanity area, and private bathroom​​.

Ocean-View Cabins

The standard ocean-view rooms are about 170 square feet with a window, while those on Deck 2 have portholes.

For larger groups or families, there are connecting Ocean View staterooms and Ultra Spacious Ocean View Staterooms, which are 265 square feet, sleeping up to 6 guests.

These larger rooms come with two twin beds, a sofa bed, and additional Pullman beds​​.

Balcony Cabins

These are divided into Ocean View Balcony cabins, which are smaller with 179 square feet of interior space, and Spacious Ocean View cabins, larger at 204 square feet.

The balcony sizes vary, and these cabins can accommodate up to 5 guests. It’s important to note that some of the Obstructed Ocean View Balcony cabins on Deck 8 have varying degrees of view obstruction.


The suites on the Jewel of the Seas offer more space and additional perks. The categories include:

Junior Suite: Located on Deck 10 with 299 square feet of interior space and a 41-square-foot balcony.

Grand Suite 1-Bedroom: Offering 385 square feet of space and a 106-square-foot balcony, located on Deck 10.

Owner’s Suite: Available in one-bedroom and two-bedroom configurations, with the two-bedroom suites located on Decks 7, 8, and 9, offering up to 584 square feet of interior space.

Ocean View Suites: Unique in that they do not have a balcony but feature large windows for panoramic views, these 592-square-foot suites can sleep up to 8 guests.

Royal Suite: The most luxurious option, with 950 square feet of interior space and a 106-square-foot balcony, complete with high-end amenities like a self-playing baby grand piano​​.

Jewel of the Seas Cabins To Avoid

Deck 2

Jewel of the Seas Deck 2 Cabins To Avoid

While lower decks on Royal Caribbean ships might not be the first choice for everyone due to their proximity to the waterline and the potential for less expansive views compared to cabins located higher up, they do offer unique benefits.

Cabins on these lower levels might experience a bit more noise, being closer to the engines and the lapping of ocean waves.

However, they are an excellent choice for travelers prone to seasickness. The closer a cabin is to the waterline, the more stable and gentle the sailing experience tends to be, reducing the chances of feeling nauseous.

For guests who prefer lower deck cabins to minimize the effects of motion sickness, careful selection is key.

Opting for a cabin near the waterline on Deck 2 is a good strategy, but it’s always important to be mindful of cabin placement in relation to the ship’s elevators.

Cabins near elevators, specifically 2026 to 2029 on the Jewel of the Seas, may experience higher foot traffic.

This can lead to disturbances at various hours, potentially affecting your peace and quiet.

If you choose Deck 2, for a more serene and restful experience, it’s recommended to avoid these high-traffic areas close to elevator hubs.

Deck 3

Jewel of the Seas Deck 3 Cabins To Avoid

Deck 3 is similar to Deck 2 for a lot of reasons. This decks proximity to the waterline may somewhat diminish the splendor of the ocean vistas compared to those offered by higher decks.

The primary issue with Deck 3 is its location directly beneath major areas such as the main dining room, a popular bar, and the main theater. While these areas aren’t excessively loud, there’s a risk of sound traveling down to the cabins below.

Cabins located beneath the dining room and bar towards the rear of the ship include 3106-3144 and 3606-3644.

On the other hand, cabins at the front of the ship, situated below the theater, encompass 3000-3020, 3500-3520, 3009-3019, and 3509-3519.

It’s also recommended to steer clear of cabins near elevators and restrooms due to the inevitable noise from constant foot traffic and chatter.

Particularly, cabins 3030-3038, 3530-3538, 3539-3541, and 3080-3104 are located in these busier areas, which might affect the peacefulness of your cruise experience.

Deck 4

Jewel of the Seas Deck 4 Cabins To Avoid

Deck 4 is a great choice for many travelers. It’s positioned higher above the waterline than the lower decks, enhancing the quality of ocean views, yet it’s still central enough to be a good option for those sensitive to seasickness.

Located just a brief stroll from the Tides Dining Hall and right below the lively Promenade Deck, Deck 4’s placement is quite convenient.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential noise from the active shopping areas above. While shop noise is typically less of a concern compared to sounds from theaters and nightclubs, it’s still something to consider.

We recommend avoiding cabins near the elevators on this deck, particularly 4008-4014, 4508-4512, 4017, and 4517.

Additionally, cabins towards the front of the ship, close to the theater, such as 4000-4004 and 4500-4503, might experience noise disturbances.

This is especially worth noting for those who prefer to retire early.

On the other hand, cabins near the dining hall at the rear of the ship, including 4054-4061, 4555-4560, and 4580-4590, may be affected by early morning activity and higher levels of foot traffic.

Deck 7

Jewel of the Seas Deck 7 Cabins To Avoid

Deck 7 is often seen as the best option, primarily because the deck above it is also designated for cabins, which generally means less noise disturbance both day and night.

However, certain areas on this deck are advisable to avoid, especially those near the elevators.

Cabins in these busier zones include 7038-7050, 7538-7551, and 7090-7110.

The proximity to the elevators may result in increased noise from passenger movement at various times.

Moreover, we’ve identified some cabins at the front of the ship that are directly above the theater.

For those planning early nights, be aware of potential late-night noise and vibrations during performances.

The cabins to consider avoiding above the theater are 7014-7038 and 7514-7538.

Deck 8

Jewel of the Seas Deck 8 Cabins To Avoid

On Jewel of the Seas, Deck 8 is an ideal choice for those seeking peace and quiet, as it’s surrounded by other cabin decks above and below. This configuration significantly reduces noise disruptions.

Known as one of the most sought-after decks for its calmness, the tranquility of Deck 8 is mainly consistent, except for the usual high-traffic areas near the elevators.

To maintain a serene environment, it’s advisable to avoid cabins close to these areas due to the likelihood of increased foot traffic and noise.

The cabins that fall into these busier zones include 8030-8038, 8530-8538, and 8086-8104, which are more susceptible to noise due to their proximity to the elevators.

Deck 9

Jewel of the Seas Deck 9 Cabins To Avoid

Deck 9 shares similar benefits with Deck 8, particularly in terms of cabin locations near elevators.

Like Deck 8, Deck 9 is nestled between decks that are exclusively used for cabins, which greatly diminishes noise disturbances.

The key cabins to be mindful of on Deck 9 are those close to the elevators, as these areas may see increased foot traffic and associated noise.

The specific cabins to consider in this regard include 9020-9032, 9520-9532, and 9074-9096.

Both Decks 8 and 9 rank highly in desirability, not just for their quieter environment, but also for the range of appealing cabin categories they offer.

Deck 10

Jewel of the Seas Deck 10 Cabins To Avoid

Deck 10 is located just below the bustling pool deck. This doesn’t automatically make it a less favorable option, but it’s important to note that some cabins may experience noise, particularly from the movement of sun loungers on the deck above during early morning setups.

For those who value quiet mornings and undisturbed sleep, this deck may not be the most suitable choice.

On the other hand, early risers, sound sleepers, or guests who prefer easy access to the ship’s activities may find Deck 10 quite appealing.

Similar to other decks, it’s wise to steer clear of cabins near the elevators due to increased noise from chatter and foot traffic.

The cabins close to the elevators on this deck are 1020-1028, 1520-1528, and 1054-1060.

Deck 11

Jewel of the Seas Deck 11 Cabins to Avoid

The cabins on Deck 11 of the Jewel of the Seas are classified as Superior Balcony rooms, located in the forward-starboard area of the ship.

Being close to various amenities, like the spa, fitness center, and pool areas, these cabins offer convenient access to some of the ship’s key attractions.

However, this proximity also means that there may be some noise concerns.

The activity in the pool areas, particularly around the main pool and the Solarium, as well as the potential noise from the fitness center and Windjammer Cafe, could be a consideration for those sensitive to noise or seeking a quieter cabin experience.

These cabins could be a good choice for passengers who prioritize easy access to the ship’s facilities and don’t mind the potential for some noise.

For those who prefer a quieter, more secluded environment, it might be better to choose a cabin in a different location.

What is the Best Deck on Jewel of the Seas?

The most favorable decks on Jewel of the Seas are decks 8 and 9.

These decks are advantageous because they are flanked by other decks that also exclusively feature cabins, greatly reducing the potential for noise from busy areas like theaters and pool decks.

Pro-Tip: When booking a cruise, always consider a deck that is nestled between other decks dedicated solely to cabins, as this typically ensures a quieter and more serene environment.

What To Consider When Booking Your Perfect Room

Cabins Near Elevators

We’re a broken record, but it’s because it’s true: cabins near elevators often come with the downside of noise due to high foot traffic and conversation, especially on days like disembarkation.

While these cabins are conveniently located, choosing one slightly further from elevators can provide more tranquility.

Cabins Beneath Busy Public Spaces

Be cautious when selecting cabins under areas like dance clubs or pool decks, as noise, such as music and footfall, can be a concern, especially for light sleepers or those who retire early.

These noises can disrupt the sleep of light sleepers or those who prefer to go to bed early. Moreover, during daytime, activities and events in these public spaces can also contribute to a less peaceful cabin environment.

If peace and quiet is a high priority for your cruise experience, it’s highly advisable to select a cabin located away from these high-energy areas.

Cabins Near High Traffic Areas

Cabins situated near high traffic areas like buffets, lounges, fitness centers, and casinos offer the advantage of being centrally located and close to many of the ship’s amenities. However, this convenience often comes with the trade-off of increased noise levels.

These areas tend to be hubs of activity, often bustling with people, background music, and general chatter throughout the day and into the evening.

The proximity to these areas can lead to a continuous flow of foot traffic and noise, which might be disruptive for those seeking a quieter, more relaxed environment in their cabin.

Cabins With Obstructed Views

If you’re booking an Ocean View or Balcony cabin, ensure your view isn’t obstructed by lifeboats or other structures. Always double-check the view before finalizing your cabin choice.

These obstructions can be caused by lifeboats, structural elements of the ship, or other equipment that might impede the panoramic sea views you expect.

An obstructed view can significantly diminish the enjoyment of your cabin, especially if you’re looking forward to spending time relaxing and enjoying the scenery from your private space.

Always verify the cabin’s view before finalizing your booking!

Cruise lines typically indicate if a cabin has an obstructed view, but it’s always a good practice to double-check, perhaps by looking at deck plans or seeking clarifications, to ensure you get the scenic, unobstructed experience you desire.

Connecting Cabins

Connecting cabins on cruise ships are an excellent choice for families or groups who wish to have easy access to each other’s rooms while maintaining some private space.

They offer the convenience of interconnected rooms, making it easier to coordinate activities and spend time together. However, for those not needing this level of accessibility, connecting cabins might not be ideal.

The shared door between these rooms can sometimes allow noise to travel more easily from one cabin to another.

This could be a concern for light sleepers or if the neighbors have different schedules or noise levels.

It’s highly recommended to choose connecting cabins only if you plan to utilize the interconnecting feature, ensuring that the benefits outweigh the potential for noise disturbances.

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