Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room (Full Guide, Menus, & More!)

Imagine setting sail on an ocean voyage where each meal becomes a memorable part of your adventure.

Aboard Royal Caribbean cruises, the Main Dining Room offers this experience, serving up exceptional multi-course meals in an elegant setting.

Whether you’re an early riser eager for a hearty breakfast, someone looking for a leisurely lunch, or anticipating a sophisticated dinner atmosphere, the Main Dining Room caters to every taste and preference.

Your dining experience is crafted with variety and inclusivity in mind. The menus in the Main Dining Room are designed to satisfy every palate, offering a range of dishes from classic comfort foods to exotic international flavors.

These meals, included in your cruise fare, ensure that whether you’re craving a perfectly cooked steak, a delicate seafood entrée, or a vegetarian delight, your wishes are met with outstanding service and presentation.

The culinary scene on board harmonizes tradition with innovation, creating an environment where every meal adds to the tapestry of your cruising experience.

Main Dining Room on Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room
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When you step into the Main Dining Room aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’ll find yourself in a multi-level venue that perfectly blends elegant ambiance with friendly service.

Picture a spacious room, spanning multiple decks with sweeping staircases and gleaming chandeliers overhead, offering a backdrop that’s just as impressive as the cuisine.

Each evening, you’re invited to indulge in a multi-course meal that’s part of your cruise fare. The Main Dining Room menu celebrates a variety of flavors, with selections that include savory appetizers, hearty entrées, and delectable desserts.

Carefully crafted by a team of chefs, these dishes cater to a range of tastes and dietary needs, so finding something you love is part of the adventure.

Whether you’re paired with other guests for a social dining experience or seated at a private table, you’ll have the same designated waiter each night.

This personalized service adds a warm touch as your waiter comes to learn your dining preferences, enhancing your onboard experience.

The Main Dining Room offers an experience that goes beyond just eating; it’s a chance to create memories, relish international cuisines, and enjoy the company of your fellow cruisers—all while being looked after by the most attentive staff at sea.

Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu

MDR Dinner Menus

Royal Caribbean MDR Lasagna
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The dinner menus in Royal Caribbean’s main dining room have seen significant changes, moving away from their previous versions.

The updated dinner menus are now themed, with each evening featuring a new central theme that spans across starters, entrees, and desserts.

Welcome Aboard Menu

Royal Night Menu

A Taste of France Menu

A Taste of Italy Menu

A Taste of the Caribbean Menu

A Taste of Mexico Menu

British Night Menu

Bon Voyage Menu

MDR Lunch Menus

Royal Caribbean MDR Sandwich
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The main dining room opens for lunch during days at sea and on days when the ship arrives at ports later.

For a standard 7-night cruise, this often results in the main dining room serving lunch twice, but sometimes three times.

On days at sea and days with late port arrivals, the main dining room offers seated lunch for an hour and a half. Usually, lunch hours in the main dining room run from approximately 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Here are the latest lunch menu items:

Lunch 1 Menu

Lunch 2 Menu

Lunch 3 Menu

MDR Breakfast Menu

Royal Caribbean MDR Breakfast
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The breakfast menu in Royal Caribbean’s main dining room remains unchanged, featuring traditional favorites such as The Classic Benedict and Buttermilk Pancakes, as well as classic choices like cereal, and eggs.

Dining times may vary slightly depending on the specific ship and its itinerary. Generally, the main dining room opens for breakfast between 7 AM and 8 AM and remains open for around 90 minutes, closing between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.

Breakfast Menu

Dress Code

Your evenings in the Main Dining Room can range from laid-back to the luxurious, depending on the night. Typically, attire falls into two categories: Smart Casual and Formal.

Smart Casual Nights:

  • Men: Collared shirts and trousers or nice jeans.
  • Women: Dresses, skirts and blouses, or casual pantsuits.

On these nights, aim for a polished look that’s a notch above your daily wear but still comfortably in the realm of casual.

Formal Nights:

  • Men: Suits and ties, or tuxedos for a suave appearance.
  • Women: Cocktail dresses or evening gowns for an elegant flair.

These nights are your chance to shine, pulling out all the stops with your attire, as many guests embrace the spirit of a glamorous night out.

There can be anywhere from 1-3 formal nights on a cruise, depending on the length.

Each cruise is different and you will be informed once onboard, but this is the typical breakdown:

  • 3/4/5 Night Cruises – Usually on Day 2
  • 6 Night Cruises – Usually on Day 2 and 5
  • 7 Night Cruises – Usually on Day 2 and 6
  • 8 – 10 Night Cruises – 2 Formal Nights, Days vary by ship and sailing
  • 11 – 14 Night Cruises – 3 Formal Nights, Days vary by ship and sailing
  • 15+ Night Cruises – 3 or 4 Formal Nights, Days and number vary by ship and sailing

Please note: There are a few basic “don’ts” to keep in mind, even on casual dinner nights. Swimwear, flip-flops, tank tops for men, and clothing that is too casual or in disrepair is not suitable for the Main Dining Room. A shirt and shoes are required at all times.

Dining Time Options

Royal Caribbean MDR Dinner
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You’ve got two options when it comes to dining times with Royal Caribbean. ‘My Time’ dining and Traditional Dining.

My Time Dining is like holding the remote to your cruise experience—you call the shots on when you want to eat. You’re not tied down to a specific slot; you can dine in the Main Dining Room anytime during dinner hours.

Just remember, it’s based on table availability, so making reservations is wise. Craving some spontaneity? Feel free to walk in, but you might have to wait for a table.

Now, if you’re the type who finds comfort in routine, the Traditional Dining approach could be more your speed.

Traditional seating allows you to select from two predetermined times: early or late. This option assigns you to the same table and tablemates every evening.

For a full breakdown of how My Time vs. Traditional Dining works, click here!

Special Requests

If you have a particular dining request, the process is pretty straightforward and accommodating, when possible.

To inform staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies, you can always reach out before your voyage begins. Simply send an email to [email protected] including the guests’ names, booking number, and ship name to ensure your dining preferences are noted.

In case you’re dreaming of an intimate dinner, you might prefer a smaller table. You have the option to request a table size that suits your party, ranging from a cozy table for two to one that accommodates up to ten guests.

Make such arrangements through your travel advisor or by reaching out directly to the Royal Caribbean Sales Experts.

For those enrolled in the loyalty program, like if you’re a Diamond Plus member, your status may offer additional perks when making dining requests.

Consistency can also enhance your experience, and you can ask to be seated at the same table each night.

Are The Menus The Same For Early And Late Diners As They Are For My Time Dining?

Yes, the menus in Royal Caribbean’s main dining room are consistent across early and late dining times, as well as for My Time Dining.

All diners, regardless of their chosen dining schedule, have access to the same menu selections each night. This ensures a uniform dining experience for all guests.

Do I Need To Tell The Maitre d’ Or Waiter I’m Not Coming To Dinner Some Nights?

While it’s not strictly required, it’s courteous to inform the maître d’ or your waiter if you plan to skip dinner in the main dining room on certain nights.

This allows the dining team to better manage seating and service for other guests. If you have a set dining time or My Time Dining reservations, letting them know can help adjust arrangements accordingly.

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