Wonder Of The Seas: Cabins To Avoid (Check BEFORE Booking)

If you’re setting sail on the Wonder of the Seas, you’re looking at over 2,000 cabins to select from. It can be a tad daunting, no?

However, when aboard the Wonder of the Seas, there are certainly cabins you might wish to steer clear of.

Royal Caribbean offers you the option of picking your own room (at an extra cost) or they’ll assign one for you in the selected category.

If you want more control over the location of your room and not risk an obstructed view, paying the extra amount can be well worth it.

But now, every cruise ship is different. So what are the best and worst cabins on Wonder of the Seas?!

Cabin Categories on Wonder Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Cabins

Interior Staterooms

Interior Cabin - Wonder of the Seas

The interior staterooms offer a minimalist approach, perfect for those travelers who see their cabin as just a resting place between adventures.

Without windows, the rooms embrace a cozy ambiance, ensuring uninterrupted sleep after a long day of exploration.

And for those keen on budget-friendly choices without compromising on comfort, these rooms are a top pick.

Ocean View Staterooms

Ocean viewe cabin wonder of the seas

Waking up to the sight of the vast ocean is a dream come true for many. The Ocean View rooms provide this luxury with their large windows.

The ever-changing view of the sea ensures that every morning brings a different vista, making your journey as dynamic outside as it is inside.

Balcony Staterooms

Balcony Cabins - Wonder of the Seas

Imagine sipping your morning coffee with the sound of waves or witnessing the sunset from your own secluded space.

The balcony cabins allow for these moments of serenity. This personal connection with the sea, without stepping out of your room, is a luxury that many travelers find hard to resist.


Royal Caribbean Suites

When we talk about traveling in style, suites are where it’s at. These spaces range from slightly more roomy quarters to expansive domains that can feel like a floating penthouse.

Beyond space, suites often come with other perks and privileges, making your journey even more memorable.

Central Park & Boardwalk View Staterooms

Wonder of the Seas Central Park Cabins

Offering a refreshing change from the traditional sea view, these cabins overlook the ship’s own Central Park or the bustling Boardwalk.

It’s like having a mini city view on the sea. These rooms are a testament to the innovative design of Oasis-class ships, providing an entirely different cruising perspective.

Studio Staterooms

For those who are venturing solo (or couples on a budget,) the Studio Staterooms are tailor-made.

Compact yet comfortable, these rooms ensure that solo travelers don’t have to book larger rooms and can still enjoy a fulfilling cruise experience.

Some even come with ocean views, so traveling alone doesn’t mean missing out on the scenic beauty.

Cabins To Avoid On Wonder Of The Seas

zroyal Caribbean's Wonder Of The Seas Ship

When choosing a cabin on Wonder of the Seas, location is an important factor for most. A well-located cabin can play a huge role in your cruising experience.

It’s best to select a cabin with rooms above and below it, as it can provide more insulation from noise. This creates a buffer, preventing disturbances from public spaces, such as fitness centers, nightclubs, or crew areas.

Another area to watch out for is the proximity to multi-level atriums. Cabins near these atriums may be affected by noise, especially during events or performances.

Avoid booking staterooms too close to bustling areas, as it might be difficult to relax or sleep.

Here are some specific locations you might want to avoid:

  • Cabins below the buffet areas: You may hear noise when the crew is preparing and serving meals.
  • Cabins below galley areas: These can be noisy as they are the ship’s kitchens, with constant cooking activity.
  • Cabins above or below show lounges: Entertainment in these venues can be loud, affecting your peace and quiet.
  • Cabins under fitness centers: Noise from gymgoers or fitness classes may carry through.

Avoiding these areas can improve your overall cabin experience aboard Wonder of the Seas, but let’s talk specifics…

Deck 3

Wonder of the Seas Deck 3 Cabins to avoid

None of the cabins on Deck 3 are our first choice for numerous reasons. While these cabins may be budget-friendly, they come with some downsides that you’ll need to weigh against the cost savings.

For one, it’s the lowest deck on the ship, and they tend to have less natural light due to smaller windows or portholes. If having a spacious, well-lit cabin is essential to you, then it’s worth considering a higher deck option.

Deck 3 is also below the bustling Deck 4 which has the Casino Royale, the Royal Theatre, and an Ice Rink. Noise may be muffled, but it is still possible to transfer.

Lastly, consider your view when selecting a cabin. Lower decks can sometimes offer obstructed or limited views of the ocean. You could miss out on those breathtaking moments when the sun rises or sets over the water, or the opportunity to spot a playful dolphin swimming by.

However, if you are prone to seasickness, Deck 3 may be your best choice. The lower decks are more stable and give less of that ‘at-sea’ feeling.

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Deck 6

Wonder of the Seas Deck 6 Cabins to Avoid

A LOT is happening on Deck 6. If you want to be close to a lot of amenities, like the Fitness Center, Aquatheatre, and some bars; this may be the Deck for you.

However, if you’re cautious about noise, you want to steer clear of certain areas on this Deck.

We highlighted two areas near the elevators that normally have a lot of foot traffic. Since people congregate int these areas and they aren’t necessarily quiet, you may want to avoid them entirely if you like to sleep in.

Cabins near the elevator include 6162-6170, 6562-6570, 6260-6280, and 6660-6680.

We’ve also highlighted some cabins that are near the Aquatheatre. Shows don’t go very late into the night, but cabins near the theatre can be noisy if you tend to go to bed early.

If you have an early bedtime, steer clear of cabins 6322-6328 and 6722-6728.

There are also some cabins near the Fitness Center that can be noisy from the weights and early birds getting a workout in.

Cabins near the Fitness Center shouldn’t be too noisy or problematic, but there have been some comments on forums from light sleepers, so we figured we’d include them. These cabins include 6130-6138 and 6530-6538.

Deck 7

Wonder of the Seas Deck 7 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 7 is probably one of our favorite decks. In fact, the only areas we highlighted are the ones near the elevators.

Cabins near the elevator are 7160-7170, 7560-7570, 7260-7270, and 7660-7670.

There are also a select number of interior cabins we recommend avoiding as they are directly below the Music Hall.

The noise from the Music Hall upstairs will likely be very muffled, but some have claimed there were vibrations, and it was a disturbance some nights. These cabins are 7271-7277 and 7671-7677.

Deck 8

Wonder of the Seas Deck 8 Cabins to Avoid

Like all decks, we’ve highlighted some rooms near the elevator on Deck 8 you may want to avoid.

Cabins near the elevators are 8258-8268, 8658-8668, 8160-8170, and 8560-8570.

You will also want to steer clear of rooms near entertainment and music venues. Deck 8 has a couple of bars, restaurants, and even the famous Central Park.

However, we don’t think most of these are an issue, but we specifically highlighted some rooms near the Music Hall, which can be loud late into the night.

The cabins near the Music Hall are 8270-8290, 8670-8690, 8293-8299 and 8695-8699.

There are also some Ocean View cabins in the front of the ship (in yellow) that have obstructed views. If I’m paying for an ocean View, I want to make sure I get a clear view and a lot of natural light.

Cabins with obstructed views include 8116-8124, 8108-8510, and 8516-8524.

Deck 9

Wonder of the Seas Deck 9 Cabins to Avoid

The cabins to avoid in Deck 9 are almost identical to those on Deck 8. They are the cabins near the elevator, Music Hall, and the ones in front with obstructed views.

The cabins near the elevators are 9160-9170, 9560-9570, 9260-9270, and 9560-9570.

Just like on Deck 8, the Music Hall can be noisy on Deck 9. If you’re worried about possible late-night noise, these cabins should be avoided as well. The cabins near the Music Hall are 9270-9290, 9670-9690, 9293-9299, and 9695-9699.

And lastly, the ocean-view cabins with obstructed views are 9116-9124, 9108-9510, and 9516-9524.

Deck 10, 11, and 12

Wonder of the Seas Deck 10 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 10, 11, and 12 are more or less the same. They are Decks that are exclusively cabins, and the only areas to avoid would be near the elevators and the front oceanview cabins with obstructed views.

On Deck 10, cabins near the elevator are 10160-10170, 10560-10570, 10260-10270, and 10660-10670.

The front-facing cabins with obstructed views on Deck 10 are 10124-10126, 10108-10510, and 10522-10526.

All the other cabins on Deck 10 are a great choice. They don’t have any music venues nearby and should be relatively quiet at all hours of the day and night.

Wonder of the Seas Deck 11 Cabins to Avoid

For Deck 11, cabins near the elevator are 11160-11170, 11560-11570, 11260-11270, and 11660-11670.

The cabins with obstructed views on Deck 11 are 11128-11130, 11102-11106, 11100, 11500, 11502-11506, and 11526-11528.

Deck 11 also has the Wonderland restaurant, but since it’s not an entertainment or music venue, we don’t think the cabins nearby should be affected by late-night diners.

However, if you go to bed early and are worried about late-night diners, cabins near Wonderland are 11271-11277 and 11671-11677.

Wonder of the Seas Deck 12 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 12 is almost identical to Deck 11, except there aren’t the front-facing ocean-view rooms with obstructed views.

Cabins to avoid near the elevators are 12160-12170, 12560-12570, 12260-12270, and 12660-12670.

And the cabins near Wonderland are 12271-12277 and 12671-12677.

Deck 14

Wonder of the Seas Deck 14 Cabins to Avoid

Deck 14 is the highest deck you can book. Top decks come with mixed reviews.

Top deck cabins are often exposed to more noise and foot traffic. With many of the ship’s amenities, such as pools, bars, and entertainment venues located on the upper levels, you could find it difficult to enjoy a peaceful retreat in your room.

If this is a concern, try looking for cabins situated on middle levels, like deck 10, which are known to have less noise due to the absence of active floors above and below.

Another important factor to consider is the potential for motion sickness. Being higher up on the ship means you’ll feel the vessel’s swaying movements more intensely.

If you’re prone to seasickness or want to minimize the risk of experiencing it, stick to cabins on lower decks where the motion is generally less noticeable.

Another thing to consider top deck cabins can be exposed to strong winds, reducing your enjoyment of your balcony space.

Booking a room on a mid-level deck will still offer you incredible views, while providing a more comfortable and protected outdoor space.

If none of these ‘issues’ are a concern for you, then Deck 14 is a great choice and only has two areas of concern.

The first are the elevators, like on all decks, but the other are cabins near the front close to Adventure Ocean.

Adventure Ocean is a spot for children from 6 months to 12 years of age. And although we love the sound of a child’s laugh, the noise can be a problem if you want to sleep in some mornings.

Cabins near Adventure Ocean are 14138-14160 and 14538-14560.

And cabins near the elevators on Deck 14 are 14160-14170, 14560-14570, 14260-14270, and 14660-14670.

Tips For Booking Your Perfect Cabin

Sides of the Ship to Consider

Whether it’s Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas or any other cruise ship, it’s important to consider the location and potential noise levels around your room.

You’ll want to avoid cabins below high-traffic areas such as buffets, galleys, show lounges, fitness centers, night clubs, casinos, and crew areas. This will help you enjoy a more peaceful stay on board.

You should also avoid cabins near multi-level atriums. These public spaces can be quite noisy with various activities and events happening throughout the day and night.

Picking a cabin further away from these areas ensures a quieter environment for your cruise experience.

When looking at cabin location, you may also want to choose a room on a deck that’s mid-ship, as this area generally has the least movement, making it ideal for travelers who may be prone to seasickness.

Staying on a deck with cabins above and below your room can help reduce noise levels from neighboring public areas.

When picking the best cabin on any cruise ship, consider the following:

  • Pick a cabin with rooms above and below
  • Stay away from high-traffic areas
  • Distance yourself from multi-level atriums
  • Choose a side based on smoking areas
  • Opt for a mid-ship location on your deck

Avoiding Cabins Near Entertainment Venues

You will want to avoid cabins near entertainment venues, such as theaters, nightclubs, and bars.

These areas are typically busy and noisy, which might disrupt your relaxation time in your cabin.

Plus, music and chatter from these venues can carry, reaching staterooms that are located close by.

Reserve a cabin away from these spots to ensure you have a restful sleep and some well-deserved downtime.

Pay attention to the layout and locations of key areas, such as the Aqua Theater and other high-energy spots.

Keep a good distance from these venues – at least several cabins away – so you can enjoy a quieter, more tranquil stay.

We took the guesswork out with Wonder of the Seas above, but for any other cruise lines, you’ll want to always double check where the theatres and music venues are in relation to your cabin.

Steer Clear of Cabins Below Public Areas

One key tip to keep in mind is to avoid cabins directly below public areas. These cabins can be surprisingly noisy, and that can make a big difference in your overall cruise experience.

On Wonder of the Seas, that would be Deck 14 predominantly.

You might want to think twice about choosing a cabin located under a high-traffic spot like a restaurant or the pool deck.

These areas tend to generate a lot of foot traffic, making the cabins below them prone to noise disturbances.

Watch Out for Cabins Close to Elevators

We’ve highlighted all the cabins near elevators on Wonder of the Seas because they continuously are reported as the noisiest rooms onboard any cruise ship.

While it may seem convenient to have quick access to them, there are a few reasons to think twice about choosing a cabin close to elevators.

Cabins near elevators can experience increased noise levels. Elevators are frequently used throughout the day and night, and their operation can create a constant hum.

Additionally, the area around elevators often becomes a gathering spot for passengers, leading to more noise from conversations and foot traffic.

If you’re a light sleeper or sensitive to noise, you might find it challenging to get a good night’s rest in a cabin near elevators.

Also, cabins close to elevators can be more prone to traffic jams, particularly during peak hours. This means that you may have to wait longer to use the elevator or navigate congested hallways when coming or going from your cabin.

This can be even more of an issue on busy embarkation and disembarkation days when the elevators are in high demand.

Finally, the cabins near elevators often have other guest services, like the cruise desk or purser’s office, nearby.

As a result, your cabin could be exposed to more foot traffic from other guests utilizing these services. This might lead to additional noise and disruptions outside your cabin.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong cabin. It all comes down to personal preference.

Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas has a great selection of cabins and locations. Whether you book an interior cabin or a Royal Loft Suite, you’re sure to have an amazing vacation.

Just remember, avoid any and all elevators!

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