Allure of the Seas Cabins to Avoid (Check BEFORE Booking!!)

Embarking on the incredible Allure of the Seas, travelers are greeted with a grand selection of over 2,700 staterooms to choose from. Feels slightly daunting, no?

It’s undisputed that Allure of the Seas offers plenty of cabin choices, and while the categories might look alike, not every cabin is created equal.

With Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer a diverse range, you have the choice to handpick your ideal room by parting with a few more bucks, or you can leave it in their hands to designate one for you based on your chosen category.

And if you’re investing that extra dime, isn’t it worth ensuring a breathtaking view or a prime spot on the ship?

Let’s dive in, shall we? Here’s the lowdown on the cabins to consider and those to sidestep on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas…

Cabin Categories From Allure of the Seas

Cabins on Allure of the Seas

Inside Cabins

Interior Stateroom Allure of the Seas

Standard Interior: A peaceful haven for the sea-bound traveler. With the absence of windows, the focus remains inward, crafting an idyllic retreat after a day brimming with activities. It’s simplicity meets serenity. If you aren’t one to stay in the room and like to be out and about on cruise ships, this is great choice.

Virtual Interior Balcony Cabins: Where innovation meets inspiration. Within these walls, a high-tech screen displays live, sweeping views of the majestic seas, blending the intimacy of an interior with the allure of the outside.

Ocean View Cabins

Oceanview Stateroom Allure of the Seas

Standard Ocean View: Awaken to the vastness of the sea. With windows framing the boundless horizon, every day begins with nature’s most grand spectacle.

Ultra Spacious Ocean View: Elegance with an expanse. This cabin offers more than just a view; it’s a spacious sanctuary that marries the majesty of the ocean with ample room to relax.

Balcony Cabins

Balcony Stateroom Allure of the Seas

Standard Balcony: A personal sanctuary at sea. Step out, breathe in the oceanic essence, and let the endless horizons take your breath away.

Central Park View Balcony: Nature on the nautical. Gaze down upon Allure’s verdant Central Park, where tranquility meets the gentle hum of shipboard life.

Boardwalk View Balcony: The ship’s heartbeat at your doorstep. Witness the lively Boardwalk with its pulsating energy, right from your own private space.

Ocean View Balcony: Ocean’s embrace, up close. Elevate your balcony experience as the vast sea becomes an ever-present backdrop to your journey.


Suite Stateroom Allure of the Seas

Junior Suite: An ode to oceanic opulence. Merging spaciousness with refined touches, this suite promises an elevated sojourn at sea.

Grand Suite: Step into sheer luxury. Plush designs combined with premium amenities craft an ambiance of unparalleled relaxation.

Owner’s Suite: Your maritime mansion. Grandeur at every turn, from expansive rooms to fine finishes, making every moment aboard a regal experience.

Royal Suite: The epitome of sea-bound sophistication. With multifaceted rooms and unmatched service, it’s cruising at its most luxurious.

Crown Loft Suites: Modernity meets the maritime. Dual-level opulence, complemented by expansive windows, ensures the ocean is always in sight.

AquaTheater Suites: A theatergoer’s dream. Offering front-row experiences to the mesmerizing AquaTheater shows, all from the luxury of your own balcony.

Family and Group Accommodation

Family Suites: Crafted for cherished moments. Designed with families in mind, blending comfort with views that captivate every member.

Accessible Cabins

Accessible Cabins: Navigating the sea, barrier-free. Thoughtfully designed with wider doors, adaptive amenities, and facilities, ensuring every journey is comfortable and inclusive.

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid

Deck 3

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 3

Deck 3 on the Allure of the Seas might not be our top recommendation for every cruiser, to put it candidly.

The apprehension largely stems from the fact that Deck 3 lies directly beneath Deck 4, which houses major attractions such as Casino Royale, the Ice Skating Arena, and the Royal Theatre, among others.

Even if these spots don’t necessarily cause a notable noise disturbance, there’s always the chance of some sound carry-over.

On top of this, being situated on one of the lower tiers of the ship, Deck 3 often features cabins with tinier windows or portholes, leading to potentially dimmer lighting.

For those who value roomy and sun-drenched quarters, you might consider looking into staterooms on higher floors.

It’s also important to mention the potential views from Deck 3 rooms. There’s a risk of having a restricted or perhaps blocked ocean view, possibly forgoing those stunning sunrise or sunset vistas.

On the flip side, for those cautious about motion sickness, Deck 3 has a silver lining. Its position ensures greater steadiness, lessening the sensation of the sea’s sway.

There are also a lot of connecting cabins available, making it a great, budget-friendly, choice for larger parties or families.

However, if you’re committed to Deck 3, it’s advisable to be discerning in cabin choice.

Particularly, rooms near the elevators and restrooms might be busier and noisier due to foot traffic. Rooms to approach with caution are 3178-3180, 3578-3580, 3254-3256, 3654-3656, and 3844-3860.

Deck 6

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 6

Deck 6 is undoubtedly a hub of excitement. If being just steps away from the Vitality Spa, Boardwalk, and Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade tickles your fancy, then this deck could be your dream vacation locale.

However, for those who prize peace and quiet, some parts of Deck 6 may warrant a second thought.

Certain sections, particularly around the elevator regions, can become bustling zones. These areas have a knack for attracting a gathering, and the subsequent hum might just disrupt that afternoon nap of yours.

Rooms that are possibly a bit too close to the elevators are 6160-6170, 6560-6570, 6260-6270, and 6660-6670.

We’ve also highlighted some cabins near the Aquatheatre. While evening events and shows usually wrap up well before the wee hours, lingering noises might not resonate well with early risers.

For those who cherish an early night’s rest, cabins such as 6322-6328 and 6722-6728 may not align with your preference.

As for cabins neighboring the Fitness Center, the faint echoes of early morning exercise sessions might be audible. While this isn’t a significant bother, insights from seasoned cruisers on discussion boards encouraged us to flag this.

If these sounds could potentially impede your rest, you might want to rethink choosing cabins 6130-6138 and 6530-6538.

Deck 7

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 7

Deck 7 is undoubtedly one of our favored decks. That said, there are still particular zones we’d suggest being wary of, especially those proximate to the elevator areas.

Rooms that are positioned close to these elevator junctions encompass 7160-7170, 7560-7570, 7260-7270, and 7660-7670.

Sseveral cabins towards the ship’s bow offer less than perfect vistas. When investing in an Ocean View, it’s reasonable to anticipate a clear, expansive gaze upon the boundless ocean.

Cabins that may fall short in delivering these optimal views are 7100-7108, 7116-7128, 7500-7510, and 7516-7528.

Deck 8

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 8

Deck 8, similiar to other levels, has a lot to offer. Like all other decks, there are specific rooms near the elevator zones that you’ll likely want to avoid.

Particularly, cabins situated in close proximity to these elevators are 8160-8170, 8560-8570, 8250-8270, and 8650-8670.

Additionally, for those who prioritize serenity in their accommodations, there are certain cabins adjacent to the deck’s vibrant hubs that you may want to rethink. Deck 8 has a lot of dining options, watering holes, and the renowned Central Park.

While most living quarters on this deck promise tranquility, we’d like to spotlight a select few that are in close range to Dazzles, the pulsating music and dance venue.

Given Dazzles’ propensity to resonate with energy into the wee hours, it’s an aspect to keep in mind.

Rooms that might warrant caution due to their closeness to Dazzles are 8270-8290, 8670-8690, 8293-8299, and 8695-8699.

For those gravitating towards an Ocean View stateroom on this level, it’s worth mentioning that some may fall short of providing pristine oceanic panoramas.

To secure a room with a flawless ocean view filled with daylight, you might want to scrutinize these specific cabins: 8100-8108, 8120-8128, 8500-8510, and 8520-8528.

Deck 9

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 9

Deck 9 exhibits certain room idiosyncrasies similiar to Deck 8 that prospective travelers should take note of. Much like the deck below it, rooms in the vicinity of the elevator on this level might not be the top pick for every guest.

Significantly, cabins situated near these elevators are 9160-9170, 9560-9570, 9260-9270, and 9560-9570.

Echoing the circumstances on Deck 8, the Dazzles on Deck 9 can occasionally hum with vibrant activity, especially as the night deepens.

For the sound-sensitive or those who treasure tranquil evenings, you may want to reconsider these staterooms: 9270-9290, 9670-9690, 9293-9299, and 9693-9699.

A handful of ocean-view rooms towards the ship’s forefront might not deliver the expansive, uninterrupted vistas you anticipate.

Exercise some caution if considering these specific cabins: 9100-9108, 9122-9130, 9500-9510, and 9522-9530.

Deck 10, 11, and 12

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 10

Decks 10, 11, and 12 exhibit striking similarities in their layouts.

Mainly dominated by staterooms, the areas warranting a second glance primarily circle around the elevator zones and the ocean-view cabins at the ship’s front. The latter might not always serve up impeccable sea views.

For Deck 10, rooms lying in the proximity of these elevators are 10160-10170, 10560-10570, 10260-10270, and 10660-10670.

Ocean-view rooms located at the bow of Deck 10, which might present obstructed vistas, cover 10100-10108 and 10500-10510.

The bulk of the accommodations on Deck 10 typically hit the mark. Given there’s no direct adjacency to buzzing entertainment spots, a peaceful ambiance is almost a given, regardless of the time.

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 11

On Deck 11, there are certain rooms in close proximity to the elevators that might warrant a more discerning look. To be precise, these rooms include 11158-11172, 11558-11572, 11260-11270, and 11660-11670.

For those with their hearts set on pristine ocean vistas, particular cabins near the ship’s front might not fully deliver. The cabins to be aware of in this regard are 11100-11106, and 11500-11506.

On top of this, Deck 11 plays host to the Diamond Club as well. Although it’s primarily a dining destination rather than a bustling entertainment hotspot, it’s unlikely that adjacent cabins would experience any significant disturbances from its clientele.

Yet, for the peace-seeking traveler who desires uninterrupted early evenings and is sensitive to potential ambient noises, staterooms such as 11270-11290 and 11670-11690 may not align with their preferences.

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 12

Deck 12 mirrors many of the features of Deck 11, yet it stands apart due to the absence of front-facing ocean-view cabins that might have compromised vistas.

For those weighing their options, a bit of circumspection might be advised for rooms close to the elevator areas, specifically those ranging from 12160-12170, 12560-12570, 12260-12270, and 12660-12670.

Additionally, accommodations that brush shoulders with the Diamond Club cover the slots 12270-12280 and 12670-12680.

Deck 14

Allure of the Seas Cabins To Avoid Deck 14

Deck 14, nestled among the ship’s upper tiers, finds itself directly below buzzing hubs like the swimming pools, pool deck, bars, and the sports court. Opinions on this location are mixed: while many appreciate the short jaunt to these active spots, others point to possible noise intrusions.

Owing to its altitude, the views from this deck are undeniably breathtaking, particularly for those in balcony staterooms.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that being on higher decks can sometimes mean more noticeable ship movement, which might not be ideal if you have a sensitivity to motion.

If that’s not a concern, a handful of cabins on this deck might still warrant a second glance. As is customary on many decks, proximity to elevators is a consistent consideration. Another factor on Deck 14 is its nearness to Adventure Ocean.

Serving as a sanctuary for the ship’s younger guests, Adventure Ocean caters to age groups from as young as 6 months to 12 years. While the joyful cadence of children at play has its charm, it might be less appealing for those who enjoy undisturbed late morning slumbers.

Rooms potentially within earshot of Adventure Ocean stretch from 14138-14160 through 14538-14560.

Cabins adjacent to the elevators on Deck 14 include 14160-14170, 14560-14570, 14260-14270, and 14660-14670.

Deck 17

Allure of the Seas Cabins to Avoid Deck 17

Deck 17 is a showcase of luxurious splendor, most prominently featuring the illustrious Royal Loft Suite.

Opting for the Royal Loft Suite is undeniably a choice that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Though most suites on this deck set a gold standard, there are a few that might merit a closer look – even so, these accommodations remain bathed in opulence.

Suites 1701-1706 and 1758-1766 are either snugly positioned near the elevator or could potentially offer views that are less than optimal.

However, 1701 and 1758 are the luxurious Grand Panoramic Suite and the Owners Panoramic Suite, so a little elevator noise is not an issue. Plus the bedrooms in these suites aren’t close to the elevators outside, but we still felt like mentioning them in case that’s a large deterrent for you.

What To Consider When Booking Your Perfect Room

Allure of the Seas At Sea

Cabins Near Elevators on Allure of the Seas

Do we sound like a broken record? Apologies, but consistent feedback from countless cruisers underlines this concern. It’s crucial to be well-aware of the possible disturbances from choosing a stateroom close to the elevator.

These cabins, while providing quick routes to different ship sections, might not be the best fit for those seeking calm and silence.

The elevator areas, especially on busy days like debarkation, can become hubs of noise due to the continuous stream of passengers.

For a peaceful cruise vibe, it’s advisable to opt for rooms a tad distant from elevators and staircase landings.

Cabins Below Public Spaces

Staterooms located directly under communal areas like dining venues, pool deck, or entertainment sections might face noise infiltrations from overhead activities.

Footsteps, music, and bustling events can occasionally permeate into the spaces below.

For a guaranteed quiet onboard experience, it’s prudent to sidestep cabins directly under these high-footfall areas.

Cabins with Limited Views

Oceanview and balcony staterooms typically offer mesmerizing sea landscapes. But, some cabins with “limited views” may not meet this expectation.

These could be placed behind lifeboats or other structural elements of the ship, constraining the scope of your oceanic view.

If you prioritize unobstructed seascapes, it’s beneficial to avoid cabins marked with limited views during reservation.

Cabins Beneath Active Decks

Another category to be cautious of lies directly beneath the active sports and pool deck. These spots hum with vitality throughout the day and can create discernible noise that might permeate cabins underneath.

Sounds of scurrying feet or poolside splashes might punctuate your relaxation moments if your room is beneath these areas.

Some travelers have noted the audible shuffle of deck chairs in the wee hours as crews prepare for the day.

Choosing a cabin further from these energetic zones can offer a more serene backdrop.

Cabins with Reduced Privacy

For those considering a balcony stateroom, it’s essential to be wary of cabins potentially in the line of sight of fellow cruisers.

Privacy is vital for many, so ensure your chosen cabin isn’t easily viewable from common spaces or adjacent rooms.

Balcony staterooms near the Boardwalk or Aqua Theatre areas might be particularly susceptible.

Examining the ship’s blueprint can help discern a stateroom that strikes the right balance between vista and seclusion.

Room Layouts to Rethink Connecting Staterooms If uninterrupted peace is a priority during your voyage, cabins with interconnecting doors might not be ideal.

While great for families or groups wanting proximity, these doors can be conduits for sound, perhaps letting in conversations or TV sounds from next door.

For a tranquil retreat, it’s wise to lean towards non-connecting cabin choices.

Staterooms with Overhead Rooms

Another configuration to be cautious of are rooms with overhead berths.

Though practical for families, they can contribute to a sense of crowding, reducing daytime space.

Even if they offer added sleeping arrangements, the resultant lack of elbow room might make daytime relaxation a tad challenging.

For those cherishing space, it’s suggested to bypass these and explore roomier options.

Rooms Overlooking the Promenade

The allure of overseeing the ship’s lively center might be enticing, but promenade-view cabins come with their set of challenges.

With expansive windows facing the animated interior walkway, these rooms might grapple with reduced privacy and sporadic noise from events.

The luminance from the promenade might also hinder those sensitive to light when trying to rest.

For an undisturbed and private stay on Allure of the Seas, it might be more fitting to veer towards an ocean-view or balcony cabin.

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