Radiance of the Seas Cabins To Avoid (Check BEFORE You Book!)

As you hop on board the Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas, you’re hit with a dizzying choice of over 1,000 cabins. Kind of makes your head spin, right?

Think of the Radiance of the Seas as a floating hotel with a twist. Sure, all those cabin types might look similar at first glance, but trust us, they’re not all the same.

Royal Caribbean gives you two ways to play it: Pick your perfect cabin for a bit extra cash, or roll the dice and let them choose for you within your booked category.

And if you’re budget allows for it, why not make sure you’ve got a killer view or a sweet spot on the ship?

Ready to dive in? Here’s your go-to guide on which cabins to snag and which ones to skip on the Radiance of the Seas. Let’s get started…

Cabin Categories on Radiance of the Seas

Inside Cabins

Standard Interior: A cozy cocoon for sea enthusiasts. These windowless retreats offer a serene escape, perfect for unwinding after a day full of adventure and discovery.

Studio Interior: A compact, single-occupant haven. Designed for solo travelers, these cabins provide a snug, private space, ideal for relaxation and reflection.

Ocean View Cabins

Standard Ocean View: Nature’s canvas at your window. Start each day with breathtaking views of the endless ocean, bringing the beauty of the sea right to your room.

Ultra-Spacious Ocean View (1K): Spacious and scenic. These family-friendly cabins offer ample room and stunning sea views, making every moment onboard a picturesque experience.

Balcony Cabins

Standard Balcony: Your private oceanfront retreat. Step out to savor the fresh sea air and the enchanting views, creating your personal sanctuary at sea.

Spacious Balcony: More than just a view. These larger balconies provide extra space to relax and relish in the sweeping ocean vistas.


Junior Suite: A touch of elegance at sea. Combining spaciousness with tasteful design, this suite category elevates your cruise experience to a new level of comfort.

Grand Suite: Luxury redefined. Spacious and sophisticated, these suites offer a plush and premium stay, complete with top-tier amenities.

Owner’s Suite: Your private maritime domain. Offering opulent living spaces and luxurious finishes, these suites turn your journey into a lavish affair.

Royal Suite: The pinnacle of seafaring elegance. Expansive, exquisite, and exclusive, these suites provide a cruising experience like no other.

Family and Group Accommodation

Family Suites: Designed with the family in mind. These suites offer spacious living areas and amenities that cater to both adults and children, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all.

Accessible Cabins

Accessible Cabins: Seamlessly navigating the seas. Thoughtfully designed for accessibility, these cabins ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for all travelers.

Radiance of the Seas Cabins To Avoid

Deck 2

Radiance of the Seas Deck 2

We have never been huge fans of lower decks as these cabins are closer to the waterline, making the view less remarkable than rooms higher up.

On top of this, they may be noisier due to the proximity to the ship’s engines and waves.

However, if you are prone to seasickness, these lower decks may be your best bet. Being closer to the waterline makes for a more steady time at sea and ease any potential nausea you may experience.

If you are prone to motion sickness and want a low deck, there are just four cabins on this deck we recommend avoiding.

Cabins 2026-2029 are near the elevators and will likely get a lot of foot traffic at all hours of the day.

If you want to guarantee a peaceful sleep-in, these high-traffic areas are best avoided as a lot of people will gather, waiting for the elevator.

Deck 3

Radiance of the Seas Deck 3 Cabins to Avoid

We have the same hesitations with Deck 3 as we did with Deck 2. It’s close to the waterline, meaning the views won’t be as amazing as decks higher up.

But the biggest hesitation we have is the fact it’s directly below Cascades Dining Room, the Lobby Bar, and the Aurora Theatre. While these cabins might not be excessively noisy, there’s always the chance some sounds may transfer.

Cabins directly below the Dining Room and Lobby bar are further back of the ship. Cabins below the Dining Hall are 3106-3144 and 3606-3644.

While cabins near the front of the ship are below the Aurora Theatre. Cabins below the Theatre include 3000-3020, 3500-3520, 3009-3019, and 3509-3519.

Rooms near elevators and restrooms should also be avoided as they tend to have a lot of foot traffic and chatter at all hours of the day.

Rooms to avoid near the elevators and restrooms are 3030-3038, 3530-3538, 3539-3541, and 3082-3104.

Deck 4

Radiance of the Seas Deck 4 Cabins to Avoid

Although you’ll notice we highlights a number of spots on Deck 4, it’s actually not a bad pick (if you avoid the areas marked.)

Deck 4 isn’t as close to the waterline as the other decks, meaning better ocean views, but it’s still central enough to be on a steady part of the ship if you are nervous about being seasick.

On top of this, if you want to be close to the hustle and bustle, you are just a quick walk from the Dining Hall and directly below the Promenade Deck.

Of course, be cautious of possible upstairs noise if you book Deck 4 as it is below a very popular deck, with lots of shops. However, the noise from those shops don’t worry us too much, it’s more the Theatres and Night clubs that we urge caution with.

Specifically, on Deck 4 we recommend avoiding cabins near the elevators, specifically 4008-4014, 4508-4512, 4017, and 4517.

We also highlighted cabins near the front of the ship due to their proximity to the Aurora Theatre. If you plan on having a couple of early nights in, the noise from the theatre can be less than ideal. These cabins are 4000-4004, 4500-4503.

On the other end of the ship, we’ve also highlighted some cabins near the dining hall that could have early morning noise and a lot of foot traffic, these cabins are 4054-4061, 4555-4560, and 4580-4590.

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Deck 7

Radiance of the Seas Deck 7 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 7 on Radiance of the Seas is a great choice, as the deck above is only cabins. Having only cabins above means less chance of noise at all hours of the day.

But like with all decks, there are certain areas we recommend avoiding, specifically near the elevators.

Cabins to avoid near the elevators are 7038-7050, 7538-7551, and 7090-7110.

Deck 8

Radiance of the Seas Deck 8 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 8 is surrounded by cabins above and below, making the chance of noise transfer almost impossible.

It’s one of the best decks you can book. The only areas to possibly avoid are the usual spots near the elevators.

The cabins near the elevators are 8030-8038, 8530-8538, and 8086-8104.

Deck 9

Radiance of the Seas Deck 9 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 9 on Radiance of the Seas shares similar characteristics with Deck 8, particularly in terms of cabin placement near elevators.

This deck also has only cabins above and below, meaning much less likelihood of noise.

The only cabins on Deck 9 to avoid are the ones near the elevator due to the foot-traffic and chatter. These cabins are 9020-9032, 9520-9532, and 9074-9096.

Decks 8 and 9 are the best floors on Radiance of the Seas due to the fact they are both have cabins above and below, plus they have great room categories to choose from.

Deck 10

Radiance of the Seas Deck 10 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 10 is directly below the busy pool deck. Although this doesn’t make this a bad deck, there can be certain cabins that can experience some noise.

Some cruiser report having heard the sun loungers being dragged across the ceiling during the early hours of the morning, when staff is preparing for the day.

So if you’re someone who prefers a peaceful snooze-in, and don’t want to risk being waken up early, this deck may not be the best one for you.

However, if you’re an early riser, can sleep through anything, or just want to be close to everything and anything – then this may be the deck for you.

As always, we recommend avoiding certain rooms near the elevators as those are almost guaranteed to have a lot of chit-chat and foot-traffic.

The cabins near the elevator are 1020-1028, 1520-1528, and 1054-1060.

What To Consider When Booking Your Perfect Room

Cabins Near Elevators

If this sounds repetitive, it’s because it’s a very common concern echoed by many passengers and we don’t want you to make the same mistake!

Areas near elevators offer convenience but at the cost of tranquility and silence.

These elevator zones are normally bustling areas, especially during peak times like disembarkation day.

Simply picking a cabin two or three rooms away from the elevators will give you more peace and quiet. It’s well worth it.

Cabins Underneath Public Areas

You’ll want to avoid cabins underneath busy public spaces if possible. Some of these cabins experience noise bleed, which can be a problem if you’re a light sleeper or prefer an early bedtime.

Iif your cabin is located beneath a dance club, you may find it difficult to sleep with the sound of thumping bass and people moving around above you all night.

Also, cabins situated below the pool deck could be affected by the sound of moving deck chairs, heavy foot traffic, and frequent splashing.

High Traffic Areas

Beyond the elevators and restrooms, there are plenty of high-traffic areas you’ll probably want to avoid.

High traffic areas include spots like buffets, galleys, show lounges, fitness centers, night clubs, casinos, and crew areas. Having a cabin near these areas might result in a noisy and congested stay on board.

Although it’s nice to be near the hustle and bustle, it’s also nice to escape to a quiet room and not be disturbed.

Cabins With Obstructed Views

There’s possibly few things worse than booking a cabin with a gorgeous ocean view and then realizing the view is obstructed…

Your deck plan will always show if the cabin your booking has an obstructed view, so take note of this before booking.

Obstructed view cabins have lifeboats, pillars, or other ship infrastructure blocking the view, which can potentially dampen your cruise experience.

Avoid Connecting Cabins

Unless you’re a family that plans on using the connecting cabin, you’ll likely want to avoid these.

These cabins share a common interior door, which could result in sound leakage from your neighboring cabin. If you’re a light sleeper, or if your neighbors are particularly noisy, this might disrupt your rest and relaxation.

You will be more likely to hear your neighbors through the wall, which can be unpleasant. Especially if they are partaking in adult activities and you have children…

All in all, these cabins should be avoided unless you plan on using the connecting door with your

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