LEGO Master Constructs a Gigantic Replica of Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship

An avid cruise fan and LEGO enthusiast, Ryder Gray, showcased his remarkable talent at the 2024 Bricks Cascade, a popular LEGO Fan Expo held annually in Portland, Oregon.

Gray’s latest creation, a meticulously detailed scale model of the Carnival Miracle cruise ship, impressed attendees with its precision and complexity.

LEGO Carnival Miracle

The Carnival Miracle model, measuring over 7 feet in length and constructed in two hefty sections each weighing more than 21 pounds, is a testament to Gray’s dedication and skill.

It features intricate replicas of the ship’s amenities including the Serenity adults-only area, Carnival Waterworks water park, deck pools, basketball and golf facilities, and even the ship’s distinctive red-white-and-blue hull.

Notably challenging was achieving the realistic tapering and angles of the ship’s design using LEGO’s traditional square and rectangular bricks.

Gray, inspired by the real Carnival Miracle during its refurbishment visit to Portland, used ship deck plans and personal photos as references to ensure accuracy in his LEGO rendition.

Carnival Miracle at Sea

He shared with Beyond the Brick that constructing nautical shapes posed significant challenges, involving much trial and error.

The real Carnival Miracle, a Spirit-class vessel of 88,500 gross tons, was introduced to the Carnival fleet in 2004. Currently homeported in Long Beach, California, it accommodates up to 2,124 guests and is set to operate from San Francisco for the upcoming summer season, offering extended cruises to Alaska.

Beyond modeling, Gray is knowledgeable about cruise ship operations, differentiating between tender and standard lifeboats, among other technical aspects. His previous projects include the Carnival Tropicale, another model celebrated for its detailed craftsmanship.

Gray’s plans for future builds include the Carnival Paradise, aiming to continue his series of smaller, yet equally impressive cruise ship models. He expressed his fondness for smaller vessels, suggesting they offer a superior cruising experience.

Bricks Cascade 2024 drew over 7,000 attendees and featured 552 builders who presented a total of 1,354 creations, ranging from imaginative castles to intricate spacescapes and iconic starships.

Despite stiff competition, Gray’s Carnival Miracle model remains a highlight, celebrated by both LEGO and cruise ship aficionados for its extraordinary detail and grand scale.

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