Starting at $182,998: Is This the World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Experience?

Regent Seven Seas Cruises has just announced its 2027 global expedition, poised to redefine luxury cruising.

Aptly named ‘World of Splendor’, this journey aboard the exquisite Seven Seas Splendor spans 140 nights, offering an unmatched experience in luxury travel that kicks off from Miami on January 11, 2027, and concludes in New York on June 1.

Seven Seas Splendor

This exclusive voyage sets a new standard for luxury with its pricing model, which starts at $182,998 for a Veranda Suite for two and reaches an unparalleled peak of $1.7 million for the cruise line’s most opulent offering, the Regent Suite.

This price not only secures a place on this extraordinary journey but also opens the door to a level of splendor and comfort rarely found in maritime travel.

Occupying a commanding position on the 14th deck, the Regent Suite sprawls over 4,443 square feet and boasts a 1,300 square-foot balcony offering expansive 270-degree vistas.

The suite itself is a haven of luxury, equipped with an exclusive spa area featuring a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi.

It’s adorned with authentic Picasso pieces and houses a bespoke Steinway Grand Maroque Piano. The epitome of sleeping luxury, a Hästens Vividus mattress valued at over $200,000, promises rest like no other.

Seven Seas Splendor

The journey aboard the Seven Seas Splendor is as much about gastronomic indulgence as it is about lavish accommodations.

With provisions including 13,000 pounds of lobster and 14,000 pounds of filet mignon, complemented by a wine selection of 58,000 bottles featuring 200 varieties, including champagne, the culinary experience promises to be as extraordinary as the voyage itself.

This world cruise is an invitation to explore the globe’s wonders, touching 71 ports across 40 countries on six continents.

Guests will enjoy over 480 planned shore excursions, along with exclusive events in standout locations such as Panama City; Colombo, Sri Lanka; and Malaga, Spain.

The itinerary is designed to immerse passengers in the rich tapestry of global cultures, scenic beauty, and historic sites, ensuring a deeply enriching travel experience.

For those looking for a slightly condensed version of this grand voyage, a 126-night option from Miami to Rome is also available, with fares ranging from $84,999 to $755,999 per passenger.

As bookings for this unparalleled journey open on April 10, 2024, Regent Seven Seas Cruises invites discerning travelers to embark on a voyage that promises not just travel, but an immersion into unparalleled luxury and global exploration.

The 2027 World of Splendor World Cruise represents the zenith of luxury cruising, offering an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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