Royal Caribbean Diamond Club Benefits: The Insider’s Look at Elite Cruising

If you’ve been on a couple of Royal Caribbean cruises, you have probably heard of their loyalty program, the Crown & Anchor Society.

The Diamond tier is the fourth tier available for loyalty members. And it comes with a lot of great perks and benefits.

The Diamond level comes with a lot of new benefits that we are excited about…

How to Achieve Diamond Status with Royal Caribbean

Crown Anchor Society Tiers

Diamond status is the fourth level in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor loyalty program. To reach this tier, guests need to accumulate 80 points, with one point earned per night aboard a regular stateroom and two points for nights spent in a suite.

For those staying in Interior, Oceanview, or Balcony Staterooms, achieving Diamond status requires cruising with Royal Caribbean for 80 nights.

For example, if a guest takes one 7-night cruise annually, they would reach Diamond status in approximately 12 years.

Guests staying in suites progress faster due to the double points they earn. Booking two 7-night cruises per year in a suite would result in reaching Diamond status in just three years.

The second you book your first Royal Caribbean cruise, you will be automatically enrolled in the Crown & Anchor program. Points are accrued automatically for each cruise taken.

It’s important to note that guests advance to the next tier only at the end of a cruise.

If a guest accumulates enough points to reach Diamond status during a cruise, they’ll remain at the Emerald tier until that sailing concludes. The new Diamond status will take effect on their next cruise.

What Are The Diamond Club Benefits?

Complimentary Drinks

Drink Discounts on Royal Caribbean Diamond Club

Diamond-tier members in the Crown & Anchor Society can enjoy four complimentary drinks per day, valued up to $14 each ($13 on cruises from Singapore).

Note that Starbucks and the Bionic Bar are not part of this offer.

This is probably one of the best perks of the Diamond level. It can save you a lot of money if you aren’t a heavy drinker and won’t be needing the drink package.

Beverage Discounts

Diamond-tier guests receive the following beverage discounts:

  • 50% off any glass of wine, beer, or soda – two coupons per sailing
  • 20% off any glass of wine, beer, or soda at all other times
  • 50% off a Johnny Rockets milkshake – two coupons per sailing

These discounts are only available if you don’t purchase the drink package.

Depending on your drinking habits, getting the four free drinks daily and then getting the discount on wine and beer is enough and saves them a significant amount of money.

Access to Private Departure Lounge

All Crown & Anchor guests have access to a private departure lounge with a free continental breakfast before sailing, providing a comfortable start to their vacation.

Anyone who has sailed with Royal Caribbean before has access to this lounge, so it can be very full on departure day.

However, the small perk of having a free breakfast is a great little bonus we always enjoy.

Preferential Main Dining Room Seating

Dining Preference on Royal Caribbean Diamond Club

Diamond members have priority access to their preferred dining times in the Main Dining Room, ensuring they can dine at their desired time.

One Day of Free Internet Access

Diamond-tier guests receive a one-day Surf+Stream Voom internet package for one device, allowing them to stay connected during their cruise.

If you don’t have many days at sea or won’t be using the internet package, this is a great perk for checking in on the essentials.

Complimentary Bingo and Casino Credits

Royal Caribbean Ship

Diamond members receive $6 in freeplay credits for the onboard casino and 6 free jackpot cards when purchasing a bingo package.

Exclusive Onboard Events

Diamond members can attend various exclusive onboard events, including:

  • Exclusive Top Tier event (for Platinum members and above)
  • Priority waitlist for shore excursions and spa treatments
  • Access to the Diamond Lounge onboard
  • Nightly happy hour

Discounts on Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

Diamond-tier guests get $5 off dry-clean or press services worth $25 and a $10 discount on a $34.99 bag of laundry on cruises lasting five nights or more.

Photo Discounts

Everywhere you look on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there is a photo opportunity.

And if you want to cherish these memories, a nice discount goes a long way.

Diamond guests can enjoy a free second print when purchasing a printed photograph selection. Photobooks or digital photo packages are available at 10% off the total price.

In-Stateroom Amenities

Diamond members enjoy a complimentary robe during their cruise and two bottles of water as a welcome gift. Phone calls from the stateroom phone are available at a discounted rate of $2 per minute.

Spa Discounts

Spa Discount on Royal Caribbean Diamond Club

Diamond-tier members receive a 20% discount on spa treatments during their cruise.

Discounts on Royal Caribbean Merchandise

Diamond members enjoy a 15% discount on Royal Caribbean logo items when spending $25 or more.

Commemorative Lapel Pin

Upon reaching Diamond status, members receive a lapel pin to showcase their membership tier to fellow guests.

Crystal Blocks

Members receive a special Crystal Block gift when they accumulate 140 Crown & Anchor Society points, and additional blocks for every 70 points thereafter. The crystal blocks now come in full color for 2023.

Exclusive Cruise Rates

Royal Caribbean Ship

Diamond-tier members have access to special cruise rates, along with further discounts on Balcony Staterooms and Suites for Platinum-tier members and above.

Loyalty Status Matching with Celebrity Cruises

For Royal Caribbean guests who have reached Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle status in the Crown & Anchor Society, there is the added benefit of enjoying a matching loyalty status with Celebrity Cruises.

Through a reciprocity program, these Royal Caribbean loyalty members are granted Elite status in Celebrity’s Captain’s Club.

Please note that while the benefits across the two cruise lines are similar, they may not be exactly the same. Here’s a simplified overview of how the loyalty status matching works:

  • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Tier: Diamond, Diamond Plus, Pinnacle
  • Celebrity Captain’s Club Match: Elite

It’s important to mention that reaching Elite Plus or Zenith status with Celebrity Cruises requires sailing on Celebrity’s ships and earning points directly with them.

This loyalty status match allows cruise enthusiasts to experience perks and benefits across both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines, making their cruising experience even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Youth Member Benefits

Internet Services

Internet Discount on Royal Caribbean Diamond Club

Youth passengers receive the same complimentary day or discount on internet access as their parents, depending on their membership tier.

Discounted Ice Cream

Young cruisers can relish a 50% discount on any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while aboard their Royal Caribbean journey.

Arcade Credit Rewards

When young guests spend on arcade credits, they earn cashback to their onboard account. For every $15 spent on arcade credits, $5 is credited back at the end of the trip. When they spend $50, $25 is refunded to their account.

Two-for-One Movie Rentals

Children can enjoy two movie rentals in their stateroom for the price of one, keeping them entertained throughout the cruise.

Complimentary Beverages

Diamond-tier young members receive the same daily free drink benefits as their parents — four per day at the Diamond level. While they cannot access alcoholic beverages, they can utilize the perks for mocktails or sodas of their choice.

How To Maximize Diamond Club Benefits

There are a couple of ways we recommend taking advantage of all the Diamond Club perks for the best time onboard.

Some of these may seem obvious but some I have only discovered after cruising with ROyal Caribbean numerous times.

Making the Most of Complimentary Drinks

You’ll want to use your drink coupons during peak hours, like early evenings or during onboard events, to avoid paying for drinks when prices are highest.

Experiment with different beverages each day within your complimentary limit to discover new favorites without additional cost. There’s nothing worse than spending $20 on a cocktail and hating it. So now you have an excuse to try that adventurous new drink and not feel bad if you aren’t a fan.

Maximize Your Spa Benefits

If you plan on taking advantage of the spa discounts, make sure to book early. Schedule your spa treatments in advance to ensure availability, especially on sea days when demand is high.

Look for special promotions or packages in the spa that can be combined with your Diamond Club discount for additional savings.

Use Your Internet Access Wisely

Use your one-day free internet access on a day when you plan to be on board for longer periods, such as a sea day, to maximize its utility.

There’s no point wasting the free access on a day you’re docked!

Diamond Plus Benefits

Reaching the Diamond Plus tier in Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program is a huge achievement, requiring 175 points, significantly more than the Diamond status at 80 points.

The journey to Diamond Plus is not for everyone, as it demands unwavering dedication and a love for cruising with Royal Caribbean.

Here’s an overview of the rewards that come with Diamond Plus membership:

  • Drink Discounts: Enjoy a 25% discount on beverages.
  • Daily Complimentary Drinks: Relish five free drinks per day, valued up to $14 each.
  • Specialty Dining Offer: Take advantage of buy-one-get-one-free on specialty dining during the first two nights of your cruise.
  • Reduced Beverage Packages: Get 30% off Deluxe Beverage Packages.
  • Internet Access: Stay connected with two complimentary internet days.
  • Priority Seating: Receive priority seating at the theater, ice skating arena, and AquaTheater.
  • Laundry Service: Get one free bag of laundry on cruises lasting five nights or more.
  • Personalized Gift: Delight in a personalized gift (one per household).
  • Spa Treatments: Indulge in complimentary spa add-ons.

Additionally, at the 340-point level, Diamond Plus members receive a few extra perks:

  • Drinks Event: Enjoy a special drinks event with a ship’s officer.
  • Upgraded Amenities: Experience upgraded bathroom amenities in your stateroom.
  • Reduced Single Supplements: Benefit from reduced single supplements on cruises, from 200% to 150%.

Overall, Diamond Plus status offers various benefits that enhance the cruising experience, making it worth striving for.

Our Experience With The Diamond Club

I remember the first time I stepped into the Diamond Lounge, an exclusive haven for Diamond members. The ambiance struck a perfect balance between luxury and comfort, fostering an environment where relaxation and socialization go hand in hand.

What stood out to me most was the nightly happy hour, a delightful ritual that quickly became my favorite way to unwind after a day full of adventure.

Mingling with fellow cruisers over expertly mixed cocktails and sharing tales of past voyages created a sense of community that is rare and treasured.

However, no experience is without its drawbacks. While the benefits of the Diamond Club are numerous, I sometimes found the exclusivity a bit limiting. For instance, the lounge can get quite crowded during peak hours, which detracts from the otherwise serene experience.

On top of this, while the complimentary drinks are a fantastic perk, the limitation to four per day sometimes felt restrictive, especially on days when I longed for a bit more indulgence. But these are minor quibbles in an otherwise splendid program.

One aspect of the Diamond Club that consistently impresses me is the attention to detail in service. The staff members are not only exceptionally courteous but also exhibit a genuine desire to make your cruising experience memorable.

I was particularly touched by a staff member who remembered my preference for a particular wine and had it ready for me as I entered the lounge one evening.

It’s these small, personal touches that elevate the Diamond Club experience from great to extraordinary.

The additional benefits like priority check-in and seating at shows add a layer of convenience and luxury that make you feel genuinely valued as a loyal customer.

In general, I felt Royal Caribbean Diamond Club is a testament to the cruise line’s commitment to rewarding its loyal customers.

The blend of tangible perks like drink vouchers and internet access, coupled with intangible ones like the feeling of being part of an exclusive community, makes it a highly attractive program.

While there are areas with room for improvement, such as lounge capacity during peak times, the overall experience is one that enriches your cruising journey, making each voyage with Royal Caribbean not just a trip but a cherished memory.

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