Royal Caribbean Gold Status: The First Step To Premium Perks and Enhanced Cruise Experiences

Loyalty programs are an excellent way for you to get the most out of your next cruise, and Royal Caribbean ensures their most loyal customers are rewarded through the Crown and Anchor Society.

As part of this program, you’ll discover a host of perks designed to enhance your cruising experience each time you set sail with them.

If you find yourself with Gold status, you’re in for a treat. It’s an acknowledgment of your adventuring spirit with Royal Caribbean, and it unlocks a range of benefits crafted just for you.

How To Reach Gold Status With Royal Caribbean

Earning Your Way to Gold Membership

Gold Status with Royal Caribbean is the first tier in their loyalty program. You just need to cruise for three nights with Royal Caribbean and you’re automatically enrolled.

Every night you book a Royal Caribbean cruise in a cozy Interior, Ocean View, or Balcony Stateroom, you’re awarded a point. Choose the luxury of a Suite, and you’ll gather points at twice the speed.

Here’s how you get points in the loyalty program based on the type of stateroom you book:

  • Interior, Ocean View, or Balcony Stateroom:
    • 1 point per night
  • Suite:
    • 2 points per night

Your new status is recognized after completing your first cruise, not in the middle of it.

Even on a longer voyage, you’ll need to disembark as a non-Gold member before reaping the rewards of the Gold tier on your next adventure.

Also, for a more diverse cruising portfolio, sailing with Celebrity Cruises—Royal Caribbean’s sister company—can add points to your Crown & Anchor account as well. Just be sure to reach out to their team to tally these to your scorecard.

What Is Pre-Gold Status on Royal Caribbean?

Pre-Gold status on Royal Caribbean signifies that you’ve enrolled in the Crown & Anchor Society but haven’t yet completed a cruise to earn the necessary points for Gold status.

This introductory level indicates your intention to start accumulating points with your first Royal Caribbean cruise. Once you complete a cruise and earn the required points, you’ll advance from Pre-Gold to Gold status.

Royal Caribbean Gold Benefits

Drink Discounts

When you set sail with Royal Caribbean as a Gold member, you’re presented with four half-price beverage vouchers. These consist of discounts on glasses of wine, beer, soda, and even milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.

Besides your special coupons, enjoy a one-time 10% saving on wine, beer, or soda, and 25% off on coffee beverages across the ship, with the exception of Starbucks.

WiFi Discounts

WiFi at sea can get PRICEY. If you wait until boarding to get your VOOM WiFi package—if you purchase it on the ship as a Gold member, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

Typically, the pre-sailing discounts surpass the 10% mark, so it’s recommended to monitor the Cruise Planner app closely. Purchasing before boarding often yields the most savings, but if you decide at the last minute, a 10% discount onboard still offers some savings.

Private Lounge For Departures

As a Gold member, you’re invited to relax in an exclusive lounge with a complimentary continental breakfast during embarkation at select ports.

As a Gold member, enjoy access to a private departure lounge offering complimentary continental breakfast at select ports, a benefit shared with all Gold level and higher members. While this space is a welcoming retreat, it’s popular among seasoned cruisers, so a lively atmosphere is part of the experience.

Availability varies by port, and you’ll be informed about the availability of this perk with your boarding details, adding an element of anticipation to the start of your cruise journey.

Casino and Bingo Credits

Bingo cards

In the ship’s casino, your Gold membership grants you a complimentary $2 FreePlay credit, and in bingo, enjoy an extra jackpot card with any package purchased.

The $2 credit isn’t huge, of course, but it’s a nice perk. As you move up the tiers, it becomes slightly more. It’s never an outrageous amount, but whoi know whatthat free credit can get you…

Merchandise Discounts

Show off your Royal Caribbean spirit with 10% off brand merchandise on purchases over $25.

If you’ve been eyeing a Royal Caribbean hoodie or water bottle, the Gold member discount provides a perfect opportunity to grab these items at a reduced price, allowing you to enjoy your favorite branded products while making the most of your membership benefits.

Spa Specials

Book your onboard spa treatments and enjoy a 10% discount, although this doesn’t apply to medi-spa services.

This exclusive Gold member perk lets you indulge in a range of relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences at a more affordable rate, enhancing your cruise experience with a touch of luxury and relaxation.

Whether you’re seeking a soothing massage or a revitalizing facial, the spa specials cater to your desire for pampering while at sea.

Exclusive Updates

Stay informed and entertained with a special newsletter crafted just for Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program members.

This exclusive publication keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings, upcoming ship launches, and early-bird sales, ensuring you’re always in the loop about Royal Caribbean’s newest offerings and opportunities. It’s a valuable resource for planning future cruises and making the most of your membership perks.

Special Cruise Rates

Keep an eye out for select discounted cruise rates, reserved only for members like you, offering you extra value on future adventures.

These exclusive rates provide an opportunity to explore new destinations and experiences with Royal Caribbean at a more accessible price, further enhancing the benefits of your Crown & Anchor Society membership.

Youth Member Privileges

Back of a cruise ship

Discounts on Ice Cream

You can delight your kids with a delicious scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s on board at half the usual price.

Though there’s always the option for complimentary ice cream, the premium flavors offered here are a treat not to be missed.

Special Offers on Movie Nights

Enjoy your evenings with a special offer: rent one movie in your stateroom, and your kids can rent another one on another night at 50% off. It’s a perfect way to wind down after a day of adventure.

Bonus Arcade Credits

Your children get to use their gaming skills to your advantage with cashback offers in the arcade. Spend $15, and you’ll see $5 returned to your account, or turn $50 spent into essentially half that after cashback. It’s a playful way to add value to their fun.

The Loyalty Levels Above Gold with Royal Caribbean

Once you get the Gold tier in the Crown & Anchor Society, your next milestone is the Platinum status, achievable after reaching 30 cruise points.

Here’s a quick run-through of the subsequent ranks and their respective points requirements:

Aiming for the top? The Pinnacle Club awaits at the zenith with a lofty threshold of 700 points.

Your seafaring adventures can get even more rewarding as you ascend these ranks!

Gold vs. Platinum Benefits

Here is a brief comparison of the benefits offered to Gold vs. Platinum tier:

Perk Gold Tier Platinum Tier
Discounts on Beverages Yes Greater
Specialty Coffee Discounts 25% Off 50% Off
Savings on VOOM Internet 10% Off 15% Off
Event Access on Longer Sailings Granted
Increased Casino Royale Credits $2 $4
Bingo Game Benefits 1 Card 3 Cards
Complimentary Robe Use Yes
Dry-cleaning and Laundry Savings Yes
Discounts on Photos and Related Products Yes
Enhanced Discount on Spa Treatments 10% Off 15% Off
Exclusive Rate Offers Yes Yes
Savings on Stateroom Upgrades Yes
Loyalty Status Recognition with Celebrity Cruises Yes
Special Discounts for Young Cruisers Yes Yes

If this doesn’t get you excited to rebook another Royal Caribbean cruise I don’t know what would…

Are Family Members Included In Royal Caribbean Gold Status?

Family members are not automatically included in Royal Caribbean’s Gold status. Each individual must accumulate their own points to achieve Gold status in the Crown & Anchor Society.

However, children under 18 can enjoy some benefits of their parents’ status, such as discounts and special offers, until they reach adulthood.

If someone who is not a Gold status member is staying in the same cabin as a Gold member on Royal Caribbean, they do not automatically receive Gold status benefits.

The perks and privileges of the loyalty program are specific to the individual member who earned them. However, in some instances, the Gold member might be able to extend certain benefits, like discounts, to their cabin companions.

Does Royal Caribbean’s Gold Status Expire?

Royal Caribbean’s Gold status in the Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program does not expire as long as you continue to cruise with them.

Your membership and status remain active, ensuring you retain your Gold benefits for future cruises.

However, if there is a prolonged period of inactivity, such as not cruising with Royal Caribbean for several years, it’s best to check with the cruise line for any policy updates.

How Is Gold Status Recognized On Board?

On board Royal Caribbean, your Gold status is typically recognized through your SeaPass card, which indicates your membership level in the Crown & Anchor Society.

This card is used for onboard purchases and entries, and it alerts crew members to your loyalty status, ensuring you receive the appropriate benefits and recognition during your cruise.

drink on a cruise ship

What Happens To Royal Caribbean Loyalty Points If I Change My Booking?

If you change your Royal Caribbean booking, your loyalty points in the Crown & Anchor Society are not affected as long as you eventually complete the cruise.

Points are awarded after the completion of a cruise, so any modifications prior to sailing won’t impact the points you’ve already accumulated or will earn from that voyage.

Can I Use My Royal Caribbean Points On Celebrity Cruises?

Yes, you can use points earned from Royal Caribbean cruises on Celebrity Cruises, thanks to their interlinked loyalty programs.

As sister brands, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises allow members of the Crown & Anchor Society to transfer and utilize their points on either cruise line.

However, it’s important to notify the Royal Caribbean team to ensure your points are properly credited and applied to your account with Celebrity Cruises.

Final Thoughts…

Even though the Gold status is the initial level within the Crown & Anchor Society, your journey begins with rewarding perks after just one Royal Caribbean cruise.

Setting up your account grants access to more than just a couple of advantages—quite generous for starters in a loyalty program.

It’s a promising start that ushers you into an array of benefits and, with a handful of cruises, propels you towards higher tiers where even more enticing rewards await.

Keep cruising and collecting points; each voyage is a step towards greater treats and exclusives in your seafaring adventures.

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