Do Disney Cruises Have Casinos? (Is it JUST Kid-Friendly Activities?)

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation, it’s very likely you have considered Disney Cruises.

With its reputation for providing endless entertainment for all ages, it’s no surprise it’s a go-to for families with kids of all ages.

But if you want to enjoy some more adult activities while onboard, like gambling, you may be wondering if Disney Cruises have casinos.

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Do Disney Cruises Have Casinos?

No, Disney Cruise Line has chosen not to include casinos on any of their ships in order to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere. This decision aligns with their land-based Disney resorts, which also do not have casinos.

While you won’t find gambling facilities aboard Disney cruise ships, you can still enjoy a variety of other adult-only activities.

For instance, each of the four Disney cruise ships – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy – offers nightclubs and cabarets with live entertainment.

You might think that the absence of casinos is a deal-breaker for some adult travelers, but Disney does offer an alternative if you want that gambling fix while onboard.

Daily Bingo games are available for those who crave a little excitement. Additionally, some Disney cruise itineraries include a stop in Nassau, where you can visit the Atlantis hotel and casino.

Although Disney cruise ships lack casinos, they still provide a high-quality vacation experience with a focus on family-friendly activities and entertainment.

If you’re willing to forgo the casino experience, you’ll find that Disney Cruise Line offers many unique and memorable moments for the whole family to enjoy.

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Onboard Activities Without Casinos

Entertainment and Shows

Even though Disney cruises don’t offer casinos, you’ll find a wide variety of entertainment and live shows to keep you engaged throughout your journey.

Each ship has its own unique offerings, from Broadway-caliber productions like “Beauty and the Beast” to Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure.

You’ll be delighted by the impressive performances, amazing stagecraft, and memorable character experiences that bring the Disney magic to life.

Family Activities

Disney cruises are popular for providing fantastic family activities that cater to the preferences of everyone onboard. Dive into fun experiences like trivia nights, themed deck parties, and interactive game shows as you bond with your loved ones.

Attend delightful character meet-and-greets or join themed dance parties with popular Disney friends like Mickey and Minnie.

Plus, you can’t forget about the poolside movies where you can relax and watch some of your favorite Disney classics under the stars.

Youth Clubs

For the younger guests, Disney cruises offer exceptional youth clubs that are tailored to various age ranges. These club spaces have interactive and imaginative play areas supervised by dedicated crew members.

In the Oceaneer Club, kids can embark on adventures with Marvel Superheroes, join pirates on a high-seas voyage, or transform into a fairy tale princesses.

Meanwhile, the Oceaneer Lab provides hands-on experiments and imaginative play for budding scientists and artists. Regardless of the club they join, your kids will treasure these loads of unforgettable memories.


When it’s time to unwind and appreciate some adult-only moments, check out the nightclubs and lounges available on each Disney cruise ship.

Here, you can enjoy beverage tastings and mingle with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. These venues cater to various tastes, whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to sip on a cocktail or a lively dance floor to dance the night away.

Each Disney ship offers distinctive lounges, ensuring that your evenings are filled with entertainment and enjoyment.

In summary, Disney cruises provide ample onboard activities without the need for casinos. From captivating entertainment and shows to family-friendly activities, youth clubs, and adult lounges, there is something for everyone to enjoy and keep busy during their voyage.

What Games and Activities Do Disney Cruise Ships Offer?

Spa massage

Spa and Wellness

During your Disney Cruise, you can indulge in some rest and relaxation at the luxurious Spa and Wellness center. Here, you’ll find a variety of soothing treatments and services tailored to help you unwind.

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial, a calming massage, or immerse yourself in a lush aromatherapy environment.

With a focus on tranquility, the Spa and Wellness center is the perfect place to reinvigorate your mind and body during your cruise vacation.

Adult-Exclusive Bars and Lounges

While Disney Cruise ships do not have casinos, you can enjoy several adult-exclusive bars and lounges to unwind in during your voyage.

With tasteful décor, specialty cocktails, and diverse atmospheres, these venues provide the perfect escape from the bustle of the main ship.

Various themed lounges offer different ambiences, so you’re sure to find the perfect spot to socialize, savor a drink, and spend quality time with your fellow adults onboard.

Culinary Workshops

Disney Cruise Line also offers you the opportunity to participate in culinary workshops while sailing the high seas.

In these hands-on courses, you’ll learn new recipes and techniques from experienced chefs, who will guide you through a delectable journey of cooking and creativity.

Discover worldly flavors as you explore the art of preparing dishes from various cuisines. These workshops provide an exciting and engaging way for you to enhance your culinary skills while creating lasting memories on your Disney Cruise.

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Will The New Disney Ships Have A Casino?

As of now, Disney Cruise Line has maintained a no-casino policy on its current ships, which include Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy. They have no plans of changing this policy for their new ships.

This decision was made to protect the brand’s family-friendly image and cater to their target customers – families and children.

The Disney Wish, which arrived in the summer of 2022, continued the tradition of not having a casino. Similarly, the upcoming Disney Treasure, scheduled for delivery in 2024, has not announced any plans to include a casino onboard.

It’s reasonable to assume that Disney will stick to its no-casino policy for future ships as well.

While you won’t find a casino aboard Disney cruise ships, rest assured that there are plenty of adults-only activities.

Each ship offers nightclubs, cabarets, and live music, allowing adult guests to unwind and enjoy their evenings without the presence of casinos.

Besides, many travelers appreciate the unique, family-oriented atmosphere that Disney Cruise Line is known for.

In general, it’s highly unlikely that the new Disney ships will introduce casinos.

Instead, you can expect Disney Cruise Line to continue providing a range of exclusive entertainment and fun-filled activities for guests of all ages.

If you’re planning your next family vacation, a Disney cruise promises a memorable experience without the need for gambling.

Why Disney Cruise Line Doesn’t Offer Casinos

Disney Cruise Line prioritizes providing a fun and enjoyable experience for families and children. As a result, they have decided not to include casinos on their ships.

This is a conscious choice made to protect the family-friendly brand image they have built throughout the years, making Disney Cruise Line a top choice for families and children of all ages.

With casinos and gambling often associated with adult-only activities, Disney Cruise Line chose to focus on offering a wide range of entertainment options that cater to the whole family.

By doing so, you’ll find an array of kid-friendly activities, such as character experiences, water parks, themed restaurants, and interactive play areas that are staples of Disney Cruise Line ships.

Furthermore, not having casinos on their ships helps maintain a more relaxed atmosphere where your vacation feels more dedicated to spending quality time together as a family, rather than getting caught up in the temptation of gambling.

This might actually be a relief for some guests, as many cruise lines with casinos can often place a heavy focus on adult-oriented activities and entertainment.

While you may not find casinos on Disney Cruise Line ships, rest assured that there are plenty of exciting, engaging, and fun options that cater to every member of your family.

These options include everything from onboard musical productions to unique recreational activities, ensuring that your Disney Cruise Line experience is unforgettable and true to the Disney magic.

Advantages Of Not Having a Casino On A Disney Cruise

There are a lot of advantages to not having a casino on a Disney cruise.

For starters, the atmosphere is much more family-friendly. Casinos can be loud and filled with smoke and disruptive behavior.

By not having a casino, Disney allows for a peaceful and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy, from the youngest children to their grandparents.

This means you can rest easy knowing that your entire family will be comfortable and content on the cruise.

Additionally, without a casino taking up valuable space, Disney Cruise Line is able to dedicate more areas to entertainment and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

This includes kids clubs, interactive experiences, and character meet-and-greets. Plus, the focus is not just on children’s activities; there are plenty of adult-only spaces as well, including bars, lounges, and serene pool areas.

So while there may not be a casino, there is no shortage of fun and excitement to be had.

Saving money is another notable advantage of a casino-free Disney Cruise. Gambling can be an expensive pastime, and being on a cruise is no exception.

By removing the temptation of a casino, you’re more likely to stick to your vacation budget and avoid potential financial stress. You can use the money you save on something else, like a spa treatment, shore excursion, or even a future Disney Cruise.

Lastly, while other cruises may attract guests primarily focused on gambling and late-night entertainment, Disney Cruises draw in travelers seeking wholesome family fun.

This means you’re likely to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your priorities and values, helping to foster a sense of community and camaraderie during your time on board.

Disney Cruise Line’s decision to exclude casinos from their ships has resulted in a more family-friendly atmosphere, increased focus on entertainment and activities for all ages, money-saving opportunities, and the chance to connect with fellow passengers who share your outlook on vacation.

So when you embark on your next Disney Cruise, take a deep breath, relax, and embrace the advantages of a casino-free environment.

How Much is Bingo on a Disney Cruise?

Bingo on a Disney Cruise is a popular activity for guests of all ages. The pricing varies depending on the package you choose.

For example, a Family Pack can cost around $60, which includes two 24-card electronic handsets and two surprise paper cards.

If you prefer individual options, 24 electronic cards cost $40, while 48 electronic cards are priced at $50. There are also paper card options, with a double 3-pack costing $30 and three paper cards for $20.

Can Kids Play Bingo on Disney Cruise?

Yes, kids can join in on the Bingo fun during a Disney Cruise! Although you need to be over 19 years old to purchase Bingo tickets, everyone is welcome to participate in the game, making it a family-friendly experience. However, always remember that payouts can vary depending on the game.

Bingo games on Disney Cruises are not only entertaining, but they also offer some substantial prizes. On a typical cruise, they might range from $100 to $200 for the first game to $400-$600 for the final game.

Occasionally, there could even be a special jackpot game with a prize of up to $10,000.

During your Disney Cruise, be sure to take advantage of this fun-filled activity and enjoy a friendly, competitive atmosphere with the whole family.

Don’t be shy – whether you’re a seasoned Bingo player or it’s your first time, it’s sure to be a memorable experience!

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Comparing Disney Cruise Line to Cruise Lines with Casinos

When you’re considering a cruise vacation, the entertainment options on board can play a significant role in your decision-making process.

One significant difference between Disney Cruise Line and other major cruise lines is the presence of casinos on board.

Disney Cruise Line has chosen to avoid hosting casinos on their ships to protect their brand image and cater to their primary target audience – families and children.

This decision sets Disney Cruise Line apart from competitors such as Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Lines, which all feature casinos on most of their ships.

Casinos are often a popular pastime on cruises, offering a wide variety of games such as slot machines, blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Luxury cruise lines like Silversea, Seabourn, and Regent Seven Seas have casinos on their non-expedition ships, while smaller luxury ships operated by Ponant, Ritz-Carlton, Scenic, and Emerald do not.

Although Disney ships don’t have casinos, they still offer other forms of adult entertainment, providing an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for parents and non-gambling adults.

For example, Disney Cruise Line does offer Bingo games that the whole family can participate in, with adults (aged 19+) purchasing tickets and claiming prizes on behalf of the entire group.

It’s important to remember that while the lack of casinos might be disappointing for some cruise-goers, Disney Cruise Line specifically caters to families and focuses on creating magical experiences for children.

Their ships are filled with kid-friendly activities, family-oriented shows, and character meet-and-greets, which may not be as prevalent on cruise lines with casinos.

If you’re primarily looking for a family-friendly cruise experience where the focus is on wholesome activities and entertainment, Disney Cruise Line might be the perfect choice for you.

Now, however, you’re an adult who enjoys casino-style gaming along with your cruising experience, there are plenty of other cruise lines that cater to your preference.

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