Royal Caribbean Emerald Benefits: Unlocking Superior Serenity at Sea

Taking a cruise gets even more exciting when you have access to exclusive perks. Most cruise lines offer loyalty programs for customers and Royal Caribbean is no different.

The Crown and Anchor Society has loads of loyalty perks and tiers, making your next cruise THAT much more exciting.

One of the ranks is the Emerald tier, which you can reach with 55 points. It unlocks some exclusive benefits.

Let’s break it all down…

How To Reach Emerald Status With Royal Caribbean

Congratulations on Achieving Emerald Status Certificate
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To achieve Emerald status, you’ll need to accumulate 55 cruise points. These points are quite straightforward to earn. For every night you enjoy onboard in a standard room like an Interior, Ocean View, or Balcony stateroom, you’re awarded one point. Should you decide to elevate your experience by booking a suite, you’ll earn two points per night.

Just picture this: if your preference leans towards week-long voyages, you would need to embark on eight standard stateroom cruises or just four if you opt for the luxury of a suite.

The length of your cruise matters more than the quantity, meaning longer trips can fast-track your journey to Emerald.

It’s the nights that count, so the longer your sea adventures, the quicker you’ll admire that Emerald status gleaming on your horizon.

Royal Caribbean Emerald Benefits

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Drinks Savings

As an Emerald member, you’ll receive drink coupons on each cruise. Enjoy your favorite beers, wines, or soda at half the price with two of these vouchers, and savor milkshakes at Johnny Rockets with the other two.

After using these coupons, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on an additional beverage of the same variety.

Your Emerald status also includes a 50% discount on coffee beverages, providing a delightful burst of energy, and excludes any Starbucks products.

Additionally, you’ll receive a complimentary coffee when you dine at a specialty restaurant, though this too excludes Starbucks items.

This is a great little perk if you don’t plan on purchasing a drink package.

Savings on Internet Packages

Opting to wait until you’re on board to purchase your internet package? Emerald members benefit from a 15% reduction in price.

It’s worth noting that this discount is exclusive and cannot be combined with other promotions, so keep an eye out for potentially more advantageous deals in the Cruise Planner app before your sails set.

Access to Private Departure Lounge

As an Emerald member you’ll have access to a dedicated lounge area during your departure.

Here you’ll have access to pastries, hot coffee, and fresh juice as you wait to board the ship.

Keep in mind, this area serves all Crown & Anchor Society members so it can get packed. Plus the availability of this lounge can vary by port. Confirmation of its accessibility will be included in your boarding details.

Casino and Bingo Benefits

Royal Caribbean Casino

Feeling lucky? Your Emerald status grants you $6 of FreePlay in the casino for a chance at the slot machines, and extra Jackpot cards with any bingo package purchase.

Of course, $6 isn’t much but you never know what that can get you.

Room Perks

As an Emerald member, you’ll have a plush bathrobe waiting for you in your stateroom. You can use this throughout your cruise, but you can’t take it home.

You’ll also find two complimentary bottles of water per adult, ready in your room upon arrival.

Although these touches may seem small, they are the tiny details that make a huge difference.

Exclusive On-Board Event

Sail for five nights or more as an Emerald member and enjoy an invitation to an exclusive on-board event.

It’s a chance to mingle with the ship’s higher-ups, possibly including the Captain, and toast with a welcoming glass of Champagne.

A band provides musical ambiance during the occasion, making it a pleasant formal gathering you might want to experience at least once.

Laundry Discount

Royal Caribbean Laundry Service

If your cruise exceeds five nights, lighten your luggage with a $5 discount on wash-and-fold laundry service, or dry cleaning and pressing—handy for tidying up your attire for those special cruise nights.

Commemorative Lapel Pin

To mark your Emerald tier achievement, you’ll receive a stylish lapel pin on your following cruise with Royal Caribbean, symbolizing your esteemed membership status!

It’s a nice touch and let’s you show off your loyalty to Royal Caribbean.

Photo Discounts

Capture memories with 25% off any individual photo, photo package, or photobook procured directly from the ship’s photographer, allowing you to take home moments from your journey at a fraction of the cost.

With Photo Discounts, your cherished cruise moments become tangible keepsakes. Enjoy the luxury of reliving your favorite sunsets, smiles, and scenery long after you’ve disembarked, all while savoring the sweetness of savings.

This benefit ensures that your adventures on the high seas are not just fleeting moments but captured memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Spa Discounts

Royal Caribbean Laundry Service

Treat yourself to relaxation and rejuvenation with a 15% markdown on spa treatments aboard, an exclusive benefit that enhances your wellness experience.

Spa Discounts invite you to immerse yourself in tranquility and luxury, turning your cruise into a rejuvenating retreat.

With this special offer, you can indulge in a variety of pampering treatments that soothe the soul and refresh the body, all while the ocean’s gentle sway adds an extra layer of relaxation to your spa journey.

Member Newsletter

Stay in the loop with regular Crown & Anchor Society newsletters emailed to you, keeping you informed about special offerings and the latest from the fleet.

Discounts on Onboard Royal Caribbean Merch

For any purchases over $25 at the onboard stores, including Royal Caribbean branded items, you’ll appreciate a savings of 10%.

Discounts on Onboard Royal Caribbean Merch allow you to bring a piece of your journey home with you, from stylish apparel to exclusive collectibles.

As you explore the ship’s boutiques, this benefit transforms your shopping into a treasure hunt, where each find not only commemorates your travels but also comes with the joy of exclusive savings.

Exclusive Rates Access

Every member of the Crown & Anchor Society enjoys the privilege of exclusive rates when booking their subsequent cruise. The discounts may not be huge, don’t expect 75% off! But they are a nice perk for your continued loyalty.

Take advantage of special rates reserved for society members like you, with consistent discounts on Balcony and Suite bookings, extending the value of your travels.

Loyalty Privilege Match

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, both subsidiaries of the same parent corporation, offer a unique cross-brand loyalty perk. Upon attaining Platinum status with Royal Caribbean, which extends through to Emerald status, you become qualified for a loyalty tier match when sailing with Celebrity Cruises.

This grants you access to the benefits of the Select level in Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club. However, it’s only after achieving Diamond status with Royal Caribbean that you’ll ascend to the next tier in your Celebrity Cruises loyalty benefits.

Benefits for Children

Royal Caribbean Kids on Vacation

Discounts on Ice Cream Treats

Nothing complements the excitement of a cruise like the joy of ice cream. With this sweet offer, your little ones can savor their preferred Ben & Jerry’s delights for half the regular price.

It’s the perfect way to treat them to something special, ensuring their cruise experience is filled with delightful moments and tasty treats that are just as extraordinary as their adventures.

Special on Movie Entertainment

Enhance your family’s onboard experience with a movie night special. Rent the first movie in your stateroom and receive a discount on the second, making it the perfect, cost-effective way to settle down after a day full of excitement.

It’s an excellent opportunity for the whole family to relax together, share laughs, and enjoy blockbuster hits while cruising the high seas.

Bonus Fun in the Arcade

Keep the excitement going with a special offer in the arcade. A $15 investment on the arcade card returns $5 to your account, making it easier for your kids to enjoy more games and fun.

For those seeking even greater value, a $50 top-up comes with a substantial $25 credit, effectively doubling the fun at half the cost.

This bonus transforms the arcade into a haven of joy and laughter, where every game played feels like a win.

What Member Level Of Celebrity Is Equivalent To Royal Caribbean Emerald Level?

The equivalent level to Royal Caribbean’s Emerald status in the Celebrity Cruises loyalty program is the Select tier in the Captain’s Club.

Once you achieve Emerald status with Royal Caribbean and opt for a cruise with Celebrity, your benefits and recognition align with those offered to Select members in Celebrity’s program, ensuring a seamless transition of perks and privileges between the sister brands.

What Does Royal Caribbean Emerald Choice Mean?

Emerald Choice combines the benefits of two distinct Royal Caribbean loyalty programs. The ‘Emerald’ part represents the standard tier within the Crown & Anchor Society, offering a range of perks enhancing various aspects of the cruising experience.

On the other hand, the ‘Choice’ segment is linked to the Club Royale program, catering specifically to casino enthusiasts aboard Royal Caribbean ships.

While Club Royale provides rewards for those who partake in casino games, accessing the more substantial benefits requires a significant gambling expenditure, with ‘Choice’ being the initial level in this casino-focused scheme.

Can Emerald Members Combine Their Loyalty Discounts With Other Ongoing Promotions Or Deals Available To All Passengers On Board?

Drink on a cruise ship

Generally, the ability for Emerald members of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society to combine their loyalty discounts with other promotions or deals varies based on the specific terms and conditions of each offer.

Typically, loyalty discounts are exclusive and cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions, especially for services like internet packages or spa treatments. However, some retail or dining offers might allow for additional discounts.

It’s always best for Emerald members to check the specific terms of each discount or promotion, either through the Cruise Planner app, at the customer service desk onboard, or by inquiring with Royal Caribbean directly before their cruise.

Royal Caribbean Emerald Vs Platinum

As you climb the ranks in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, transitioning from Platinum to Emerald brings with it a few enjoyable enhancements.

Upon reaching Emerald status, you’ll be greeted with a modest financial boost during your casino visits, enjoying $6 FreePlay in contrast to Platinum’s $4. Are you a bingo enthusiast?

Your bingo package is now amped up with six additional Jackpot cards. For a refreshing touch in your stateroom, two complimentary water bottles await you, alongside an exclusive lapel pin to show off your membership tier.

When capturing memories with a photography purchase, take pleasure in an added 5% discount. Beyond these, your journey as a Platinum and an Emerald member will be largely consistent in terms of benefits, setting the scene perfectly as you aim for the coveted Diamond status.

Royal Caribbean Emerald to Diamond

Ascending from Emerald to Diamond status with Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society is an achievement within reach, requiring only 25 additional cruise points beyond Emerald.

This equates to 25 nights in an Interior, Ocean View, or Balcony stateroom, or a mere 13 nights if you opt for the indulgence of a suite. Once you hit the Diamond mark with 80 cruise points, you’ll unlock a variety of enticing benefits.

You’ll enjoy a 20% discount on your first beverage post the initial 50% off offers. When dining, you’ll be treated to priority seating in the Main Dining Room, enhancing your mealtime experience. Each day of your cruise presents an opportunity to savor up to four complimentary drinks, with each valued at $14.

Connectivity won’t be a concern as you’ll receive one full day of VOOM internet access for each voyage. The Crown Lounge becomes a place of respite with its exclusive happy hour.

Additionally, as a Diamond member, you will benefit from priority waitlisting for excursions and spa sessions, helping to streamline your planning. Practical perks include a $10 discount on laundry services and a complimentary photo to memorialize your journey when you purchase a package.

For digital memories, take advantage of a 10% reduction on photo packages or photobooks. Younger cruisers aren’t left out; youth members receive four complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring the entire family feels valued.

Progressing Beyond Emerald with Royal Caribbean

Once you’ve enjoyed the perks of being an Emerald member with Royal Caribbean, your next milestone is reaching Diamond status, which becomes yours after accumulating 80 cruise points. This is a step up from Emerald, which requires 55 points.

Advancing even further, Diamond Plus awaits with the requirement of 175 cruise points, setting the stage for the ultimate tier, the Pinnacle Club, at a lofty 700 points.

Keep cruising, and these exclusive tiers, along with their unique benefits, will be within your reach!

Transitioning to the Emerald tier within the Crown and Anchor Society might not seem like a significant leap from the Platinum level at first glance.

However, it’s helpful to view this advancement as a stepping stone towards the coveted Diamond tier, along with its substantial benefits.

It’s important to remember that the additional perks are just icing on the cake; the true essence of your cruise experience remains unchanged – a magnificent adventure at sea awaits you.

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