Sneak Peek of Disney Treasures Spooky Haunted Mansion Lounge

Set to embark on its maiden voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on December 21, 2024, the Disney Treasure is poised to captivate Disney fans with an exclusive new onboard experience—the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

This attraction draws inspiration from the beloved Haunted Mansion at Disney theme parks worldwide, bringing more than five decades of eerie charm and storytelling to the high seas.

During Disney’s “Halfway To Halloween” celebration, a preview was offered into what guests can expect within this unique lounge.

Artist rendering of Disney Treasure

The Haunted Mansion Parlor not only embraces the spooky allure of its theme park counterpart but also weaves in a rich, nautical backstory centered around a jovial sea captain and his enigmatic fiancé.

Their mysterious disappearance adds an interactive layer to the experience, as guests can uncover clues scattered throughout the bar.

The parlor will showcase an innovative haunted aquarium filled with ghost fish—a nod to an original concept by Disney Legend Rolland “Rolly” Crump.

Intended for the “Museum of the Weird,” this idea was revived by new generations of Disney Imagineers, blending nostalgia with new tales of the parlor’s former sea captain owner. A bust of Crump, who passed away in 2023, will also honor his lasting impact on Disney’s creative legacy.

Artistry from the original attraction is reflected in the parlor’s spooky art collection, featuring portraits of The Mariner and The Bride by Disney Legend Marc Davis.

These characters are familiar to Haunted Mansion enthusiasts and will be part of a modern portrait gallery using present-day technologies to bring the ghostly residents to life in captivating ways.

Additionally, the lounge’s ambiance is enriched by unique drinkware and a special cocktail menu, complete with flavored smoke and secret messages, offering guests a taste of the supernatural.

Beyond the Haunted Mansion Parlor, the Disney Treasure continues to thrill with a Broadway-caliber production of “Disney: The Tale of Moana” and a Coco-themed dining adventure at Plaza de Coco, which picks up where the vibrant 2017 Pixar film left off.

Thrill-seekers will delight in the AquaMouse, a novel water coaster that promises slippery slopes and exhilarating turns through the “Mysterious Temple of the Golden Egg.”

Adult guests seeking a reprieve from family activities will find solace in Sarabi, a Lion King-themed lounge that transitions from daytime family fun to an adult-exclusive venue by night, featuring live entertainment tailored for a more mature audience.

With its array of new and exclusive features, the Disney Treasure is set to offer a magical blend of nostalgia and innovation, making it an essential experience for Disney aficionados and cruise enthusiasts alike.

This latest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet redefines maritime adventure, merging beloved Disney storytelling with the excitement of ocean exploration.

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