Royal Caribbean Announces Even MORE Perks For Loyal Customers

In a move that underscores its commitment to rewarding loyalty, Royal Caribbean International has unveiled an exciting new benefit for the most dedicated members of its Crown & Anchor Society.

Pinnacle Club members, recognized for their unparalleled dedication with 700 or more cruise points, are set to enjoy an enhanced cruising experience, not just for themselves but for their closest companions as well.

Royal Caribbean Lounge

Starting March 15, 2024, just in time for the peak of spring break and the onset of summer voyages, Royal Caribbean is enriching the travel experience for its Pinnacle Club members and their guests.

This upgrade allows each Pinnacle Club member to extend an invitation to one guest staying in the same stateroom to access exclusive areas such as the Suite/Concierge Lounge, Suite Sun Decks, and the Coastal Kitchen.

This gesture ensures that moments of luxury and exclusivity can be shared, blending the essence of high-sea adventures with the warmth of companionship.

Especially appealing to families and couples with differing loyalty statuses, this initiative enables Pinnacle Club members to share their premium experiences.

Whether it’s grandparents cruising with grandchildren or partners of different membership tiers, the new benefit aims to make luxurious cruise experiences more inclusive.

However, there are specific guidelines to ensure the exclusivity of these privileges. Non-Pinnacle Club guests need to be accompanied by a member unless they are staying in an eligible Suite themselves, and guests under 21 must have adult supervision.

While the initiative opens up new doors for guest inclusivity, Royal Caribbean also emphasizes the importance of capacity management.

Access to exclusive venues like the Coastal Kitchen will hinge on availability, ensuring that the quality of the experience remains uncompromised.

This thoughtful approach to luxury cruising signifies Royal Caribbean’s dedication to creating memorable journeys that cater to the desires of its most loyal passengers.

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Moreover, the cruise line maintains certain exclusivities, like the Crown Lounge access, reserved solely for Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club members.

This balance between exclusivity and inclusivity highlights Royal Caribbean’s commitment to recognizing loyalty while fostering a sense of belonging among passengers of all levels.

As Royal Caribbean continues to innovate within the cruise industry, this latest enhancement to the Crown & Anchor Society benefits exemplifies the brand’s ethos of family togetherness and shared luxury.

By inviting loyal passengers to enjoy their privileges with loved ones, Royal Caribbean not only rewards loyalty but also enriches the cruising experience, crafting unforgettable memories on the high seas.

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