Harmony Of The Seas Cabins To Avoid (Check BEFORE Booking…)

When setting sail on the majestic Harmony of the Seas, travelers are presented with an impressive array of over 2,700 cabins to select from. Feeling a tad overwhelmed?

It goes without saying that Harmony of the Seas boasts a great variety of accommodations, and even if the categories are the same, they aren’t all on the same tier.

With Royal Caribbean’s options, you can either cherry-pick your perfect cabin by paying an additional fee, or trust them to assign you one based on your preferred category.

And if you’re paying the extra fee, why not guarantee a picturesque view or an optimum location?

So let’s break it down, what are the best and worst cabins on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas…

Cabin Categories From Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas

Inside Cabins

Standard Interior: Your intimate escape at sea. With no windows to distract, it’s a serene haven, perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure. A choice that perfectly blends comfort with value.

Virtual Balcony Interior: Tech meets tranquility. Inside this cabin, a state-of-the-art screen offers real-time views of the ever-changing seascape, letting you connect with the ocean’s beauty without stepping out.

Ocean View Cabins

Standard Ocean View: Rise and shine to the allure of the ocean. With a generous window framing the vast blue, the horizon becomes a part of your everyday vista.

Ultra Spacious Ocean View: Space meets spectacle. Offering a larger expanse, this cabin is a haven for those who desire room to lounge while drinking in uninterrupted ocean views.

Balcony Cabins

Standard Balcony: Your personal slice of paradise. Step onto your balcony, embrace the fresh ocean air, and let the sights and sounds of the sea uplift you.

Central Park View Balcony: Revel in nature aboard a ship. Overlooking Harmony’s lush Central Park, this space offers the peaceful ambiance of greenery, paired with the gentle murmur of ship life.

Boardwalk View Balcony: Dive into the ship’s spirited side. From here, watch the animated Boardwalk, complete with its vibrant attractions and infectious energy.

Ocean View Balcony: Sea views at their finest. An elevated balcony experience, ensuring the boundless ocean dominates your personal panorama.


Junior Suite: For those desiring a sprinkle of splendor. Combining generous space with elegant touches, it’s your elevated retreat at sea.

Grand Suite: Dive into decadence. Plush interiors, coupled with amenities like a luxurious bathtub, set the stage for indulgent relaxation.

Owner’s Suite: Your ocean-front residence. Immense space and fine finishes make this less a cabin and more a maritime mansion.

Royal Suite: Nautical luxury redefined. Multifaceted rooms, exquisite amenities, and unparalleled service redefine your cruising experience.

Loft Suites: Where contemporary design kisses the waves. Two-levels of elegance with vast windows, ensuring the sea remains a constant, captivating companion.

AquaTheater Suites: A treat for theater enthusiasts. These suites provide a front-row seat to AquaTheater’s enchanting performances, all from your private balcony.

Family and Group Accommodation

Family Suites: Where family moments are made. Thoughtfully curated to ensure comfort, with views that enthrall both the young and the young at heart.

Accessible Cabins

Accessible Cabins: The sea welcomes all. These cabins, crafted meticulously, feature wider entrances, specialized showers, and amenities, guaranteeing a comfortable journey for every traveler.

Cabins To Avoid On Harmony Of The Seas

Deck 3

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 3

Deck 3 isn’t our first-choice on any Royal Caribbean cruise, if we’re being honest

This hesitation arises primarily because Deck 3 is situated just below Deck 4, home to prominent venues like Casino Royale, the Ice Rink, and the Royal Theatre, to name a few.

While noise from these locations may not necessarily seep through prominently, there’s always a potential for some sound transmission.

Additionally, being one of the ship’s lowermost levels, Deck 3 typically has smaller windows or portholes, meaning it might not bask in as much sunlight.

If you’re someone who cherishes spacious, sunlit rooms, you might want to explore cabins on the upper levels.

Also, it’s worth noting the view from Deck 3 cabins. There’s a possibility that you’ll get a limited or obstructed sight of the ocean, potentially missing out on those breathtaking dawn and dusk views.

That said, for travelers who are wary of seasickness, Deck 3 presents an advantage. Its location offers more stability, reducing the feel of the ocean’s movement.

But if you’re set on selecting Deck 3, be wary of certain zones.

Specifically, cabins close to the elevators and washrooms, which typically see a higher influx of people and consequent noise.

Cabins to be cautious of include 3178-3180, 3578-3580, 3254-3256, 3654-3656, and 3844-3860.

Deck 4

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 4

If you want to be right next door (literally) to everything, Deck 4 is the place to be.

Deck 4 has the Main Dining Room, Casino Royale, Center Ice Rink, and the Royal Theatre (to name a few.)

If you want a more quiet, calm vacation, then avoid the 15 ocean-view cabins on this deck.

There will be constant chatter in the hallways that cantransfer to you cabin in the early mornings or late evenings.

Deck 6

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 6

Deck 6 is also a beehive of activity. If being a stone’s throw away from the Vitality Spa, Boardwalk, and Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade sounds appealing, then this deck might just be your ideal holiday spot.

But if your heart is set on serenity, there are certain areas on Deck 6 you might want to approach with caution.

We’ve identified a couple of regions, especially around the elevator areas, which often become lively hubs. These points tend to draw a crowd, and the ensuing buzz could potentially interrupt your mid-day siesta.

Cabins that might be a tad too close to these elevator hubs for comfort include 6160-6170, 6560-6570, 6260-6270, and 6660-6670.

Additionally, we’ve flagged some cabins adjacent to the Aquatheatre. While the night’s performances and events generally conclude before late hours, the residual sounds might not sit well with early birds.

If you’re someone who heads to bed at the earlier side of the evening, cabins like 6322-6328 and 6722-6728 might not be your best bet.

And for those adjacent to the Fitness Center, the muffled sounds of morning workouts might reach your ears. While this isn’t a major disruption, feedback from some cruise aficionados on forums prompted us to make a note of it.

If this might disturb your slumber, perhaps consider alternatives to cabins 6130-6138 and 6530-6538.

Deck 7

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 7

Deck 7 stands out as one of our top picks. However, there are a few specific areas we’d advise caution on, primarily those near the elevator zones.

Cabins that lie in the vicinity of these elevators are 7160-7170, 7560-7570, 7260-7270, and 7660-7670.

Additionally, a handful of cabins towards the bow have less-than-ideal views. If you’re shelling out for an Ocean View, it’s a safe bet you’d want an unobstructed sight of the vast blue.

Cabins you might want to reconsider due to compromised views include 7100-7108, 7116-7128, 7500-7510, and 7516-7528.

Deck 8

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 8

Deck 8 has much to offer, but like other decks, there are certain cabins around the elevator areas you might want to give a second thought.

Notably, cabins lying close to these elevators include 8160-8170, 8560-8570, 8250-8270, and 8650-8670.

Also, if peace and quiet top your list of room preferences, you might reconsider certain rooms near the deck’s bustling attractions. Deck 8 boasts an array of eateries, bars, and the iconic Central Park.

While a majority of the accommodations on this deck are generally peaceful, we’d like to highlight a few situated near Dazzles, the vibrant music and dance lounge.

Given the potential for this venue to hum with activity late into the night, it’s a point worth considering.

Cabins you might approach with caution due to their proximity to Dazzles include 8270-8290, 8670-8690, 8293-8299, and 8695-8699.

If you’re leaning towards an Ocean View cabin on this deck, it’s good to note that some might not deliver the unspoiled vistas you desire.

To ensure you get an uninterrupted ocean view bathed in sunlight, you might double-check these specific cabins: 8100-8108, 8120-8128, 8500-8510, and 8520-8528.

Deck 9

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 9

Deck 9 shares certain cabin quirks with Deck 8 that travelers might want to be aware of. Similar to its counterpart, accommodations near the elevator on this deck might not be the prime choice for everyone.

Notably, cabins hovering around these elevators include 9160-9170, 9560-9570, 9260-9270, and 9660-9670.

Drawing parallels with Deck 8’s scenario, Dazzles on Deck 9 can sometimes reverberate with lively sounds, particularly as the evening wears on.

If you’re someone with a keen ear or someone who cherishes undisturbed early nights, you might think twice about these cabins: 9270-9290, 9670-9690, 9293-9299, and 9693-9699.

Furthermore, a select group of ocean-view cabins positioned at the ship’s bow may fall short of providing the clear, sprawling views you have in mind.

Proceed with a bit of caution if you’re eyeing these cabins: 9100-9108, 9122-9130, 9500-9510, and 9522-9530.

Deck 10, 11, 12

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 10

Decks 10, 11, and 12 have a lot in common when it comes to their blueprints.

Predominantly comprised of cabins, the key areas you might wish to approach with caution are those adjacent to the elevators and the oceanview cabins at the bow, which might offer less-than-perfect sights of the sea.

For Deck 10, cabins hovering close to the elevators encompass 10160-10170, 10560-10570, 10260-10270, and 10660-10670.

Oceanview cabins situated at the forefront of Deck 10, which could possibly offer hindered views, include 10100-10108, 10128-10130, 10500-10510, and 10526-10530.

The rest of the cabins on Deck 10 are typically prime choices. Given the absence of nearby entertainment venues, you can expect a tranquil environment, regardless of the hour.

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 11

On Deck 11, there are certain cabins near the elevators that you might want to give a second thought. Specifically, these cabins encompass 11158-11172, 11558-11572, 11260-11270, and 11660-11670.

Those looking forward to unobstructed ocean views should be wary of specific accommodations towards the ship’s bow. The cabins in question here are 11100-11106, 11128-11134, 11500-11506, and 11528-11534.

Additionally, Deck 11 is home to the Wonderland restaurant. While it’s a culinary spot and not a hub of lively entertainment, it’s rare that nearby cabins would feel any nuisance from diners.

However, for those who prioritize undisturbed early nights and are wary of possible sounds from the restaurant’s patrons, cabins such as 11271-11277 and 11671-11677 might not be the best fit.

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 12

Deck 12 shares many characteristics with Deck 11, though a notable distinction is the lack of forward-facing ocean-view cabins with potentially hindered views.

When choosing accommodations, it might be prudent to second-guess cabins in the vicinity of the elevators, notably those spanning 12160-12170, 12560-12570, 12260-12270, and 12660-12670.

Furthermore, cabins that lie adjacent to Wonderland encompass numbers 12271-12277 and 12671-12677.

Deck 14

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 14

Deck 14, positioned among the upper echelons of the ship, is situated directly beneath lively zones like the pool, bars, and sports court. This positioning garners varied opinions: while some love the proximity to vibrant areas, others note potential noise disruptions.

Being elevated, the vistas from this deck can be truly spectacular, especially for those opting for balcony accommodations.

Yet, it’s worth noting that higher decks might experience more pronounced motion, which could be problematic if you’re prone to seasickness.

If that isn’t a deterrent, there are just a few cabins you might ponder over before making a choice. As with many decks, the vicinity to elevators remains a universal point to consider. Additionally, the closeness to Adventure Ocean introduces another variable.

Adventure Ocean is a haven for young travelers, catering to ages from 6 months up to 12 years. While the cheerful sounds of children can be endearing, the potential noise might not resonate with those who cherish late morning rest.

Cabins that might experience some auditory overlap with Adventure Ocean range from 14138-14160 to 14538-14560.

Furthermore, cabins near the elevators on Deck 14 encompass 14160-14170, 14560-14570, 14260-14270, and 14660-14670.

Deck 17

Harmony Of The Seas Deck 17

Deck 17 boasts some truly opulent two-level suites, notably the grand Royal Loft Suite.

Choosing the Royal Loft Suite is bound to be a decision you’ll fondly recall.

While the vast majority of accommodations here are exceptional, there are a select few we’d advise giving a second glance – though, in all fairness, these suites continue to exude luxury.

Suites numbered 1702-1706 and 1764-1768 either nestle close to the elevator or might present a somewhat hindered view.

Tips For Booking Your Perfect Cabin

Harmony of the Seas balconies overlooking Promenade

Cabins Close to Elevators

Does it feel like we’re repeating ourselves? Apologies, but the feedback from many travelers consistently highlights this issue, and we want to ensure you’re fully informed about the potential disturbances that might arise from selecting a cabin near the elevator.

While such cabins offer quick access to various ship sections, they might not cater well to those who treasure tranquility.

The elevator areas, particularly during busy periods like docking days, can be sources of noise due to the constant flow of people.

For a serene cruise ambiance, you might want to consider cabins situated a bit further from elevators and stairwells.

Cabins Directly Under Communal Spaces

Cabins positioned beneath public zones, such as dining areas, pools, or entertainment lounges, may experience noise intrusions from the activities above.

Sounds of foot traffic, melodies, and ongoing events can potentially filter down to the rooms below.

To guarantee a peaceful stay on the ship, it might be wise to steer clear of cabins right under these high-traffic zones.

Cabins with Restricted Views

Typically, oceanview and balcony cabins promise captivating ocean scenes. However, cabins with obstructed views can sometimes fall short of this promise.

Such rooms might be situated behind lifeboats or parts of the ship’s structure, diminishing the breadth of the view from your balcony or window.

If uninterrupted ocean panoramas rank high on your cruise priorities, it’s recommended to bypass cabins labeled with obstructed views during your booking process.

Cabins Below Pool and Recreation Decks

Harmony of the Seas Pool Deck

Another cabin location to avoid is directly below the pool and recreation decks. These areas are bustling with activity during all hours of the day and can produce a significant amount of noise, which can transfer to the cabins below.

From the sounds of running feet to the splashing of water, your relaxation time may be interrupted if you choose a cabin below these busy areas.

Some guests have mentioned hearing the sound of loungers being moved across the floor in the early morning, as the staff gets the deck ready for the day.

Opting for a stateroom further away from these zones is recommended to enjoy a quieter and more tranquil environment.

Cabins Overlooked by Others

When booking a balcony cabin, you should be mindful of cabins that may be overlooked by others.

As privacy can be an essential factor for many cruisers, you’ll want to ensure the cabin you select isn’t directly visible from public areas or neighboring staterooms.

Balcony cabins near the Boardwalk or Aqua Theatre might be especially prone to this issue.

Take your time to review the ship’s layout to help identify an optimally situated cabin that provides a perfect balance of views and privacy.

Room Configurations to Avoid

Adjoining Cabins

If you’re looking for privacy and tranquility during your cruise, it’s best to avoid adjoining cabins.

These cabins have connecting doors to adjacent rooms, and while they can be a great option for families or larger parties wanting to be close, they can also compromise your peace and quiet.

Sound travels more easily through these doors, so you might hear your neighbors chatting or watching TV, even when you’re trying to rest.

To make sure your cabin is a haven of serenity, opt for non-adjoining options when booking.

Cabins with Pull-Down Beds

Another type of room configuration to avoid would be cabins with pull-down beds.

While these rooms may seem like a practical choice for families with kids, they can make your cabin feel cramped and cluttered.

Despite offering more sleeping space, having the additional pull-down bed means you’ll be sacrificing precious space during the day.

It can make it difficult to navigate around your cabin comfortably and may lead to you feeling confined.

If you value your personal space, it’s a good idea to skip these cabins and explore alternatives.

Promenade View Cabins

Although the idea of overlooking the bustling heart of the ship may sound appealing, promenade-view cabins can be quite problematic.

With floor-to-ceiling windows facing the lively interior promenade, you can find yourself facing a lack of privacy and potential noise disturbances from ongoing activities and events.

Additionally, the bright lights in the promenade can make it difficult to sleep at night if you’re sensitive to light.

To ensure a more private and restful stay on Harmony of the Seas, consider opting for a balcony or ocean-view cabin instead.

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