How To Get Free WiFi On Royal Caribbean? (6 Ways That WORK!)

Staying connected at sea normally comes with a hefty price tag. However, Royal Caribbean actually offers a variety of ways of getting complimentary internet for savvy cruisers.

Before you pay an arm and a leg for an internet package, consider these tried-and-tested- ways to get free wifi on a Royal Caribbean cruise…

Use Internet at Sea

Does Royal Caribbean Have Free WiFi?

Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean generally does not offer free wifi. However, there are paid Wi-Fi packages available for you, starting at around $11 per day for a single device.

While internet access isn’t typically free, you can still make the most of your cruise experience without additional charges.

Are There Free WiFi Hotspots On Board Royal Caribbean?

No, Royal Caribbean does not offer free wifi hotspots onboard their ships.

While there are internet cafes and the VOOM high-speed internet service available, passengers typically need to purchase a package to access the internet.

However, certain loyalty program tiers and suite bookings may receive complimentary wifi benefits.

Royal Caribbean Wifi Cost

The cost of wifi on Royal Caribbean ships can vary depending on numerous factors, including the specific ship, sailing date, number of devices, your desired usage (streaming or simply browsing), the duration of your plan, and when you make the purchase.

Wifi package prices begin at around $11 per day, but can go up to $20 per day for a single device. To get the most value, it’s typically more cost-effective to purchase a WiFi package for the entirety of your cruise rather than a daily pass. Additionally, it’s worth buying your wifi package prior to boarding the ship.

To check the available WiFi options, along with their exact pricing for your cruise, head over to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.

If you aren’t sure about the cost of the package you’re interested in, it might be a good idea to wait for a potential price drop or explore alternative ways to get complimentary wifi access during your cruise.

How To Get Free WiFi On Royal Caribbean

Water behind a cruise ship

Use Free Onboard Credit

Royal Caribbean frequently provides free perks and incentives to entice you to book a cruise with them. At times, these special deals include complimentary WiFi packages or even free onboard credit, which can be utilized to purchase a WiFi package.

Onboard credit is often provided to persuade passengers to upgrade their cabins, such as moving from an inside to an outside cabin or from an outside to a balcony stateroom.

If you receive free onboard credit when booking your cruise, it’s simple to use this to buy a wifi package. Just visit the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and use your onboard credit to purchase wifi before your cruise begins.

Upgrading to a balcony stateroom might grant you perks like free wifi. However, it’s essential to understand that when these types of free perks, like wifi access, are bundled in a cruise package, it is not uncommon for the overall cruise fare to be slightly higher compared to booking outside the promotional period.

While it might seem like you’re getting free wifi, the additional cost of the cruise could be covering the expense of this service. Always be mindful of this while examining promotions and weighing the value of various perks.

Join The Cruise Line Loyalty Program

The Crown & Anchor Society represents Royal Caribbean’s commitment to honoring its dedicated patrons, offering a tiered reward system that scales with guests’ loyalty.

Each tier, defined by accumulated cruise points, brings its own set of benefits, with internet connectivity being a noteworthy incentive.

  • Diamond members (80-174 cruise points): At this tier, guests receive one free day of internet during their cruise, allowing them to briefly connect with the outside world or share moments from their journey.
  • Diamond Plus members (175-699 cruise points): A step above, these cruisers enjoy an extended perk of two free days of internet per cruise, enhancing the value of their loyalty.
  • Pinnacle Club members (700+ loyalty points): Standing at the zenith of the program, these esteemed members are awarded a full Free Surf & Stream internet package for one device, ensuring they can stay connected as they sail.
  • Lower tier members:
    • Gold: These budding loyalists are entitled to a 10% discount on internet packages.
    • Platinum and Emerald: Elevating the discount structure, members in these categories are granted a 15% discount on their internet package purchases.

If you plan to go on a lot of cruises in the future, joining the loyalty program is one of the best ways to get free wifi onboard.

Use Casino Rewards

Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale casino rewards program offers passengers the chance to earn benefits based on their gaming activities onboard.

The program is tiered, and the rewards, particularly wifi benefits, vary depending on the level attained by the cruiser.

Guests accumulate Tier Credits as they play, and these credits determine their standing within the program.

For those just starting out, the Choice tier, which ranges from 1 to 2,499 Tier Credits, does not offer any specific wifi advantages.

However, as passengers advance in their gaming activities and reach the Prime tier (2,500 to 24,999 Tier Credits), they qualify for a discount on Royal Caribbean’s coveted VOOM Surf & Stream internet package.

Taking it up a notch, cruisers in the Signature tier, which encompasses 25,000 to 99,999 Tier Credits, receive complimentary wifi access on one device, a notable perk for those wishing to stay connected at sea.

The apex of the program, the Masters tier, requires 100,000 or more Tier Credits.

At this level, members are privileged with free internet access on two devices, making it an enticing benefit for seasoned gamers on their cruise journey.

Odyssey of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Book A Suite

Luxury and connectivity go hand in hand on Royal Caribbean cruises, especially for guests who opt to stay in higher-tiered cabins.

Specifically, those who reserve Grand Suites and above on the Quantum, Oasis, and Icon Class ships are in for a treat.

Not only do they get to experience opulent living spaces and exclusive amenities, but each guest in these suites also receives a complimentary VOOM Surf & Stream wifi package.

This premium internet service is renowned for its high-speed connectivity, allowing cruisers to seamlessly stream, surf, and stay in touch with loved ones while enjoying the vast expanse of the ocean.

However, it’s worth noting that not all suites across the Royal Caribbean fleet offer this internet perk. For instance, while Junior Suites may offer a plethora of comforts and conveniences, they do not come with the added benefit of free internet.

Similarly, guests staying in Grand Suites and higher categories on the Vision, Radiance, Voyager, and Freedom Class ships might be surrounded by luxury, but they will need to seek alternate means or promotions if they wish to access the internet without an additional charge.

Use Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Off the Cruise Ship

Discovering Free Wi-Fi Spots at Ports

Free Wi-Fi is typically available at each port your cruise ship visits, and it’s often quite simple to locate.

If you’re content with checking emails and updating social media exclusively while in port, this is an excellent way to obtain free Wi-Fi during your cruise.

Stroll the Open Deck

If the cruise terminal offers free Wi-Fi, you might not even need to leave the ship to access it.

Try walking along the port side of an open deck, such as the top or promenade deck (if available), and search for free Wi-Fi within range.

In some ports, the Wi-Fi signal from the terminal may even reach the ship.

Consult a Crew Member

Surprisingly, crew members aren’t typically provided with free Wi-Fi on board cruise ships. When they have time off, one of their favorite activities is to disembark the ship and head straight to the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Crew members are easy to recognize as you leave the ship since they often have their phones in hand and may be wearing headphones.

They’ll be more than happy to guide you towards the closest free Wi-Fi location.

Use a Wi-Fi Finder App

By searching for ‘Wi-Fi finder’ or ‘Wi-Fi map’ in your mobile device’s app store, you’ll find a variety of apps that display nearby free Wi-Fi locations on a map.

It’s a good idea to download a couple of these apps before your cruise, in case the crew member you ask isn’t certain or if you want to find Wi-Fi during excursions.

Use the Royal Caribbean Chat App

Finding a way to keep in touch with your travel companions without breaking the bank can be challenging.

Luckily, Royal Caribbean offers a chat app designed for just this purpose. For a budget-friendly rate of $1.99 per day, you can communicate with other guests on the ship without purchasing an internet package.

Imagine coordinating plans with your spouse or connecting with new friends you’ve made on board – all with just a few taps on your phone.

Keep in mind that everyone participating in the chat needs to pay for the service, and it must be purchased for the entire duration of your cruise.

The convenience of this app can be a game-changer for your communication needs during your vacation, allowing you to enjoy all the amenities and activities onboard without fretting over finding the perfect meeting spot.

So go ahead, relax at the spa or watch your favorite sports event, knowing you can stay connected through the Royal Caribbean chat app.

Is There Any Royal Caribbean Internet Cafe Onboard?

Yes, Royal Caribbean cruise ships are equipped with internet cafes to cater to guests’ online needs, but they are at an additional cost.

Depending on the ship, the location of these cafes can differ. For instance, on the Adventure of the Seas, you’ll find internet stations conveniently situated outside the aft elevators on deck 8.

Meanwhile, the Allure of the Seas houses a computer room within the Card Room on deck 14. Beyond these designated areas, passengers can also find wired internet stations, known as iCafes, in various locations onboard, depending on the specific ship.


Exploring options for free wifi during your cruise is a great idea, but sometimes paying for a reliable connection can be the better choice.

However, being ‘off the grid’ can also be a great way to disconnect while on vacation.

You will always have wifi on ports to check social media.

But if you need a reliable connection for work or emergencies, buying an internet package or exploring the free options is a great way to go as well…

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