Royal Caribbean Star Class: Worth It?!

If you’re someone who seeks the finest experiences, the rarest pleasures, and the most sumptuous accommodations when journeying across the oceans, then you need to look into the Star Class suites on Royal Caribbean.

Primarily the crown jewel of the Oasis and Quantum Class ships, Star Class suites are not just a label but an assurance of unparalleled grandeur.

You can find these premium suites on the following ship:

But what exactly is Royal Caribbeans Star Class? Let’s find out…

What Is Royal Caribbean Star Class?

The Royal Caribbean Star Class is a premier category of suites available exclusively on the company’s most contemporary ships. As the topmost tier within the broader Royal Suite Class of accommodation, Star Class integrates an array of enhanced amenities and services, distinctly setting it apart from other offerings.

The suites encompassed within this category represent the most expansive and opulent accommodations in the entire fleet. Their grandeur is not limited merely to space and view but extends to the suite of benefits that accompany a booking within this classification.

Amenities and Benefits of the Star Class:

  1. Expedited Processes: Guests are facilitated with a dedicated check-in line and priority boarding, ensuring a seamless boarding experience.
  2. Dining: Exclusive access to the Coastal Kitchen restaurant is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing a gourmet dining experience throughout the day.
  3. In-Suite Luxuries: Suites are equipped with plush bathrobes, premium L’Occitane 50 ml bathroom amenities, a top-grade Duxiana Mattress, and exquisite Frette Linens. Additionally, an in-room Mr. Coffee/Tea Service is available for guests.
  4. Connectivity: Complimentary Voom high-speed WiFi, renowned as the fastest internet at sea, is provided. Each Star Class suite guest can avail this service on one device of their choice.
  5. Concierge Service: Personalized services are available to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the guests.
  6. Exclusive Areas: Access to the Sun Suite Deck and participation in exclusive signature activities further enhance the on-board experience.
  7. Refreshments: Each suite comes with a complimentary minibar stocked with premium Coca-Cola beverages and water.
  8. Additional Services: Complimentary laundry and ironing services are offered, ensuring guests remain pristine throughout their journey.
  9. Priority Departure: As with boarding, the disembarking process for Star Class guests is prioritized.
  10. Royal Genie: A unique offering, the Royal Genie service caters to the personalized needs of guests, acting as a luxury concierge and enhancing the overall experience.
  11. Complimentary Add-ons: Star Class guests enjoy complimentary gratuities, specialty dining, and a deluxe beverage package, adding value and convenience to their journey.
Star Class Suite

What Are All The Star Class Perks?

All the benefits of Star Class are:

  1. Access to Coastal Kitchen restaurant for all meals
  2. Access to Sun Suite Deck
  3. Bathrobes
  4. Complimentary Deluxe Beverage Package
  5. Complimentary Gratuities
  6. Complimentary high-speed Voom WiFi for all Star Tier suite guests
  7. Complimentary Minibar stocked with Coca-Cola Beverages and Water
  8. Complimentary Specialty Dining
  9. Concierge service
  10. Dedicated check-in line
  11. Duxiana Mattress
  12. Each Star Tier suite guest can connect one device to complimentary Voom WiFi
  13. Exclusive signature activities
  14. Frette Linens
  15. In-room Coffee/Tea Service
  16. L’Occitane 50 ml Bathroom Amenities
  17. Laundry and Ironing Services
  18. Priority boarding
  19. Priority Departure
  20. Royal Genie service

What Rooms Are Star Class?

Royal Caribbean’s Star Class Suites are renowned for their size and luxury, consistently ranking as the grandest and, consequentially, the most expensive accommodations in the cruise line’s fleet. The diverse range of suites under this class captures the essence of opulence and provides a lavish stay for guests.

The Suites Under Star Class:

  1. Ultimate Family Suite: A signature suite designed with families in mind, offering a range of amenities tailored for both adults and children.
  2. Ultimate Family Townhouse: Exclusive to the Icon of the Seas, this suite is a fresh addition to the fleet, exemplifying multi-level luxury.
  3. Royal Loft Suite: Available on ships like the Anthem of the Seas, this suite offers a bi-level experience of grandeur.
  4. Villa Suite – 4 Bedrooms: A spacious suite ideal for larger groups or families, offering the comfort of multiple rooms.
  5. Owner’s Loft Suite: Crafted for those who seek the best, this suite combines space with superior amenities.
  6. Grand Loft Suite: Split across two levels, it offers guests panoramic views and ample space.
  7. Owner’s Panoramic Suite – 1 Bedroom: Designed with breathtaking views in mind, it stands as an emblem of luxury.
  8. Grand Panoramic Suite – 2 Bedrooms: Space and aesthetics converge in this two-bedroom suite, offering stunning vistas.
  9. Ultimate Panoramic Suite: A testament to lavish design, this suite boasts uninterrupted views of the sea.
  10. Star Loft Suite: Another bi-level luxury suite, epitomizing Star Class standards.
  11. Spacious AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony – 2 Bedrooms: Overlooking the mesmerizing AquaTheater, guests can enjoy the show right from their expansive balcony.
  12. AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony – 2 Bedrooms: Similar to the aforementioned suite, it provides direct views of the AquaTheater with a sizable balcony.

Potential guests should be aware that the 1-bedroom AquaTheater Suites, found on certain ships, do not fall under the Star Class umbrella. These suites are a part of the Sky Class, which is the tier immediately below the Star Class.

Soyal Suite Class

What Is The Royal Genie Service?

The Royal Genie Service is a distinctive feature offered by Royal Caribbean to elevate the cruising experience of its Star Class suite guests. Conceptualized as a modern twist on the traditional butler service, the Royal Genie is aptly named, operating on the principle that “your wish is their command.”

Core Functionality and Service Highlights:

  1. Personalized Assistance: The Royal Genie’s foremost duty is to facilitate a seamless cruise experience. Whether it’s escorting guests on board as VIPs, making dining reservations, or procuring tickets to sought-after live shows, the Royal Genie ensures every detail is taken care of.
  2. Tailored Recommendations: Recognizing that every guest has unique preferences, the Royal Genie invests time in getting to know their guests. By establishing contact before the cruise commences, they gain insights into guest preferences, facilitating tailored suggestions that enhance the cruising experience from the get-go.
  3. Exclusive VIP Experiences: One of the prime advantages of having a Royal Genie is the access to VIP experiences throughout the ship. This includes exclusive access to private shore excursions, signature activities, and VIP seating before these options become available to other guests.
  4. Customized In-Suite Events: Beyond the regular suite services, the Royal Genie can orchestrate specialized events like surprise parties or intimate cocktail hours within the suite.
  5. Personalized Provisions: From favorite snacks to preferred beverages, the Royal Genie ensures that the suite is always stocked according to guest preferences.
  6. Efficient Boarding and Departure: To accentuate the VIP feel, expedited boarding and departure processes are managed by the Royal Genie.
  7. Shopping and Souvenirs: Recognizing that shopping can be both a pleasure and a challenge, the Royal Genie acts as a personal shopper, guiding guests through onboard brands and helping pick out the perfect keepsake or gift.
  8. Capturing Memories: To ensure that guests can relive their exquisite cruise moments, a personal photographer can be arranged by the Royal Genie.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the exclusivity of the Royal Genie services means they’re reserved solely for Star Class guests and cannot be extended to others, even if they’re traveling on the same voyage.

Pre-Cruise Engagement:

  • Two Weeks Prior: The Royal Genie initiates contact, confirming arrival details through email.
  • Ten Days Prior: Guests receive an invitation to download the Loop app. This exclusive messaging platform bridges communication between Star Tier guests and their Royal Genie, starting from the download point and extending to four days post-cruise.

The Star Class Experience Onboard


During your Royal Caribbean Star Class cruise, you’ll have an amazing culinary experience. You’ll have priority access to various complimentary specialty restaurants.

It means you get a chance to dine at different vibrant venues without waiting in line. Treat your taste buds to a variety of delightful flavors through delectable dishes.

As a Star Class guest, you’ll have all-day access to the exclusive Coastal Kitchen. This restaurant combines a unique blend of Mediterranean and California cuisine. Embark on a dining adventure that is both casual and sophisticated at the same time.

With the high-quality ingredients and meticulous presentation, you’ll be eagerly anticipating your next meal.


Entertainment aboard a Star Class Royal Caribbean cruise is nothing short of exceptional. The cruise line goes above and beyond to provide you with world-class shows, breathtaking performances, and interactive activities that cater to all age groups and interests.

Step into a world of dazzling displays with the AquaTheater. This fantastic venue offers a unique blend of water acrobatics, high dives, and stunning light shows.

Witness mind-blowing feats and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as skilled performers bring stories to life using water and light as their canvas.

For interactive fun, partake in the pulse-pounding activities located throughout the ship. These include rock climbing walls, surf simulators, and even zip lines! With endless entertainment options right at your fingertips, there’s never a dull moment while sailing with Royal Caribbean’s Star Class.

Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas Loungers

Is Star Class Worth It?

The question of whether Star Class is worth its premium price is a subjective one, much like appraising the value of a luxury item or a rare experience.

To truly understand its worth, one must weigh the unparalleled luxury and exclusive perks against the significant cost.

Value Beyond Price: For those unconstrained by a budget, the Star Class’s offerings are nothing short of spectacular. The perks, from personalized services to exclusive access, can make guests feel like royalty throughout their voyage. It’s a high-end experience designed to be unmatched in the world of mainstream cruising.

Varied Pricing: The price range for the Star Class suites can vary significantly based on the sailing and time of year.

For instance, a Royal Loft suite on Oasis of the Seas might be priced at a staggering $20,000 per person for a Christmas 2023 sailing.

Yet, just a few weeks later, the cost drops to nearly half.

Additionally, shorter sailings like a four-night Bahamas cruise might be more budget-friendly. Such fluctuations highlight the importance of careful research and timing for potential travelers.

Evaluating Personal Priorities: If value for money is the primary concern, Star Class might not be the ideal choice.

Yet, for those seeking unmatched luxury and an extraordinary cruise experience, complete with VIP treatment and an array of onboard attractions, the premium price might seem justifiable.

This especially holds true for momentous occasions like honeymoons where travelers might be more willing to splurge. Alternatively, one might consider lower-tier suites that offer a blend of luxury without the steep price tag of Star Class.

Star Class vs Other Classes

When comparing the Star Class to other accommodation options on Royal Caribbean ships, it’s essential to understand how it differs.

The Royal Suite Class is divided into three categories: Sea, Sky, and Star, with Star Class being the most luxurious.

While some benefits and privileges are shared across the classes, Star Class takes it above and beyond.

For example, while all Royal Suite Class rooms have access to Coastal Kitchen, exclusive access to certain specialty restaurants without any extra charge is a Star Class privilege.

Additionally, some rooms within the Star Class include unique features like panoramic views, multi-story townhouse layouts, and even an in-suite whirlpool.


What perks come with booking a Star Class suite?

When you stay in a Star Class suite, you’ll receive various benefits, including:

  • Priority boarding
  • Complimentary VOOM wifi
  • Complimentary specialty restaurants
  • Complimentary deluxe drink packages
  • Access to the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen for all meals

Are gratuities included in Star Class?

Complimentary gratuities are included for onboard staff who provide standard dining, culinary services, stateroom, and general housekeeping. However, you may choose to tip your Royal Genie and Concierge separately at your own discretion.

How many devices can I connect to the complimentary VOOM wifi?

Star Class guests receive the VOOM Surf + Stream package, allowing one device per person to connect to the Internet. So, if you’re traveling with a family of four, you’ll be able to connect four devices.

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