Royal Caribbean Junior Suite Perks- Worth It or Not?!

When planning your Royal Caribbean cruise, the accommodation choice is crucial for the perfect balance of luxury and value.

Junior Suites emerge as an attractive middle ground, offering more space than a standard balcony stateroom and a selection of exclusive perks without the full splendor of a Grand Suite.

These suites provide a unique combination of comfort and convenience, making them an ideal choice for travelers seeking a bit more from their cruise experience.

Let’s explore what sets the Junior Suite apart, ensuring your vacation is as memorable as it is comfortable.

Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suites

A Junior Suite is the most compact and affordable option among Royal Caribbean’s suite selections. It’s a step up from the Deluxe Balcony room and offers a bit more space.

Most people on book suites for the perks that come with them on Royal Caribbean. However, the Junior Suites don’t come with as many perks as the regular suites.

What Are The Junior Suite Perks?

The Junior Suite offers a step up from the regular Balcony Stateroom, providing you with cozy bathrobes, premium toiletries, a coffee machine right in your room, and, for those on Oasis- and Spectrum-class ships, the chance to dine at Coastal Kitchen. You’ll also enjoy the ease of priority boarding.

On the other hand, going for a Grand Suite unlocks a so many more privileges that aren’t available with a Junior Suite. In a Grand suite you’d start your morning with private breakfast seating or being treated to a warm welcome with water and fruit in your room.

You’ll rest on a luxurious pillowtop mattress and have a range of exclusive services at your fingertips, like a concierge, priority dining reservations, and preferred seating in entertainment venues.

This is in addition to priority tendering, departure, and complimentary pressing of your evening wear on the first formal night.

And of course, the main benefit of booking suites over standard staterooms is the extra space. We have to use all the cabin hacks to make room when in a standard stateroom, but with suites you normally have much more wiggle room.

How Big Is A Junior Suite?

A junior suites size can vary greatly from ship-to-ship. On average, you can expect about 290 square feet of personal space. If you’re looking at the Vision Class ships, these cozy suites are slightly more intimate at 245 square feet.

On the flip side, if you’re considering the grandeur of the Odyssey of the Seas, you’ll be indulging in their most expansive Junior Suites, which stretch out to an impressive 301 square feet.

It’s interesting to note that the newer the ship, the more generous the suite tends to be. Yet even on the same vessel, each Junior Suite could have its unique size, so it’s wise to peruse the deck plan with attention to pinpoint the suite that best satisfies your desires.

Aboard the more contemporary ships, you might even have expansive balconies exceeding 160 square feet, complete with sun loungers, inviting you to bask in the ocean vistas and soak up the sun.

How Much Is Gratuity For A Junior Suite?

Royal Caribbean JR Suite

When staying in a Junior Suite aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, you should account for the standard gratuity charge, which is $18.00 daily per guest.

This fee is the same that most passengers pay, regardless of their type of accommodation. Should you opt for a Grand Suite or a higher category, the daily rate for gratuities would increase to $20.50 per person.

It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with Royal Caribbean’s gratuity policies for comprehensive planning.

What Ships Have Junior Suites Onboard?

Royal Caribbean has Junior Suites on many of their ships, so you can find them on lots of different cruises.

You can book a Junior Suite on big ships like those in the Oasis and Quantum classes, and also on other ships like those in the Freedom, Voyager, and Radiance classes.

This means if you want a special room that’s nicer than a regular room but not as fancy as the biggest suites, you can find one on most Royal Caribbean cruises.

No matter where you want to go, there’s a good chance you can enjoy a Junior Suite on your trip.

Is There Any Difference In The Bed Size Of the Junior Suite?

there is no difference. All Royal Caribbean rooms and suites have a big king-size bed that can split into two twins, plus a double sofa bed, so up to four people can sleep comfortably.

On certain ships, these suites have an extra Pullman bed, which means up to five guests can stay in one suite.

How Are The Bathrooms In A Junior Suite?

In a Junior Suite on Royal Caribbean, the bathrooms are a bit fancier than in regular rooms. They usually (but not always) have a bathtub, which is a nice upgrade, making your stay more comfortable.

This means you get more space and a touch of luxury when you’re getting ready or just want to relax with a soak.

The bathroom in a Junior Suite is not just bigger, but also a little more special.

What Do Junior Suites Not Include?

Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean offer a range of amenities, but there are some perks they don’t include when compared to the more luxurious Grand Suites or higher categories.

For instance, they do not come with access to the exclusive suite-only areas like the Coastal Kitchen or the Suite Lounge. Also, complimentary concierge service is not part of the Junior Suite package, a benefit that guests in higher suite categories often enjoy.

While the rooms provide added space and some upgraded amenities, full suite privileges like priority boarding and special event invitations are reserved for higher-tier suites.

Additionally, Junior Suite guests don’t receive the same level of personalized service, such as a dedicated suite attendant.

It’s important to note that while Junior Suites offer a step up from standard staterooms in terms of space and comfort, they don’t include the comprehensive suite benefits that enhance the cruising experience for guests in more premium accommodations.

How Much Does A Junior Suite Cost?

The cost of a Junior Suite on Royal Caribbean can change a lot, depending on which ship you’re on and when you decide to go.

If you pick a Junior Suite on an older ship, it’s usually cheaper than one on a brand-new ship. When thinking about upgrading to a Junior Suite from a standard balcony cabin, the big question is how much more it will cost.

On a 7-night Caribbean cruise for two, prices can start as low as $2,000 but can go all the way up to around $10,000.

The price can change based on a few things, like what time of year you’re sailing, how full the ship is already, and what kind of ship and ship class you choose.

Are The Royal Caribbean Junior Suites Worth It?

When considering upgrading to a Junior Suite on your Royal Caribbean cruise, think about the roomier accommodations awaiting you—ideal for storing a portable crib for your little one or simply relishing the additional space to move around.

Picture the convenience of having a full bathtub at your disposal, a small luxury that can make all the difference for those traveling with infants or if you prefer a more spacious bathroom setup.

For avid cruisers, the allure of the Junior Suite isn’t just in the comfort, but also in the strategic benefit: staying in this category earns you double the loyalty points in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, accelerating your progress toward heightened status and the rewards that come with it.

Just keep this advice at the forefront: these extra points are yours only if you book the Junior Suite from the get-go; upgrading through the Royal Up bidding program later on won’t yield the same perk.

On the flip side, if your decision is heavily swayed by the exclusive advantages typically afforded to suite passengers, you might want to consider saving up for a Grand Suite.

The Junior Suite, while pleasant and spacious, doesn’t encapsulate the full suite experience that you might be envisioning. It all boils down to your preferences, needs, and the kind of experience you’re seeking on the high seas.

In Conclusion…

Your accommodation in a Junior Suite provides a generous size with enough room to accommodate up to four travelers comfortably; picture yourself relaxing on a plush king-size bed that can be configured into two twins based on your needs, or unwinding on the cozy double sofa bed.

Certain Junior Suites also come with an extra Pullman bed, giving you the convenience of space for a fifth guest should your party need it.

Imagine the opulence of having both a bathtub for a relaxing soak and a walk-in closet to store all your outfits with ease.

And for those moments when you need a bit of privacy, there’s often a delicate curtain separating the sleeping and living areas, allowing you to create separate spaces within your suite.

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